Ola – from Exhausted to Earth Goddess

As a teacher, part of the joyous reward is watching students uncover their own specific and powerful mythic life-purpose themes that have been gestating underneath blockages since childhood. They flourish and bloom and show their true colours, just like Ola. She is earthy and expansive, her facilitating style can be so intricate and delicate and other times roll out a container that is bursting and lush with controlled electricity like a monsoon season. 

Spirit Magic was perfect for Ola.

She flourished like the most incredible orchid, planted in just the right environment. She was able to take root, to be deeply nourished, and then as the program progressed, to unfurl into one of the rarest, radiant and beautiful flowers – becoming a stunning and talented healer. Not only did she embrace the springtime field of her own talents, but she also channeled, opened to and recognised the deep dreaming, grounded, practical and fertile guides that formed her Team. People love healing with Ola and her Spirit Teams!

Ola’s transformation with her use of the tools of Spirit Magic and learning in community has been profound. She was so shy when I met her. She had so much doubt, fear and uncertainty which was confusing as she is so gifted. She had tried to work with many practitioners on her personal history and trauma but had not found a way through the stories and experiences of hard packed clay suppressing the dormant seeds of self.

She came to study Spirit Magic at a junction point when she wanted to change her career working in allied health as a therapist. She was going through a very intense awakening process that was impactful and had experienced very difficult treatment from other practitioners. She carried an incredible grief inside her about not being the ancient, wise healer that she knew she was.

Ola was one of the people I wrote about previously, that would cry and weep with the deep pain of knowing that she is a powerful healer but could not unlock that ability and potential within herself. She had been very injured through time and like one of those brave saplings holding onto an ocean cliff edge, her belief had been continuously battered by relentless storms of external circumstance and past life agreements.

Ola today is in many ways unrecognizable to the Ola who started the program.

Today Ola laughs often, and there is a lightness to her voice and energy and importantly in her body with so much energetic, emotional and familiar weight simply gone. She delights in life. Her spirit has been set free from a very heavy family and ancestral history and the suffering they experienced in her rural upbringing and European war history.

She was able to deftly use emotional healing and trauma reversal to gently release many years of abuse that she had suffered that had left her anxious, doubting her capacities and living with a relentless inner critic. Yet now, Ola literally glows! 

Revel in a recent picture of her resonance below.

Through her training Ola has developed into the unique healer that she is – one who can blend the deeply and joyously sacred into any process that she meets. She is able to create and hold a space that people love to unfurl in and would happily live within. Ola brings tenderness and deep wisdom to peoples’ processes. This makes her an incredible and precise tracker of what is happening to her clients. She is able to have clear visions of what is happening for her client energetically and receives very accurate guidance from her Spirit Teams about what is needed.

She adds her insights and knowledge, about what might have happened for her client, what is occurring in the system or affecting the client and what are the next steps. In addition, she absolutely loves collaborating and playing with her Team to generate healing for herself, for others and for her life.

In addition to her own healing, and the development of her skills and gifts, Ola thrived in the cohort that she was part of, finding lifelong friends and colleagues in the students she studied alongside. 

Ola has fully liberated the healer within and has found wholeness and meaning in her life, being the healing being she has come here to be. To be around Ola is to be around and within a truly powerful, loving and luminous healing presence. Her healer is connected to the Gaia nature, and if the earth is said to laugh with flowers then Ola laughs with light.

If you long to heal and liberate yourself in the footsteps of Ola, or activate the healer within yourself and dedicate it to serving your own wellbeing, or others, then please join me in Spirit Magic. 

You can watch more of Ola’s transformative journey below in her graduate story video. 👇🏼

You can also travel with me on a live dreaming journey and Q and A class through the Spirit Magic program this Saturday! 

You know the feeling that an unseen, loving presence is supporting you?​

It’s more real than you imagined! ​​

Being able to tune in to the healing powers, protection and wisdom of your spirit guides and angels whenever you desire transforms your life and anyone else you wish to help.

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