The Challenges of a Psychedelic-activated Kundalini Awakening

Over the past decade, I have increasingly been supporting people with intensive psychedelic-activated Kundalini symptoms.

Such activations have all the hallmarks of more traditional kundalini awakenings from yoga, meditation, and life in general, and a few elements more uniquely tailored to psychedelics themselves.

I am going to list some of my noticing below as I am certain this may be helpful for someone traversing this kind of awakening process. These may not apply to you at all, so please do not fear. This list is for those of whom this process is underway or has already happened. It is for those folks who are looking for a way to recognise and then resolve what has happened to them.

Here is what I have seen consistently:

1. Due to the potency and often repeated ingestion of psychedelics, such psychedelic activated awakening may sometimes be very intense and really blow someone’s system out– meaning, blow the fuses out, fry the nervous system, exhaust the overall system and remain intense in an ongoing way. It can simultaneously produce extraordinary, expanded states but that may ease or leave the person struggling to bridge what has happened with their everyday life and be able to return to it.

2. Such activations can sometimes fail to naturally settle in the way they are intended to and remain hyper-active which is very painful and frustrating for the initiate and cause a plethora of symptoms that need to be soothed.

3. Sometimes, even long after ceasing to ingest any more plant medicine, the medicine itself remains active in subtle ways in the system. Energetic patterns remain in a person’s system and continue to instruct and stimulate the awakening forward, often more than the person can deal with this. So, they feel like they never get a break.

4. Sometimes, such psychedelic-activated awakenings can open an aura up, dissolve its boundaries and allow difficult or disturbing energies to enter the auric and human system and/or attack the individual. These activated psychedelic-activated awakenings need to be cleared so that the person can feel themselves again. This can be resolved quite easily.

5. Sometimes a psychedelic Kundalini ignition is intense, particularly if the initiate was using LSD or combining substances or ingesting large/sustained amounts. This can trigger kundalini in a way that the upward movement of activated energy from the pelvis is catalytic, like an eruption that propels and pushes a person up and out of their body. It is not uncommon for me to meet someone who has been out of their body for several years, very dissociated and needing support to clear out, soothe the system and be supported to come back in, finally grounding into finding safety again.

6. All these symptoms can cause dysregulated, disorganised Kundalini journeys which are exhausting, and frustrating and can affect someone’s ability to continue with their life. I have met people who are bedridden or barely functional for several years since their psychedelic kundalini activation.

If you are reading this and it resonates, please know you can correct and recover from all these things. Kundalini can be stabilised, and soothed, your body and systems cleared and life can return to as much balance as possible, knowing that kundalini is a process of almost constant change at one level or another of your being.

I encourage you to begin excellent self-care and begin to sense what you need on the next stage of your own recovery journey.

You are not alone; you are one of many and your experiences and suffering come from a real and known event and source.

Stabilising Kundalini is one of the biggest challenges for those who have experienced this kind of awakening. I wrote a beautiful course about this, just for you.

Kundalini is meant to be steadily regulated as much as possible. She can be kind within her fierce embrace.

For tips on self-care to soothe kundalini, you can also download my free ebook about Kundalini here.

Blessings to your awakening.

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