Your Heart: Your Intuitive HQ

Most people believe intuition is a mind-oriented process, where the mind captures intuitive guidance as thoughts or messages in words, and that these are then contemplated mentally. Yet this is only part of the picture.

Intuition is also gutsy and embodied, coming from your deepest feelings, body sensations, gut instincts and pure knowing. Intuition arises also in, from and through your beautiful sentient body, your intelligent cells and the wholeness of your awareness. And it radiates splendidly from your heart.

For millennia spiritual traditions around the world have spoken about the heart as the true spiritual centre, the hub of our being.

One of my favourite saints, Ramana Maharshi, (see his image below) said the heart centre was everything. One look at the love shining through his eyes and you see why.


Heart Math, who has researched the heart, say that the magnetic field of the heart is 5,000 times that of the field of the brain, and the heart literally entrains the brain and thus the mind into alignment with its deepest awareness.

It is for all these powerful reasons that your heart is the perfect home for your intuitive head-quarters.

Your heart is a powerful intuitive command centre that is capable of interpreting and advising you on the knowings and messages of your intuitive awareness. You could consider it your intuitive HQ.

When you are in an awakening, Shakti or Kundalini process, you receive a lot of information from your inner world, your body and your increasingly sensitized awareness of the world around you. It can be overwhelming to receive so much information.

You can learn to bring it into your heart in order to sort, refine and clarify intuitive information. This can be very relieving and improve your accuracy of how to live well while waking up. Your heart can give you clear insight on how to put one foot in front of the other in the beautiful, mysterious and sometimes disturbing journey of free fall awakening.

We are all intuitive, even if you think are not!

We all receive intuitive messages during our day, and our hearts can hold them all and bring us the clarity we seek in utilizing them.

Intuition can speak to us in so many ways. It communicates through our feelings, body sensations, clairaudient messages, images, gut instincts, aversions, flirty noticing in our environment, and through pure knowing. It is important to pick up these messages, as they are communications from our spirit, essence, deepest self and the process of our life. They keep us on track and can often be deeply protective too.

The more you notice these messages the more you will be challenged to get clear on the intuitive guidance, how to use it in your life, and the right timing for using it.

The heart centre is an intuitive hub. You can learn to create a relationship with your heart that allows it to process your intuition for you.

What does it look like to have your heart as your intuitive HQ?

In my life, I have cultivated a relationship with my heart as my centre.

It began through meditative awareness of getting to know what it was like in my heart. Over time I cultivated a process of checking in with my heart during the day until the habit became a constant awareness of my heart.

I also began a practice where each time I went into my healing room with a client, I imagined descending into my heart centre. I had this sweet image of a plank of wood, like the base plank of a treehouse, sitting across the centre of my heart, and I would imagine a part of myself would travel down to sit there, in my heart centre, with her legs gently swinging in the space below. Her role was to stay in deep relationship with my heart and it’s processing of my intuition.

In sessions, this helped me to know whether my intuitive knowing was something to be shared with the client, and when or how, or if it was meant more to support me in how I assisted them and their process. It gave me insight on the correct way to support a client and validated other insights and awareness. My heart has a deep attunement to my spirit, essence and soul, and to my guides who support me in my work. In this way, my heart is the hub of my healing work.

My heart is the wisest part of me in many ways. It speaks to me in feelings, sensations and words. Something that is right for me feels great in my heart and generates a positive sensation, and something that does not give me signals of an energy drop or feelings of aversion. Sometimes it simply speaks to me in words.

Throughout each day I receive so many intuitive messages in many forms such as images, feelings, visions, words and sensations, and I bring them all into my heart.

My heart then considers these intuitive information packages and processes them almost instantly. My sincere, soul-connected heart can give me feelings of uncertainty or hesitation if the feedback to a piece of intuition is mixed. Mixed feedback always means I need to ask my heart, and myself, more questions to obtain more accuracy on what my intuition is guiding me towards.

This allows me to refine and be thoughtful about the intuitive message and my interpretation of it, and the way I may feel called to take action upon it in my life.

Having your heart function as an intuitive HQ can also prevent you from being overwhelmed by too much intuitive information. It is a place where you can remain centred and bring intuitive knowing, images, feelings, sensations and messages in to be processed one at a time and even cross-checked with each other. Your heart can be a place where you store intuitive insights until you have the time or energy to deal with them.

Engaging your heart and your intuition together is a wonderful way to feel close to the deepest direction of your life, feel a richer and more spontaneous relationship to life and stay on purpose.

If you would like to learn more about your heart as an intuitive HQ, and your intuitive gifts, you are lovingly invited to Intuitive Awakening on August 31, a one-day course on cultivating your intuitive awareness in your life, for life.

How do you follow your intuition in your life? How does it speak to you?

Please leave a comment below, I would love to hear from you.

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  • I really enjoyed reading this. As I was reading I was also thinking about my own heart and for me, until I was able to learn to forgive and let go of some things I don’t think I was truly able to open or clear my heart to be open to a greater awareness of both myself and the greater world. I know I will re-read this article more times. Thank you for sharing such insights, awareness and knowledge

    • Thank you Sandy, its true, some times we need to make room and unclutter our heart so we can hear its wisdom shining through and speaking to us and guiding us, as you beautifully say, in our inner life and the greater world around us.
      Many blessings,
      Myree x

  • Thankyou for your inspiring atricle Myree. Heart energy and the love that eminates from it provides a powerful tool for us all to draw on in daily life as well as when in a healing relationship.
    Your words and images inspire intention to connect more deeply with the beauty and wisdom contained within.
    With Best Wishes to all, Alex.

    • Dearest Alex,
      Thank you for your beautiful words, I am so glad the words and images of this article are inspiring. I am so with you, on our heart being a powerful, generous tool for life and healing!
      Love and blessings,

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