Take a Sweet Soak in Your Intuition

One of the easiest ways to recognise intuitive awareness is that lovely sweet “ahhh” you get when you take the time to hang out a while with your intuitive insight. I’m certain you have had at least one of these delicious, quietening moments in order to understand what I am pointing to.

In reality, you probably have had thousands of them, even if you don’t recognise it.

(If you are not sure how to recognise a positive intuitive awareness please read my previous article, Your Intuition’s Secret Best Friend). One of the secrets to increasing your access to your intuition is to have a luxurious soak in it, just like a delicious soak in big, five-star bathtub, bubbles, rose and vanilla oil and mood music included!

Your intuition and your nervous system are intricately linked and entwined, and your nervous system is likely to give you a sweet and relaxing response to a good intuitive knowing. Your nervous system recognises a good intuitive knowing. At the least your nervous system when touched by the accurate insight of your intuition will become momentarily still, to give you a sacred gap from the mindstream of thoughts and body tension and space to own your intuitive recognition. This gap is a relief and vital opening I invite you to fall into.

My biggest encouragement when these gaps arise is to relax into the intuitive awareness and the arising relaxation, or ah-ha moments or the insight itself, in a similar way to having a good soak in a lovely warm bath. If you are not fond of a bath, perhaps imagine floating in a peaceful ocean.

Let the positive sensations and feelings or peace of your intuition soak right into your body. Just rest and notice your feelings and body responses to the insight and feel a bit more deeply into them. At first, they may be subtle, just slight inner movements or ripples. Through doing internal soaking you are integrating and embodying both the insight and the intuitive capacity deeper into the nervous system, into the intelligence of your body and mind, and importantly into your brain itself. You are wiring in intuition as a positive and appreciated experience, and the more you enjoy your soak in the intuitive love bath the more your body and nervous system get the positive feedback to remember and map the intuitive experience. Thus it becomes easier to connect to your intuitive capacity more deeply and precisely in the future.

Neuroscience has proven it takes somewhere between 30 seconds and two minutes to wire a positive state or positive experience into our nervous systems and brains. So I encourage you to slow down and take two precious minutes, or at the least 30 brief seconds, to soak into your intuition, and cultivate your relationship with it. It’s kind of like cultivating a love affair with your own inner awareness.

It’s quite funny that we can say,  “Oh I don’t have two minutes for that!” Yet think of the time a good intuitive insight and its accurate guidance could provide in your life, keeping you on track, minimising effort and allowing you to access more passion, joy and peacefulness. You certainly deserve to experience the blessing and benefit of resting in that generous intuitive space. At the end of the day, the best expert on your life is the expertise which arises between you and your loving intuition. No matter what advice or reassurance you are given from others, in choosing to action it, you will often rely on some inner awareness or knowing as to whether it is actually right for you. And your best friend in those daily moments is a well soaked up intuition.

Lavender bubble bath anyone?

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