Hunting for your Soul’s Gifts

Hunting is one of my soul gifts and abilities. 

Hunting means keeping an eye out, holding sacred space in a very deep way, as a spiritual warrior not moving from being present, observing as a hunter that observes the landscape, tracks prints in the earth, and notices movement in the grass. I wait and I observe. The thing I am tracking and hunting are your hidden gifts, your sacred soul gifts, the ones you came here to be, enjoy, express and make a difference with for yourself and others.


I am a loving, sensitive and finely tuned hunter. A shamanic stalker of the plains, the hushed prairies and the roaring tundra of your being. To step lightly between the dimensional planes, see through camouflage and sing souls home. 

My job is to perceive the gifts. To see them underneath the layers of misunderstanding, shame, and judgment that your gifts may have experienced. My task is to dream into and perceive the places where they have retreated and withdrawn. 

To hunt implies something not wanting to be found. They hide. Especially if your sacred gifts are unusual. They hide from those that are unwilling to allow them to exist. Those who make them out to be wrong or inappropriate, or question their value. They hide from harm.

Your gifts are precious. To have them harmed is painful. Sometimes people don’t come back from that. To harm the soul gift can sometimes be irreparable. We protect ourselves from that at any cost, hence the need for a soul gifts hunter, seeker, tracker and gatherer.

Sometimes I see people that allow the soul gift to express in a certain form that is more acceptable to the culture that they live in. But a vast amount remains underground so the experience of the gift is unsatisfying and unfulfilling. A sense of knowing disturbs the person. A nagging voice says there is a lot more that they could be doing, more than they are currently living out. 

In my experience, hunting gifts require very important capacities and I use my soul ability to track people’s gifts down. I must be safe in my approach, to be loving and supportive. To both perceive and dream into a soul gift is one of the most meaningful things I can do. A most profound gift I can offer to someone else.

Once the gift has been found and connected, we can create safety and recognition for it.

We can correctly name it. We can unfold what its potential and purpose might be. To find them, I have to be strong and grounded. I am in my power and very respectful. I am of deep integrity and total purpose. The part has had so many people move away from it, as I enter its space I am not going to move away from whatever I discover. Whatever is there, I will stay with it. It takes a power that I have cultivated. It is a loyalty to you. It is not my job to tell you who you are, it is my job to discover what is there, and with that, you can make your own decisions.

Once your gift is found, we coax it out of its hiding and into the full light of day once more.

A powerful example of this from the Sacred and Safe Mastermind course was the talented and deeply intuitive healer and bodyworker, Sandi.

In coaching, Sandi awoke to inner conflict. She brought into focus a belief that she could not organize her energy, system and nature in a certain way, the way she “thought” it needed to be organised. What initially emerged was the thought that she could not understand information the way that other people did. She was struggling with the way she perceived reality and was against herself as though her unique perspective was “wrong” and needed to be fixed in some way. It became a launchpad for us to work on ascension.

I observed her with my physical eyes and my clairvoyant eyes, staying grounded and present, and what became obvious to me is that Sandi is what I call an Energy-Mapper.

Sandi is able to map people’s situations and processes at an energy level well before they can be understood at a psychological or everyday level. She can read things beyond most people’s awareness in exquisite detail.

She can create a complex energy map of anything, and once she has done that she can use that to understand and generate insights for healing anything that comes in her path.

It is an incredible and unusual gift that her entire life had been mislabelled and lying dormant. It had mistakenly been seen as a “learning disability” or that she just was not fast enough with understanding things through a mainstream lens. We all try so hard to comprehend through this mainstream lens that we can overlook our superpowers. Sandy’s gift took the initiative to emerge into a safe environment; what appeared as resistance, revealed itself to be a secret pocket of power. 

We spent some time exploring, defining and understanding her Energy-Mapper nature. I gave her permission to get to know and appreciate this quality and ability and to see what it would be like to approach the program, her sessions and her work as an Energy-Mapper. It would be fair to say that Sandi’s entire life changed.

She came into a state of deep joy, acceptance and love of this special ability which makes her utterly brilliant with her client work, with understanding complex problems at a speed beyond the intellect. Problems exist as patterns and energy first.

She is able to surf situations and problems with that ability with innovative solutions. She is able to identify this and make this central to her character. Sandi changed her life and she loves being who she is. She would not change it at all. She has blossomed into a deep, wise woman, healer, practitioner and sacred leader. 

All of us have hidden gifts like this. Some are partly known. Some are kept for specific situations and relationships. Some are used for certain tasks. To allow them to blossom and serve us is key to a fulfilling and meaningful life. 

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