A Call for Sacred Leadership: The Simple, Profound Road to a Better World

What would happen if we put the words sacred and leadership together?

These words aren’t put together very often in this world. Sacred tends to evoke a softer, passive, feminine energy, whereas leadership tends to evoke a more active, tenacious, masculine energy. They seem more like oil and water — they can’t mix.

But what if I told you they blend into our most potent form of intelligence and ability?

Sacred leadership is such a central part of my existence, but it’s hard for me to talk about because there isn’t a lot of language for it.

But I’m finding the words. Because it’s the leadership that our world is aching for, and I’m yearning to help people cultivate their own versions of it so they can lead and be led with the ease and harmony it is guaranteed to facilitate. 

More and more people around the world are sensing that something is missing from the way we’re being led. The reactions of betrayal, skepticism and despair from witnessing global leaders are sweeping humanity. People are feeling more and more futile about the systems that create those leaders. 

But we can begin to balance out this problem by leading from our own sacred places, for ourselves and our communities, in our everyday lives.

We can all become sacred leaders, and our actions will ripple out.

Sacred leadership is a conscious, active embodiment of your centre, your essence, your soul, the quantum field, that deepest energy that moves you in life, the energy of trees or rocks — however you conceptualise it, what matters is you understand it as the only place within you that doesn’t move from itself. Sacred leadership emanates from the intelligence of this foundational place. 

This intelligence is comprised of you and, simultaneously, more than you.

Sacred leadership is a vibrant watercolour painting of the essence of your soul, personality and style with the whole universe, or God(s), or however you relate with that which is beyond yourself. It’s a brilliant fusion of your unique gifts and limitless consciousness.

If you lead from this sacred place, your thoughts and actions spur from the support and guidance of intelligence beyond your conscious, individual self. You connect with and bring in infinite wisdom. 

This makes you much more capable of accessing solutions, ideas, creativity, higher levels of love and awareness…whatever it is you need in the moment. 

You are guided from this blend of inner and outer awareness, equipped with great resourcefulness, fluidity and range.

Sacred leadership is a way of seeing and interacting with the world from a place of perfectly relevant intelligence of the highest wisdom, delivered with your authentic style.

As a sacred leader, sacredness always comes first. The first step is to say “yes” to your whole self. 

You won’t know all of your unique gifts until you peer into every room of your heart and mind. If you say “no” to some parts of yourself, you might overlook what makes you sacred altogether. Plus, rejecting any part of yourself makes it much harder to connect with the limitless consciousness that wants to merge with you.

Myree Morsi soul guide therapist kundalini expert standing in Kauai forest

If you can get anchored into what is sacred within you, that deepest, unchanging place, and learn to have a loving relationship with it and move from it, then holding an expansive, safe space is much easier. And much more powerful.

When you come from this place, when your actions are being informed and inspired by this place, people tend to respond to it quite well because it’s the kind of consciousness that creates a clear place to be led from. It touches and moves people without fear or friction.

It’s easier for you to lead or be led as a friend, lover, parent, colleague, boss…any situation in life becomes more easily harmonious for everyone involved.

And sometimes you don’t have to do very much from a place of sacred leadership to move, inspire and touch people. Your embodiment of it is enough to hold a transformative space for anyone who enters your sphere.

I want to welcome us all into a more constant relationship with our soulful places. To become sacred leaders. To create ripples of the change we all desire.

To lead from the deepest and most potent, powerful and transformative place within, and to allow your actions to be guided by it in all of your relationships… Can you imagine how powerful you would become? How healing you would be for yourself and whoever else you yearn to help?

If everyone moves from this sacred place a little more, if we all knew how to access it and trust it, then we would live on a completely different planet. 

Wishing for our planet to be this drastically different might seem the most futile of dreams, but it isn’t that untenable. The ability to reconnect with our sacred center and maintain that connection is only an ethereal concept because it isn’t commonly taught. Even more, there is education that promotes disconnect from and disbelief in this sacred space we all have within.

But when you get down to the brass tax, it is reconnecting with yourself — the gifts you’ve always had and the support you’ve always been surrounded by. What is impossible about that?

I believe that one of the most powerful things you can do in life is to give people access to the most sacred part of themselves.

I hope by teaching people to connect with their sacred place, not only will they become empowered to live, act, lead, create, support, and heal or educate from this place or coach from this place, but that they will be powerfully capable of guiding others to becoming their own versions of sacred leaders, too.

I now offer a 6-month course that serves as an ever-expanding opportunity to come into sacred leadership. It centers on my desire to teach my students directly while facilitating for them to lead people from their own sacred place and to the sacred place inside others. 

In Sacred & Safe Leadership™ – Trauma-Informed Mastermind, you’re going to learn about how to truly, deeply and profoundly hold sacred space; to be a fluid, equipped, easeful leader that soothes others while growing beyond all goals and dreams.

It would be so much more exciting to live on this planet if more sacred leadership was happening. We would be overflowing with inspiration, creativity and causeless joy instead of depression, pain and fear.

This sacred leadership course is an offering into the ache that’s happening on this planet. It’s a roadmap back into your sacred essence and the world we are more than capable of creating.

I believe such a world is possible. 

If you believe it too, or you want to find out if it is, join me for a free live Q&A about this upcoming mastermind.

I’d love to answer your questions and explain more behind why I created this program and how it will transform you as a leader and sacred space holder.

We’re meeting on June 26 AU | June 25 US. I hope to see you there!

With passion for your empowerment,

Sacred & Safe Leadership™ is the ultimate finishing school that you didn't know you need.

160+ hours of expert content in the ultimate finishing school for transformative leaders

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