How I Create Sacred Space Online

Creating Sacred Space has been a lifelong passion for me. 

The deeper my awakening goes, the deeper the longing and mission becomes to bring the sacred everywhere. 

There is a misnomer that the online space is inherently shallow and while it can be (some social media is a reflection of this for sure), it can also be difficult to activate the authentic spiritual and truly sacred space online. It is not a hard and fast rule.

Many people have also commented that it is difficult to cultivate truly deep and vivid connections in a community and between people in a zoom space, that we do not bring our “all” to them. So I got curious. Could my online spaces be as rich, intimate, soul connecting and life changing as the live events?  

Those formidable events where the students loved being in the sacred space so much that when I finally got them out of the room (lol, shuffled them out at venue closing time and locked the door) at the end of the day, they still kept communing outside and in the car park—fascinated and soulfully connected. When this happens, this is success to me. Building sacred community is all about curating it within accessible Sacred Space.

I have never believed that any less than the equivalent is possible online. In fact, I made it my mission to find ways to bring the most deeply sacred possible to the online world and the online space.

This is important because, for many of us, the online world is now our workspace and office, our conference room and practitioner clinic container. We must feed the sacred online, too! 

So here are beginning tips on how I do this. You can weave Sacred Space magic, too!

  • Make sure the room or space you are holding sacred space from is prepared in a sacred way.

Is it tidy (ish, lol!) and purposeful? Are the objects placed with intent?

Did you crystal grid the room to create powerful boundaries to hold in the energy you seek to have in the space and hold the energy not welcome in your Sacred Space out? 

Bringing in crystals to elevate the vibration of the space is crucial. I always have an altar, a lit candle and as often as possible, flowers, even a simple pansy from the garden in a tiny glass with a few leaves.

This is all done with the intention to honour the sacred.  

  • You can make prayers and offerings to the vaster consciousness you wish to call in, whatever that is for you – the quantum field, the earth, infinite love, Jesus, Buddha, etc.

Honour it. It only takes a few concentrated moments once you build the spiritual muscles for this.

You can offer the smoke of copal, a tiny dash of sage, or herbs, or Palo Santo (sacred wood), or pop the oil diffuser on, a few grains of rice, or the love and gratitude from your heart.

  • Sacred Space is the art of surrendering, to something greater and vaster than you and allowing it to curate and hold space with and through you. That is the essence of the magic.

How I Create Sacred Space

  • Get grounded in your body and in your space. You cannot hold truly sacred space if you are not grounded because your aura and subtle energetics, who are the unseen magicians of Sacred Space, will not completely switch on to help you craft and navigate it.
  • Spend some time contemplating the intentions for the space you are going to hold, how deep and wide or vast will it be? What qualities do you wish it to have? What is the purpose, and if you really brought sacred to the purpose what would happen?
  • Get very clear on your intentions for what you want your person or group to experience.
  • Now, get deeper and more powerfully in touch with the “sacred” yourself, whatever that means to you. Then the sacred you are in contact with, the essence, dreaming into the infinite that is beyond you, can flow through you as a vessel and magnetize and activate the Sacred Space you are holding. Play with how you let this infinite flow through you. It often involves relaxing in it.
  • You can ask your Spirit Guides, angels and spirit support to help you hold Sacred Space too and to curate the container.
  • Before opening your zoom call go through these steps mentally, activating each one, holding powerful intention and then sinking into connection to the deepest place within you. This is the best place to cultivate and hold sacred space and you can learn more about this here. Allow the field to build and become an enveloping space, meditate with it for a few breaths, be steady in it as you are the one holding it.

  • Start the call and let your person or community enter the space and be held by it.
  • As you go through the call keep an eye and feel a sense of connecting to the space for how it may need to be tweaked or topped up or deepened further as the call progresses. Use the individual changes/differences that you notice here as fuel for how to create effects in future spaces. Spend a moment journaling about unique sensations afterwards.
  • Notice what changes when you hold sacred space more deeply. What happens to the group experience, and the client journey? What kind of feedback do you receive? What signals do you notice when your client or group is in a deeper sacred space?
  • Complete by thanking all that supported you including the Sacred Space itself, the vastness or consciousness. The earth, the light, the invisible helpers.

These are just a few pointers from the powerful, mysterious and potent world of curated deepest place.

In my beloved program Sacred and Safe Leadership, you learn to curate the most incredible, intelligent, highly responsive Sacred Space that contains your client or group and yourself in a field that does so much of the healing or facilitating or “being” work for you. You get to relax deeply into being you and it makes whatever you do more enjoyable.

Once that is built, you start weaving intentional and personal magic and gifts deep within it. This is the favourite module of the whole program for all my students because it revolutionises their relationship to themselves, who they are and what they offer, discovering an entirely new way to facilitate it.

Your Sacred Space becomes a revolutionary source of power that enables you to do exactly what you came here to offer in life and enjoy it.

Significantly to you as the practitioner, Sacred Space crafted in this way is life-changing and healing for you, too, and allows you to finally and deeply be “you” in the calling of your life.

You can find out more about how to receive the ancient art and become your own transmission of the sacred here.

Join me in a discovery call and a dreaming journey through the program itself here. Come experience how even a discovery orientation class can be deeply heart-opening, surprisingly healing and potently sacred. We bring the sacred there too because everything is sacred.

I long to meet you in in Sacred Space, see you there! 

If these tips inspire you please let me know in the comments below and also let me know how you go crafting your own Sacred Space, and thank you for doing so, the world is hungry for it!

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  • This is an excellently written and rather timely article, about a subject that I find to be fascinating. In my experience, digital spaces are (generally speaking) whatever we make them to be. This can be sacred or profane.

    To your larger point, it is possible to intentionally create sacred digital spaces that assist others in spiritually flourishing. What you’ve described here is a set of skills that more spiritual leaders ought to invest resources in developing. Thank you for your thoughts.

    • Dear Bret,

      Thank you for your thoughtful and insightful message, I so enjoyed reading it and your own insights and observations.

      I dream into the spiritual leader inside you, who is sensitive and aware of how “spiritual space” longs to be held deeply, tenderly and carefully, and it will shine from you in your own ways too as you share your own wisdom and way.

      Sending you blessings for your awakening path.

      Big love,

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