Are you a High Resonant Sensitive?

Are you more than just a highly sensitive person? Are you something even more refined, a high resonant sensitive?

There are highly sensitive people – sensitive because they meet all of the qualities that are found in the psychological evaluation of what it means to be a highly sensitive person. Those things are categorized as: deep feeling, empathetic, overwhelmed by intense stimuli, and intuitive.

In my work over the last two decades, I have discovered there is something I have been calling “A high resonant sensitive” – that is a highly sensitive person who has additional attributes working alongside the psychological qualities. There is more going on in the exquisite functioning of their sensitivity beyond any psychological categorization. 

The high resonant sensitives are often gifted beyond their imaginings. To watch them energetically is to watch a highly evolved energetic system at play. A system that can synthesize a huge volume of information into an insight in a moment, beyond any rational awareness. A skill for pattern recognition that involves no mental facilities at all; it happens in what is their highly evolved aura, studded with subtle talents and abilities, lying just under the surface, latent and waiting. Their aura has become cultivated and structured. It knows how to function with discernment, with instantaneous processing of complex information. And it knows how to easily receive wisdom and insights and energetic currents from beyond itself. It has been trained to do that.

Many of these people that I see are evolved from previous lifetimes – that does not mean they consciously remember or recognize these times. They may have been deeply dedicated to spiritual awakening in one form or another, perhaps in many incarnations. Maybe they have cultivated certain kinds of wisdom or inner power/s for aeons. Often they have been healers, teachers, guides, medicine makers, earth tenders, plant communicators, and people who have used their sensitivity in highly evolved ways. 

The energetic system of a highly sensitive person like this, their physical body and auric system, are evolved to function often beyond those of many of the people that they have incarnated within their lives. Their systems are more advanced energetically and structurally, that doesn’t mean they are better than others, they just sense that they are somehow ahead of the energetic game.

I am seeing more and more of these people coming onto the planet –Gen Y or Gen Z. These people may come in with sensitive systems from other star systems and dimensions, they are not quite human yet.

The problems that I see these people have is not recognizing that they are gift carriers. They see something is wrong with them. They feel inconsequential, or feel or have been told that they are problematic. They may feel like they don’t “fit” here. They recognize they are ‘different’ but cannot work out why – they can feel their energetic systems function differently from other peoples, and again do not know why. 

Your system may be continuing to operate at a level of brilliance that you don’t recognize and therefore cannot be served by. You can become very introverted, self-rejecting, living with a deep misunderstanding about who you are and how you function as an energetic creature. 

You will find life hard if you try to function away from the high resonance you are gifted with, and life will not be as it should be – like running the wrong software program for the energetic hardware that you have. 

When aligned, when awakened, these people discover that they have tremendous gifts, powers, abilities and knowledge. They remember an awakened awareness that has traveled with them.

Remember that for many of us when we die, we do not devolve our aura and gifts, instead they weave into our soul body and travel with us from lifetime to lifetime. They reappear fully present in the next embodiment. As a clairvoyant, it is one of my favorite things to see. These are people I love to work with because they can light up into their gifts rapidly with the right guidance.

Most of them have known they are like this but have lacked a template to recognize it. They have never been really seen in it, never had it named for them. Thus when it is named, when it is seen, they illuminate!

In that process of seeing and naming this high resonance state, a recognition comes on line in them. On some level, they have recognized it their whole life, but have lacked context for it and relationship to it. When it starts to come online, the highly sensitive person awakens to themselves and their true nature and everything they have cultivated in their lifetime – it is an extraordinary empowerment to witness this happen. Often we both cry because we feel the beauty coming back online, available to them, to life itself and to others.

Many high resonant sensitives are here on a mission, to serve in some way –  to do that you need to be aware and understand that this is who you are. With that recognition, you can come to life, come to light. You can connect to and own those gifts, come fully online and have them serve you and others as they are meant to.

You can own parts of your soul that may not have been fully incarnated.

You can have a powerful homecoming that is literally life-changing. 

You can protect your energetic nature in ways it needs protection, leaving you feeling safer, contained, and able to align your gifts in more refined service to who you are and what you came to do in this lifetime.

Watching this is akin to watching a sparrow realize they are a peacock – shimmering, standing, fanning out that luminous tail, radiant through their entire aura – beautiful and proud, happy to be who they are, grounded in themselves, connected to the earth poised and ready to soar.

Are you a high resonant sensitive? Or do you wonder? Please share in the comments below, I will respond to you there. 

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Your Sensitivity is Your Superpower

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  • I am definitely a highly sensitive person! And I resonate with this article so much! Recently it’s like I’m in a energetic storm right now though. I’ve been really uncovering some of my soul power and been hit with some processing that has been challenging. I’m super sensitive to emf like wifi and Bluetooth and electronics and it’s crazy to be the only one in my home, family and friends ( I know I’m not in the world) this sensitivity has been very strong right now and it is hard to escape. I’ve been doing a yoga training with Jessica Liccha which has been so amazing !! And also how I heard of you 🙂 I’m very interested in ancestral healing and spirit team guidance at some point, I think it would be so helpful for me to really hone in on my purpose and life path. I’ve always been a healer , mother like and I’ve seen or had visions since I was young. I work with the energy body and when my ego gets out of the way it is crazy beautiful how I can tap into that healing. Anyway would love to hear from you !

    • Hi Monica, it is so wonderful to meet you here and thank you for sharing so richly and deeply. I love that you resonate with this and can feel this even vibrating through your words. yes, EMF sensitivity can be perplexing as it is so invisible for others. I have worked with people with this condition and know exactly what you are speaking of. Yes, I can feel the big healer energies in the background, so alive and waiting for you to engage them in the next levels. They are beautiful, deep, succinct and very, very powerful. We are often so much more powerful that what we are aware of. Big love and a joy to connect!!!

  • Thanks Myree for putting this in words. Very helpful to understand what I’m experiencing. So much recognition. With love, Eline

    • Hi Eline,

      I am so glad this was helpful for you and I can feel, sense and see you for sure as a stunning, multi-lifetime high resonant sensitive! Sending you big blessings!

      Myree x

  • Hi Myree,
    I’m a HSP for sure. Always been different. Felt different. I’ve always internalised & had issues with myself for not being “normal”. I’d love to see what I can do, when trained…


    • Hi Matt,

      It is so lovely to connect with you and I am honouring your beautiful and deep sensitivity. Yes, with skills and support your more advanced sensitive gifts can blossom.

      Sending you big love,
      Myree x

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