Why Finding The Healer In You Is Important – A post-pandemic realignment blog

I could not think of a more important time to be in touch with your inner healer – the wise part of you that knows how to guide you, and heal you in relationship to the things that arise in your life and within you. 

We are under no illusion that we live in increasingly pressurized times, and we may still be in the dark night before dawn.

Such intense times are impactful and stressful. They activate the pain that we already carry from our personal history. We find ourselves in circumstances we never anticipated or imagined. Trying to support our children or our partners, or our elders, our working lives, our times of rest, often while dealing with our internal anxieties, overwhelm, confusion, and unresolved trauma. 

I know that everyone has a healer within them – but most have had it deactivated or never allowed it to arrive/arise, because of family systems, personal history, and our collective history, and belief systems that repress this archetypal energy. 

So what is the healer within? 

The healer within you is the part of you that is in touch with wisdom, knowledge, healing energy, and gifts and has the capacity to bring healing to your life first of all, and then, if you choose, to extend it to others including your loved ones. Some may reap positive benefits just by being around you as you go through this healing process.

It is the part of you that can return you to wholeness and guide you deftly when something has been injured or is not going well. That has wise words, a tip or moments of insight about what is needed.

The healer within might be the inner guide that directs you to find the right practitioner to support you with your body’s needs, or tells you where to put your hands on your body and send your own system of love and healing energy. Or provides insight within whatever your chosen profession is and guides it towards its highest manifestation. 

Often the healer part of ourselves can observe things from a metaperspective and outside of the mainstream, to see what is really needed. Often it is the limitation of mainstream conditions that have contributed to whatever it is that troubles us.

The healer within is the part of us deeply allied with love because it is not separate from it. It brings those eyes and that heart to everything. 

Why is it important as opposed to ‘useful’?

At this time on the planet, having access to this part of yourself, in any moment, being able to turn to it, being able to find solutions, being able to soothe yourself calm and steady, is critical. We need to be able to do this so we can come back to center and make good decisions on a day-to-day basis. We need it to be well.

What I know:

I know that having a part of me that can be there to help me at any time – I want access to that.

I want to know it is there, I want to cultivate and lean into it. I want to remember that I need it, when I need it. 

I want to know that I can soothe myself in a freak out; that I can process trauma and its energy while I am in the car driving to pick up a beloved.

I want to be able to heal my ancestors from the ways that they restrict me so I am free to follow the pursuits my soul calls me to, rather than stay stuck in family patterns with no relief.

I want to know that if there is a past life that is entangling me, ensuring I experience the same patterns of heartache or suffering over and over again, I can change that in my life.

I want to know that I can clear the energy in difficult energetic situations that I step into, that I can soothe my emotions and clear my emotional history in a moment. 

I want the power of all of these capacities available to me because this will give me the strength, the capacity and confidence, to do the things that I desire in my life, to keep me safe, and ensure that I am as well as I can be.

Most of all, I want to know that I can give myself any of these kinds of healing, for free, at any moment, because it is my birth right and my ability to serve my own well-being and those I love in this moment and all the time.

I want to empower and be empowered in these wild times that we live. It has also become clear to me that part of my healing journey is to offer this opportunity to others. If any of this sings to you then please join me in the free and deeply sacred The Healer’s Journey Challenge.

Or dream deeper into activating your healer within Spirit Magic.

I look forward to holding nurturing and sacred space for the Healer within you.

You know the feeling that an unseen, loving presence is supporting you?​

It’s more real than you imagined! ​​

Being able to tune in to the healing powers, protection and wisdom of your spirit guides and angels whenever you desire transforms your life and anyone else you wish to help.

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