From personal struggle to worldwide offering – The origin story of Sacred Sensitivity

Let’s go for a trip down memory lane. Come back with me, more than a decade ago to where I can trace the origin of the Sensitivity Program. The only way to tell the story is to be totally transparent.

In 2006, I had a meltdown about being a highly sensitive person.

It had been coming for a long time and I had been actively struggling with some of the problematic energetics that highly tuned sensitivity can bring. This was emphasized one day when I was living in my cottage up in the mountains. I had a visitor, a friend in need. I had been centred before they came, enjoying the space, being creative, painting. The visitor was having a hard time that sat heavily upon them. They came to have a cup of tea and get some of the support and comfort that you would expect from your friend—me.

They received it lovingly. They left feeling better and I found myself standing in the hallway of my cottage vibrating with their anxiety, their need, and a pain entangled in my belly. I was no longer happy. I was living out their grief and unhappiness in my own body. My aura was saturated with their pain.  Despite my best intentions and effort, I found myself left with their stuff. 

Does this sound familiar to you?

I was frustrated and angry. I stood in the hallway misting myself with bush flower essences and shamanic Florida water filled with essential oils, to liberate myself so I could return to having a good day. None of it really worked. It helped but I was still vibrating with their hurts. 

I thought I had shown up for being sensitive. I had read the books by Elaine Arron, and had educated myself about what it meant at a psychological level to be highly sensitive. That was helpful, but it did not stop what was happening to me. I had done workshops, bought crystals, watched videos, I had found elders, and sat with guides around the world. But there I was, a mess as a highly sensitive person because I did not feel safe. 

This experience with my friend was a catalyst to expand my quest to find solutions that were enduring, effective, and sustainable, and supported me on the practical level that I felt that I had not been met on. I searched for tools in Yoga, in healing paradigms, through training in Trauma Therapy and other programs, and I experimented a lot with myself. I tried many tools, threw out those that did not work – of which there were many – and I began to find more aligned ways of relating to myself as a sensitive person. I found ways of healing myself as a multi-lifetime and multi-dimensional and highly resonant sensitive person, that began to give me resilience and leverage.

I successfully found tools that actually rebuilt and reorganized my aura. I could finally feel protected as a highly psychic, sensitive person in the bump and grind of the world around me. I became much less affected, yet much more effective as a highly sensitive person. That felt like a miracle!

Finally, I nailed the secret by lengthy experimenting on myself, of helping my empathy actually function in a healthy way for me and others, and by stopping being a sponge for other people’s pain. All these things came together to help me become a functional, reliable person, the person I longed to be. A deep feeling and the wildly psychic and intuitively knowing person that often had a unique take on what was going on around me.

From this, I began to build more successes in my life in enduring ways. Importantly I stopped collapsing from being physically, energetically, psychologically, and psychically overwhelmed. 

My life stopped looking like a yo-yo, up and down, up and down. I did not know that it was possible for me to not live a rollercoaster life. For me, it felt miraculous that I could be more consistent and have endurance. 

Based on this success, I started to share these tools to others around me. I found that this healing was repeatable in others. My clients were able to find the same empowerment that I was having. It was replicable. From that, I crafted Sacred Sensitivity because I wanted these tools to be accessible to as many highly sensitive people as possible. I have grown this program over the last 15 years, hundreds of people have changed their lives by doing Sacred Sensitivity, and universally people call it a life-changing program. 

I am very committed to helping you to get your life back from any ways you may have suffered, as I have, or from ways that you have felt misunderstood or overwhelmed as a highly sensitive person. I want to help you emerge from feeling unable to follow and fulfill the deepest callings that you have as a sensitive person, to express your fullest gifts in the world and make the difference you are here to make. 

 Join me in my upcoming Sacred Sensitivity program now! Jump into my free event where I map for you the Seven Sources of Being a Highly Sensitive Person, so you can build on your own success story as a highly sensitive person.

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