The End of Kundalini, the End of Awakening?

One of the questions I am most often asked is does Kundalini awakening ever end? Can I ever be free of this endless process of change, opening, chaos and deepening and the suffering that it brings me? I asked myself this question many times in the heat of my own Kundalini process.

And the answer is yes, and no.

Yes, Kundalini does and can definitely end. The process of Kundalini surging upwards through your body, purifying and transforming you can come to a welcome conclusion, it stops. It stops for good.

I know this through direct personal experience, through the final blow out of my own Kundalini process. After years of being on fire, suffering from the often overwhelming unwinding of trauma from my body and the freeing up of my whole energetic system Kundalini took one last blast into hyper space out the top of my head.

For months prior to this I felt my Kundalini process speed up until in the final weeks I would laugh to myself that this is either going to pop or I’ll die. The Kundalini was going so fast in its final clearing process that it sounded like the psychic scream of a jet plane about to take off. I have heard from others that their Kundalini also sounded impressively impossibly loud, a hurricane on an energetic level, before the end. My insomnia was at a peak. I would watch the possums at night in the moonlit gum trees outside my mountain cottage and wonder how long my system could take such a wild ride. Yet everyday I would get up and have exactly what I needed in terms of inner resources, strength and energy to meet the needs of my day including running my therapy practice. This was a deeply appreciated miracle.

On my last day of Kundalini I finished work in the city and suddenly felt deeply exhausted in a way I couldn’t explain. I got in my car and drove back to the mountains, fed my dog and went straight to bed.

The next morning I awoke unable to move physically for hours, so still and quiet within it was like the whole world had stopped, and my whole world had stopped. I knew exactly what happened to me, Kundalini had completed and the specific reference point of my personal history that I had orientated around for so long had gone. It was very very funny and very quiet. It was freedom.

It took me months to integrate such a screeching halt to my Kundalini process, and for my body to absorb this sudden alteration in its central point of reference from my personal history to something eternal and constant. This challenge is common for people who have abrupt and large hyper jumps in their awakening process.

After this my Kundalini symptoms swiftly died down and disappeared completely. No more heat or radical unwinding of the nervous system, no more strange body symptoms that had no physiological explanation, no more difficulties with integrating huge amounts of Kundalini Shakti into a physical body. No more endless energetic challenges to deal with while dealing with my everyday life. What a relief.

What followed were new challenges of orientating life around a new reference point, which at first felt like no reference point for my body. But Kundalini herself had ended, task accomplished.

I write this brief account for those who wonder if an end can ever come, if the process and accompanying challenges can ever really finish. Through sharing this story I hold a candle of hope and possibility for those of you on the awakening path.

Yet what never ends is the awakening process itself – the ever deepening process and challenge of embodying awakened awareness in every aspect of your life – the way you live your life, how you understand yourself, how you define your values and ethics, how you relate to others, have conflicts and resolve them, and how you follow the unique, sweet and sometimes fierce call of your own nature to show up in the world and be of service. There is no limit or end to the embodiment process.

And to me this ongoing awakening, this ever present deepening, is a profound source of joy and delight.

Do you have comments, thoughts or questions about the end of awakening? Please share them below, I love hearing from you.

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  • Thank you Myree. I look forward to the end, although I know it is futile thinking about when this will happen. You distinguish between an end to kundalini, but not an end to awakening. I always thought they were the same. Can you explain what is the difference? That would really help. Thanks for your article, I love all of them and they really help me.Love Tom

    • Hi Thomas, so lovely to connect with you. Kundalini is an energetic and physical process which is a part of the broader experience of awakening. When the stores of shakti are released from the pelvis and complete their process to purify the body and energetic system so it can be occupied with higher levels of consciousness, then Kundalini then completes. Shatki connects with the divine/universe and eventually that connection is satisfied and deeply transforms a person. With no further Shakti coursing through the body the side effects of kundalini such as heat, power surges, kriyas and invountary movements, feelings of electricity, etc begin to ease and stop. These side effects are the effects of the energetic kundalini process. The awakening process, of becoming more conscious, more deeply aligned with our deepest nature, integrating more consciousness and higher levels of awareness into our bodies, minds, and way of living never ends. I hope that helps, sometimes it is challenging to find words for the wordless. Blessings to your awakening. Myree x

  • Do you think there is something to do to accelerate the process?

    I’m in such pain for so many years now.
    Your post give me hope, thank you very much.

    • Hi! I am so glad my post was helpful. There are things that you can do to stabilise and support the process, connecting energies like descent of Shakti and heart Shatki can both support and stabilise the process and allow the awakening to flow more smoothly. I usually think this way is best and can unlock and facilitate the process often more swiftly and with ease. I never recommend just doing something to accelerate the process as this can create terrible side effects and increase suffering. Best wishes!

    • So refreshing to find another (others) who share similarly on the K-Path! I had my FULL BLOWN Spontaneous Kundalini Activation in 2001. The years that followed rival the best Sci-Fi movies! The “manic ride” lasted about 7yrs for me and it seemed like an eternity… I recall so much relief when my Kundalini, and all that went with it, ended as abruptly as it had arrived. The CALM that followed this 7yr storm was beyond welcome! I cannot put it into words! I felt like a soldier, who after many years of fighting on the front lines was granted a reprieve! I do not envy others who are now going through what I did. It was hell going through all of that (my) dark stuff! Purging, purging, purging.. There were many “casualties of war” during and after the initial 7yrs.. Job changes.. Relationship changes.. Perceptual changes.. Crazy stuff! These days I am mostly “adjusting”, but without all of the Active Kundalini energies distracting me so much.. and I love it!

    • Hi John,
      Thank you so much for your beautiful sharing and letting us be insiders a little into your journey and it’ completion! It is really wonderful to connect with you. And indeed, our journeys are very similar. I feel the bright essence and joy that shines through you and I send you blessings and joy in return.

    • Hello John,
      I might add my few cents here. I have gone through lot of physical and mental torture since 2015. Eventually in 2015 I gave up and realized I am going to die anyway. After all US medical tests and advices, I left Michigan , my job, my business , my 3 homes and ended up in Rishikesh since I decided to die in Himalaya in nature and not in US hospital. I had severe headaches all the time, serious depression, absolutely no energy even to walk, my ears buzzing 24 by 7 , involuntary jerks anywhere in the body, heartaches and finally severe anus bleeding during toilet. I was afraid even walk half a mile because toilet / and gases will kick any time in underwear or in the night bed is dirty and it is too fast before I can reach to toilet room. What a miserable life!. One night my half of the body I could not sense and could not move at all and that scared me out of hell.

      Before 2015, I am born and raised up in Northern India. At 24 years age I migrated to US as a software engineer and continue working.
      I was body builder, doing lot of pranayama’s and 30 minutes shoulder stand everyday and hours & hours salsa dancing. For what? Just keeping body in good shape. I am extremists by nature. I had a no clue what is kundalini that time. Being IT profession , Time was my side, lot of time was available to do physical activities.

      Back to Rishikesh arrival in 2016.
      Good thing about my life, Being ambitious, up to 40 years age I was millionaire and plenty of professional options. So There was no concern for me to worry about survival if I was in Himalaya.
      another good luck to my life, My father had a Ashram in Rishikesh (in jonk village close to Ram julha ) since 1999, I never visited before. Through out the year Ashram is mostly locked because my father never made a plan to live in Rishikesh. It is pretty big place with 5 bedrooms 3 bathrooms ,trees around, behind the ashram is mountains. So I got a place , my own home with lot of choices. small market was right there, lot of Yoga centers around and Mother ganga few meters away. Perfectly in nature.
      So what I do here? body disaster continues, Mind was fully convinced I am going to die, couple of times though to jump in the river but did not have courage. I continue experimenting with body in terms of food. But good thing again… All time was for me… no schedule…no alarms and nobody is around me in the Ashram. It does not matter what time I sleep and what time wake up! No financial issues any way.
      So start roaming around ganga river/ mountains in the day time.. kicking toilet as usual in my diapers. Although now I was more relaxed. I see lot of poor wandering monks around and these marijuana addicted monks had plenty of time if I wanted to kill my time, chatting, sitting next to them. So no loneliness for sure. weather is prefect, all time sunny. I realized I wanted sun since I was fully depressed.
      One day, I was chatting with a monk, since I was visiting him everyday on his cave in mountains, became kind of my friend. I start telling him about my ears fucked up, buzzing all the time!! And here you go!
      That monk somehow caught me and start explaining my other problems. And it was to my surprise how He knows? And he just told me your kundalini is activated.
      What is Kundalini? As I was walking back from his cave to my ashram in the evening, just tons of questions in my mind.

      Turned on my laptop in the night and then start reading google documents… Continue studying tons of docs And finally reached to conclusion, Yes it must be Kundalini process, any way life was near to end and suddenly I see the Hope.
      So what if it is kundalini? First thing in my mind was how to get rid of diapers. I found a great book online from “Science of Soul, Swami Yogeshawarananda sarswati”. Downloaded right way, Lator on I realized Swamiji Ashram is on Ram julha, few meters away, and purchased all the books from their library written by Swamiji.
      I also went through swamiji biography book and learned quickly about his food habits.
      And here you go!!!! I just literally copied his food habits. Just 2PM sprouted moong lentils soup. No night food! in the morning just milk.
      So up to evening 8PM sprouted soup was out of body and stomach is empty is the night and gases pressure issues (APAN vayu) rushing to toilet in the night went away. And I can have sound sleep now without doing toilet in the bed.

      Being extremists, I can control the hunger very well. Within 3 months I realized bleeding problem disappeared which was my biggest fear and start feeling, may be I will not die anymore.
      Good sleep start bringing me out of depression too and start gaining some confidence about life. Other part from Swamiji book, I learned was GAYATRI MANTRA and start meditating 30 minutes aby swamiji technique and extended meditating straight 7 hours (6AM- 1PM) since I had plenty of time and Ashram was all mine, no disturbance. lator some my monk friends start complementing about my face glowing. I was my self acting like a monk with long beard/hair and yellow clothes. Also I gained lot of knowledge through lot of Himalayan yogis written books.
      Now 12 months passed in Rishikesh with all this meditation/food control/roaming as a monk, end of 2017, death of fear was gone and fully loaded with spiritual knowledge and headaches were completely disappeared and new phase kicked in, I feel all the time drunked with so much pleasure in the head all the time.

      Jan 2018, Booked Michigan flight and back to canton MI and signed a hourly contract 80 dollars with a company.
      Was life back to normal? answer is NO!
      Could not manage the work! I realized I had no interest in work/ neither in people. Now mind was fucked up and It does not like regular US life.
      Resigned the job within 3 weeks and start staying at home and continue meditating! and wanted to go back to Himalayan mountains.
      Time to pack up! Business closed, homes sold and it took longer than expected But all done. No more baggage behind. All mind free now.
      But as time passed, mind slowly start coming back to normal… slowly start going to places but the biggest difference it made as soon as I started Pranayama again which I stopped in 2015 because of physical body illness.

      Pranayama made huge difference in my life in 2020. Pranayama is “DO or Die”
      A. 4 liter filtered warm water in the morning (takes 1 hour sip by sip) then 6000 times kapalbhati (with one nose at a time, remember IDDA/and PINGALA) and Water start pouring from Anus. absolute 0 percent carry forward. Total process 2 hours.
      B. 1 hour KUNMABAKA (abayantar and bahay), great for kundalini (Sushumna).
      C. 12 minutes shoulder stand.
      D. Weight lifting, walking a lot, physical activities speed up kundalini process.
      E . Not doing meditation but doing Gayathri as much i can.
      F. anulom/vilom although it cools down my body
      G. No night food, only lunch moong sprouted soup and morning milk(grass fed) and almonds. Kundalini is more active during sleep and food disturbs the kundalini process.

      As the time passes, all body issues resolved including toilet pressure/ headaches/jerks/ brain tensions/ different parts of body aches and all now left is pleasure, yes physical pleasure.

      Realized food makes no difference to my muscles and I do not understand this calorie science anymore. I am 210 pounds, 6 feet, age 50, vegetarian and still can throw few guys who are at 20s. Must be some spiritual energy.

      Pranayama makes my body… steel body, Yes steel body.
      My health is in prefect shape better than ever before, pumping weights too, perfectly muscular. kicking salsa as well sex. Working as a hourly contractor.
      What is next in 2021? Next 6/8 months I should be out of US and back to my Himalayan journey as a monk, a real monk. that is what it supposed to be!!!! that is where I belong to!!!

      Email [email protected]

  • Hi Myree, thank you for this informative blog. I am in the final stages of my kundlini process. I am glad to see the physical manifestations of energy have ceased, for the most part. I have had periods of intense emotions, social and physical isolation (I was unable to connect with any adults. With children and animals, I connected very easily.) I was intensely withdrawn, -still am. On the positive side, I have had spontaneous healing of psoriasis, varicross vain and a lot less pressure on my kidneys and bladder, (which was so bad, I was constantly in the toilet, when the energy began to manifest.)
    I had intense energetic movement in the nervous system, which made my head shake as if I had my first get a in a plug socket! I remember asking my guide. “Is this worth having?” “It will settle.” He reassured me. ) – Yes it is worth having. Even though your “world” falls apart.
    It’s not over yet though. It is peaceful, blissful, and bloody hilarious in my head. But I am still in isolation. I feel like a cheat in a class of studious kids, when I see my neighbours running to work, home, kids, social life etc. Funny, how none of that made me happy! Only sit still and find it in here! How easy, obvious, yet, not so easy to get! I am lucky!
    Just learning to let go now, of what comes next.

    • That is wonderful that you are enjoying the blessings of kundalini in the later stages, and appreciating the transformation. I am very happy for you Nima and your full heart.
      Sending love,
      Myree x

  • Ah!A! This is soo funny! You don’t let go, you just let to “Letting Go”. It is obvious, yet difficult. All the things I thought I needed to change are still there! Just the way I see them has turned upside down. It s NOT being a pushover! It is Not being lonely and miserable. It is just being alone as everything in your life is your own reflection. Naughtiness comes soo naturally, and fearlessly! I watch Russell Brand, his fearless wit, his massive media cockups, his immensely dirty mouth, his openly admitting drug and other addictions,( he is clean now for 12 years!). He has the fearlessness of GOD himself.
    So We Should, Make MISTAKES! NOT be afraid! haha! and there I have been a “goody two shoes “all my life! This is gonna be a great hillarious life!
    Love and blessings. xx

    • Hi Myree…Thank you for sharing your experience. I really need some help.

      it all started in February , 2019. I started feeling some weakness which seemed to be permanent over few weeks…I started having body aches, tingling in my feel , and my feet felt as if it was on fire and many other symptoms. I could not get to know what was happening until the symptoms started worsening. The body pain immensely increased and i started experiencing which i never experienced before. My symptoms started taking a turn and literally sparks of current used to come out of body on touching anything. Many people who used to shake hands experienced this which is a very common phenomenon in winter while fiddling with blankets but it was with everything and everywhere. Then i started experienceing weird sounds like ssshhhhh, waves at shore , whistles and bell ringing and many others. Also i felt somebody is always watching me..Insomnia was at peak and i felt and experienced emotional turmoils and mood swings. There are endless number of symptoms which kept changing. But the symptoms settled down 3 months back and all i experienced was the weakness and hot feet. But i am not able to concentrate and work well because i feel so exhausted so low on energy. All i wanna do is sleep.

      But since last week , I have been experiencing extreme weakness which i have never experienced in last 1.5 years. I feel as if my body is exploding and it is on fire. I do not understand what is happening. I REALLY NEED GUIDANCE AND HELP. I really dont know what phase i am in what i am going through. Please help me !!!! But trust me in between i also felt as if i can fly.I felt my body attempted to fly.It was so weird and i used to laugh at myself.

      Waiting for your reply.

    • Hi Nima,

      Thank you for your comment and sharing your experiences. It certainly sounds like you are in a kundalini process, with some strong activation which you have been navigating with sensitive awareness. Experiencing these sounds is a very normal part of the awakening process and you describe it very well. Yes, the processing and purification phases can cause a lot of exhaustion as can the process being too intense or overly active. It is great that things have settled down and stabilised, it often does this. For guidance with the complex number of experiences and challenges it is best we connect more personally. Blessings to you.

  • Hi Myree,, I had my first K awakeing at 28 ,,, had been doing Yoga and went searching for this mystery by doing endless forward bends ,then in salute to sun,,, i literally saw the snake uncurl 3 times ,it shot up my spine into my head so fast ,,i thought i would die,,, bright red face for long time,, it seems it was an external form of awakening ,,,i had no idea ,,, nxt i knew i was lieing on my back looking at my hands and feet in the air like i was a baby in total awe ,,, all else i can remember is being in some depression for a period of time ,,, so 20 years on well at 46 ive had an internal K awakeing ,, I had been living a very ego based life ,,, with many childhood ,Karmic and societal projections and introjections and stuff to sort out ,, i crashed big time ,,and have had cfs for 18mths now the awakening being half way through it as i feared to lose my life ,, i prayed to God ,Jesus,,Said i love life, myself ,,recieved a shaktipat online ,,although i was already spontaneously activating and doing sitting chi-gong,,,its an ongoing process of self inquiry and balance especially with the cfs ,,which may not even be real, ,but it seems K wants me to be no wallflower ,,having to push myself through so much fear and but also dance with nurturing my ongoing unfoldment of love in myself and outwardly,,, i will be returning to study(counselling) even though i fear it so much,,3rd time lucky,,, im learning so far to try to view things differently,to be intuitive to my and the great spirits needs and reponsabilities ,,,and as you say just trying not to burst in the process,,relax,,relax all is well,,breath,,breath ,,love love love,,, peace and blessings Love <3

    • Thank you so much for sharing your awakening journey and all the many ways you are rising to meet it over such a long period of time. I wish you the very best with its unfolding. Blessings!

  • I have suffered in this experience so much and I would just like to know if there is going to be an end to the suffering. I know no one can tell me that and i feel so helpless as there reallly is nothing I can do about it. I wouldnt wish this experience on anyone.

    • Dear Kimberly, My heart goes out to you as I know how tough the awakening process can be. And I also know that it doesn’t have to be so painful or agonising. Please reach out to me via my contact page if you would like some guidance, even for 15 minutes, on how thing can be different or easier for you. And yes, it certainly can and does end. And then the awakening process becomes very stable. Blessings and love to you.

  • thank you for such a hopeful post. I live in Iran and almost 13 years in turmoil of schizophrenia or the same kunalini experience after doing dozen of active meditations. I think it wasn’t accident that I visited your website and I know now it’s coming to it’s end and I’m feeling peace once again in a while. I wonder how many garbage I have gathered in years that needed such a long time to heal. thanks god I came out of it. now I know how to treat in world that does not accumulate karma in me. good luck for you and all the people in the world who experiencing kundalini. maybe some day in the future we could have a better understanding of this phenomena and could have a camp for people experiencing it with enlightened gurus who themselves have had this experience.

    • Thank you for sharing your experience. I am so glad you have found ways to care for yourself and find a way through the kundalini and awakening journey. Thank you for visiting me here and I wish you the very best.

  • dear all, I think now I am in the kundalini awakening process according to my researches .
    I am so confused about my life and unable to handle anything so easy. the sadness is I never try any yoga or meditation. I even didn’t know a heading like this. I keenly expecting someone has to help me through this process. please mail me if anyone can.
    🙁 🙁

    • Dear Fatima,
      Thank you for your message, and yes, sometimes our kundalini awakens unexpectedly and it can be quite shocking and distressing. I appreciate the stress and pain you are experiencing. Thank you for reaching out and I will respond to you privately.
      Blessings to you!

  • Thanks for this information. I thought this volcanic heat is a curse mark after watching naruto (sasuke uchiha’s curse mark, bitten by a snake orochimaru). Before my kundalini awakening I dream of a big black snake which was very long, more than any building, pulling me inside a deep river. The water was clean and surprisingly I was able to breath. As I turned I saw it watching me face to face, I started to fear, this fear was not usual, I call it great fear, it was as if the snake is controlling me, making me to shake. In no time I looked at it with no fear, with encouragement that there is a God and I shall not be afraid. As I learn about kundalini I found that the snake meant no harm, it was helping me finding new life by awaking me from sleep. With all this pain and suffer of awakening I thank this snake for opening my eyes to truth, giving me wisdom. Now I truly see, I see everything. I understand life better than being in the dark, having fear all the time trying to protect and fulfill, always trying to be something, to archive, you know, chasing the wind. Although I’m still in pain but I now understand that it will end soon. What I would like to know is, this feminine energy, can it be the one that makes my love life relationships to woman so so hard? And also blocking my opportunities to find a job bcz I tried to ignore it at first? And since I surrendered to it, things are starting to turn light, everything is coming to me now. Could it be? I still wonder.

    • Thank you for your sharing and yes, it does sound like you have had very direct visions and contact with the mythic energy and consciousness of kundalini. I am glad as you surrender things improve in your life, this is to be expected as she purifies the obstructions, energies and habits in the way of things you seek in your life. This is good news. Wishing you well, Myree

  • I have been hearing raps ( knocking on the walls, things around me like mirror, door handle, printer, etc….. ) since June 2017. The raps/knocking and noises from the environment are connected to my smallest thoughts/ idea.. they will appear at the very end of my thoughts.
    Even my stomach will make sounds at the end of my thoughts. Tingling in different sites of my body at the very end of my thoughts.
    Also, I can make my laptop/ cellphone monitor blink… electrical things noise getting bigger, etc2…..
    I also hear electrical and buzzing sound at the background especially at night.

    How to get out of it.. ? Please help.. I just want to get back to normal… I am trying to get busy as I can and trying to not notice it but it is very hard..
    Will this pass entirely without any residual psychic symptoms ?????????? Please answer…..!!!!

    • Hi! Thanks for your comment. Much of what you are asking is beyond the scope of being able to answer in this comment box without having a conversation with you and having a more wholistic picture of you and your life and providing realistic and safe answers. I can say however that the electrical buzzing sounds are very common experiences of kundalini, with subtle sounds being heard as a result of the process of Shakti through the system and particularly the aura and head and ear channels. Often by soothing the Shakti process and slowing the speed of Shakti in your system many symptoms and sounds can ease. I wish you well with your awakening.

  • Hi I would like to know how long your kundalini journey took please? Also did you have Buddha belly and hormonal issues with it? There is not that much information that I can find thank you

    • It is hard to say exactly. My kundalini was active in a mild form for sometime but not really noticeable. The highly active phase to completion took about 2 years. I did have some hormonal stress issues, and no Buddha belly. I hope this is helpful for you. Best wishes!

  • Sorry to hear your Kundalini energy ended. its like really losing someone thats been so good to you. How do you find any deepness in life if the thing causing the deepness is gone? Or feel anything?

    • Hi!

      The Kundalini process completes it’s intended journey, as it did for me, but you never lose the kundalini energy and consciousness itself, it is always there supporting and nourishing. There are also many levels of consciousness that deepen the journey, Kundalini is only one of these.

      Best wishes to you journey.

    • Hi there!

      Yes it is, feel free to share your thoughts or reflections. Blessings!

      Myree x

  • Hi. I suffered a lot with the kundalini process. For me, he’s desperate. I really wanted to know if I’m coming to an end, I feel the energy walking inside of me, I feel like she has hands and working on my body. I do not understand anything about kundalini, I mean, I did not understand, happened spontaneously and did not even know the existence of kundalini, so it was very scary and with a lot of pain, terrible physical and emotional suffering. Now I have the experience of going through it. My life has stopped I’m isolated, I do not work. But I am facing positivity, and I hope that the day will come, that I may live again. Could you tell me if I’m at the end? I realized that this process was already happening a few years ago and a year ago it became this torment. But at the beginning I did not suffer so much, the suffering began 8 months ago. The energy is in the head now, so it looks like it’s at the end, but I do not know. Thank you for writing about how Kundalini came to the end of you, it is my hope to live again. Thank you.

    • Hi! Blessings to you. It sounds like you have had quite a challenging kundalini journey this past year and you are in my heart. It is not really possible for me to tell accurately where you are in the journey without connecting to you personally and sensing your system that way. That the kundalini has progressed to the head is a good sign of your progress. The completion process depends also what is needed elsewhere in your system, on other important factors and the ripeness of your system and karmic energies. I hope you find ways to soothe the process so that it is not so intense nor bring you so much pain as it progresses. Blessings to your awakening.

  • Full of gratitude for you shedding some light on this process. I came across your blog tonight after an incredibly healing session of what would be best described as a soul retrieval from a sexual trauma I had repressed when I was six. The memories came through a veil of black smoke during a meditation at the very beginning of my kundalini awakening process back in April. What an incredibly transformational few months of going into the darkness. I felt compassion and calm as I moved through the transformation then, finding only tonight that I had actually locked my child self away to protect her. She came out through the help of some healing friends and an array of the strongest involuntary body jolts yet. It occurred to me that maybe the movements over the last several months were just my child self battling to come out. Your post on sexual trauma as being a catalyst for awakening shed some light on this new doubt. I was afraid that it was my projection of kundalini energy as a means for justifying the protection from the anger and betrayal felt by the energy invasion of the sexual trauma. The timing just couldn’t be better for discovering this blog. Thank you. If you have the time, would you mind giving any insight on how best to move through the kriyas? I try and relax into them and allow them to run their course, but if I’m held in a position and the hold loosens a bit, should I continue to hold or move back into a relaxed position? Is it ok to regulate the breath through the jolting process or is it counter productive? Especially when the movements are especially violent or forcing the abdomen down (kind of emulating breath of fire, but involuntarily). Thanks so much! Take care, give care,

    • Hi! Thank you for your deep sharing about your powerful healing, I am really touched and happy for you. I am so glad my sharing and blog have been helpful and guiding for you. Healing sexual trauma is a part of the freedom and task that kundalini can seek to help us create. I send blessings to your little child that has come home to you. I really just suggest relaxing and allowing the kriyas in general. Breathing is a very person thing, if it is supportive for you then continue, trust your intuition. If the kriyas are too strong or violent it may be that the kundalini is running to fast or there is a significant jam in the system. Blessings!

  • Hi , thanks for sharing your story, i recently had an awakening and it seems like the higher consciousness got the best of me and i had to go to a psychiatric center i was on anti psychotics for a month and i feel as if i lost my spiritual connection so i stopped taking the medicine, i want to know if if comes back,! and if higher consciousness will continue to take me on a journey?

    • Hi! Yes, absolutely the spiritual process returns. And so does your spiritual connection, it may take a little time but yes. Be patient with your recovery. And higher consciousness can certainly continue to take you on your journey. Blessings!

  • Good day to you and thanks for your encouraging words.I started having the symptoms since June last year and had a dream where I say a big snake crawling from my waist up to my head.I was scared at first until I came across the word Kundalini.I now realize what is wrong with me.but my greatest fear now is that the burning sensation and electric shock sensation is mostly strong whenever money get to me.can you please explain why it is so to me.thanks so much

    • Hi! It is hard to respond as I do not know you or exactly what is going on. I would explore your history, karma, and ancestral/personal beliefs around money. If money is stressful or intense kundalini will react to such intensity and contraction, fear or pain. Beyond this suggestion and without knowing you in depth it is hard to say. Kundalini herself is neutral about money. It is more about what is happening for you in your own system. Are you earning money in ways that feel good and aligned? What is your inner process? Wishing you well. Blessings.

  • Thank you so much for this post. I’m looking forward to ‘the end’! It often feels like this process is killing me. I guess that it is…!!

    • You are so welcome, and I wish you the very best with your awakening. Blessings!

  • so let me see if I understand this right. when the kundalini us in your head, it feels like you’re losing your mind and then if there’s a sudden release of intense energy through the crown, and u open your eyes to the room being bright yellow and you feel this immense bliss, then does this mean that the kundalini has come to an end? I mean I still have the heat on my spine and I sometimes hear like a inner knocking on my spine and the heat is still present in my feet and legs as well.

    I know we spoke on the phone and u said that I have it under control it seems but will I have to experience another intense release through the crown chakra?

    • Yes, you will likely at some point experience another intense release through the crown though it can be easier than the first one. You can have mini versions of this as well. Kundalini is so individual it is impossible to predict what it’s completion will look like. Yes, you will continue to have symptoms of active kundalini while on the journey, until it completes, but the symptoms can and will vary as it progresses. Big love!

  • I had an kundalini awakening since the birth of my baby I can’t do anything can you help me please . I want to know how to calm it down

    • Hi! Yes, Kundalini can certainly be activated by giving birth and I have met others and supported others with this experience. It is not possible to give you the advice you need in this comment box as it is too complex, please contact me through my website contact page and we can connect in this way. Many blessings, you are in my heart.

    • Dear Myree,
      Thank you so much for your loving support. My kundalini Completed it’s crown chakra clearing process three days ago. The head pressure and the ear pressure was so unbearable.
      It was indeed very confusing and frightening for me. I’m suffering continuous sleepless nights since two months. Now I’m being forced out of body and I’m resisting it. Too much anxiety. How do I deal with it? Please guide me.

    • Hi Kadjia, Thank you for reaching out. It is really hard to say without knowing and connecting with you. It sounds like your process has a powerful upward process and a lot of energy driving forward and shakti build up in the head trying to access and release through the crown which causes this kind of insomnia. We would need to speak for me to understand more of your experience of being forced out of your body, which part of you – energy, consciousness, sense of self? Kundalini has an expansive process where it flows out of the crown and radiates down through the aura in a fountain like way, and simultaneously it also flows upward out the crown and up through the upper chakras and out the top of the aura to the divine, you may feel yourself being carried in this process. It also flows over the forehead and back in through the third eye… many journeys and paths it travels. Wishing you well, Myree

  • Not all Kundalini awakenings are so painful and difficult. I raised my Kundalini gently and permanently.

    • This is indeed true. Many are blessed with gracious, gentle kundalini awakening. And then there are those many who have more volatile and challenging experiences. That is wonderful news about your permanent and gentle kundalini journey. Blessings to you Rob.

  • Hi Myree

    How long was the whole process from the day it started to the last day? Did symptoms ease as it went along or was it constant? What were your symptoms?


    • Hi! That is a big question. Briefly, I sense kundalini was quietly alive since childhood but not highly active, due to past life activation. I would say after intense activation it was in the background for 2.25 years and then a very intensive process for a little under 2 years to completion. The last phase had all the classic symptoms of insomnia, kriyas and intense processing. I attended it with devotion and much application and practice so as I grew I always found the capacity to meet it’s intensity. With the knowledge I now have I could have avoided a lot of the symptoms, but such was my rapid journey. It is art of my wisdom training in this life. Many people find the symptoms ease as it processes and stabilises, and they become more at ease with it -the opening phase can be the most intensive. Blessings to you.

    • Ok, thanks for the update on when it started. Blessings!

  • On the last day other than feeling tired did you feel it leave or just wakeup and notice that it was gone. Did you ever feel it in your teeth?

    • Hi Matthias, my personal experience was that it completed overnight in the middle of a deep, awakening sleep and I awoke the next morning complete in that way. There are a variety of different ways people can experience it and this was simply mine. You can experience kundalini energy at times in the nerves of the teeth and it can be travelling and purifying the nerves, and also there are some important energetic channels that complete from the upper palate to the lower mouth, this can also contribute to energy and awareness of process related to the teeth. This circuit is closed by placing the tip of the tongue on the roof of the mouth, though needs to be played with wisely. Blessings!

  • I have so much to say and yet nothing when it comes to this entire process. I’ve been wondering the same; does it and when will it end. Its very exhausting. Its been years. Its so constant and intense. Everything just amped up in the last 2 weeks. Likes its all in overdrive now. Its much louder and just full blown flowing. Very uncomfortable in a different way. I’ve also felt as the old system has dissolved and I have all this unactivated clear space in me. The energies surging are on the surface and are literally shrinking but still as difficult and exhausting. My spine is lit up. I feel as though it’s about to complete. Its moving so fast. Like you said as though its going to pop. I truly can’t wait! I feel so drained and lifeless. Its not a great feeling. I do everything I can to keep vibrations high in the body. I understand what’s happening as does anyone going through this. No way to articulate any of it. You go through it all alone which can be very difficult. Im gratefull for finding this site. There isn’t alot of real information out there on this. Namaste

    • Thank you for sharing the depth, extensiveness and speed of what you are experiencing. It is a lot. Yes, it can gather a lot of speed in this phase. I send you love through this phase of your journey. And much tenderness and care. Sometimes it can be tempered and sometimes it just keeps on accelerating.

  • Hy Myree,
    I’m glad I found this, I was wanting to know if it will finally complete it’s self. I’ve had the iInvoluntary movements for 1.5 years now. When it started, I was so exciting that an ascension was taking place. I’ve meditated for over 20 years. But, I had never heard of Kundalini before. I was just excited that this was happening , it was a sign I was reaching higher consciousness. After a while the movements died down. But, just a couple of months ago, the movements have picked up and are on a new level. I feel like I’m juggling two worlds these days. Somedays I think something gonna happen soon, other days I question what is happening even though I’m finding my self so in sync with the Devine and have immense trust in it all. Thank you for posting this, it reassures me that it will come to an end. It’s been a wild ride and I’m looking forward to what next. Do you still feel the euphoric states in your body after this extraordinary blessing has stopped?

    • Hi!

      Thanks for your rich share about awakening, and yes Kundalini can definitely complete.
      It sounds like you are deepening into the journey and in the dance between the powerful inner life and the call of the outer world.

      Yes, I still have beautiful bliss states, but there is really no interest in them, and there is a beautiful background site that is always there.
      What is unmoving is awareness itself. And that is the Grace.

      Sending blessings,

  • Did you sensitives to food, supplement, light, medicines, etc. go away with Kundalini is complete? I can barely eat anything at this point and I have intense nightmares and panic attacks even when i have a bite of meat. I have had Kundalini for 12 years, I felt the “vaccum effect” about 6 months ago for a few nights, but my kundalini is still not resolved. Help me please.

    • Hi Ojas,

      Thank you for reaching out and wow, your sensitivities and process in your stomach and digestion are currently asking a lot of you. I am sending you much love. I wonder if the kundalini is jammed or too fast in some part of your system, causing this intensity. Sometimes surges can cause this too, and also if you are simply someone with a very fine and sensitive system having those powerful energies move through. This can change and ease for sure! After my kundalini finished, my sensitivities over time eased and many disappeared. That said as awakening expands the system often seeks more high vibrational food, environments and experiences to nourish it. My diet is still very careful to honour vibration, very pure, but I experience no pain. The integration phase is a process of stabilisation and many things that were troubling drop away. Especially if this is a kundalini energetic stress causing this symptom. You are in my heart.

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