Why am I passionate about highly sensitive folks?

As a highly sensitive being, both human and non-human, I went through decades of unnecessary pain and suffering on who I was. I can honestly say it was a very heartbreaking, lonely, isolating and strange time. During that time, I experienced being ostracized with an onus on being ‘other’ and ‘made wrong’. I have been shamed and publicly humiliated for being an HSP (highly sensitive person). I did not have the answers as a young person or adult, to change that and liberate my sensitivity so it could be a source of guidance, creativity, wisdom and healing for myself and for others.

The frustrating thing was that I, thankfully, knew intuitively that being a highly sensitive person was essential to who I was. Even though I was flummoxed about what to do with the conflict I experienced with the world, I still could not change that fundamental knowing or change who I was. At some deeper level, I innately knew that there was nothing wrong with being highly sensitive despite what people said, or how painful their response to me was. However, I did not fully know how my sensitivity could be useful in the world or how it could help me. My overwhelming experience was that it allowed other people’s pain in, and seemed to trigger other people to harm me.

Over the past two and a half decades, I have consciously studied my own sensitivity and that of other people. I have learned from elders, crones and wise folk as well as my own deepest nature. I have experimented and investigated myself closely to see what works with my sensitivity and what does not. Part of this learning has been to allow me to be different in ways that nourish me and give my sensitivity breathing space. Another beautiful expression of this work has been to support and observe others as they have healed their own sensitivity. I have now found a profound ease and sense of well-being as a creative, sensitive person who gets to share the beauty of being sensitive in the world every day. I love being sensitive!

I am passionate about supporting highly sensitive people, folk like you, to be liberated. Not only is there the benefit of transforming overwhelming pain, misunderstanding and judgment, but the joy of unfurling the gifts and treasures inside of you. This happens naturally as you ease the suffering and reframe yourself, your gifts have the space to reveal themselves and speak to you.

In 2022, I am offering the Sacred Sensitivity course to share with you what I have learned. To give you skills and knowledge. To encourage and support. To gather a group who can witness and explore the joy in liberating our highly sensitive natures together. You are lovingly invited to join me now.

Your Sensitivity is Your Superpower

Myree is changing the narrative of what it means to be sensitive, an HSP or an empath — it is not a weakness or a thing to hide, but an essential superpower for humanity’s ecosystem!

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