I have been absent of late, neither writing newsletters nor sharing articles. Instead, unknown to you, I have been quietly going through a powerful and transformative wrestle with what I call Fierce Truth. And subsequently, a process of rapid change.

 Neither of these is unusual for me, but it finally occurred to me to share more openly about it.

When I returned from Australia to the USA on Inauguration day (January 20) things stared to not work so well. After rocketing along my path here in the USA for several years suddenly things got clunky: I got a chronic lung infection that wouldn’t heal, work didn’t flow so well and I hurt my back painfully in a yoga class after 27 years of injury free yoga. I wasn’t happy in my hometown of Portland anymore. I lost my mojo and my sadly inspiration.

No words would come.

So I went on a month long retreat for my birthday month of March. To be honest I was pressed into it. It was choice-less, the inward pull let me do nothing else and my internal, energetic organization was simultaneously disintegrating.

And from that patient, sacred composting, this was the adventure emerged:

• I allowed my internal organization, identity and direction to deeply let go, trusting the phoenix death and resurrection process. 

• I realized I had evolved and was out of alignment with myself, hanging on to the old. .sound familiar?

• I decided to finish up with my graduate college and my post-masters studies.

• This was a very big decision. It initiated being unable to extend my visa, and thus eventually ends my precious time in the USA, which I have loved.

• I followed inner calling and went on a pilgrimage to life purpose and life myth in Arizona and fell in love…with Sedona.

• So I AM MOVING TO SEDONA. I accidently wrote this in caps but I like it, I am leaving it in, and leaping with joy

• I am giving up the security of my lovely apartment and selling all I own, again.

• And I am counting down the days to a big road trip there with my chatty Siamese cat Bijou, I will let you know how that goes…

• And writing my book with vigor.

• And finally, after 17 years of self and spirit directed business creation I listened to emerging intuition and finally got some business coaching from great sources. The first time my coach Michael wrote me a deeply supportive email I almost cried. Holders need to be held too – in business as well as everywhere else. It feels so good.

So I leave for Sedona July 1. Fast change. I am going to share my fun and adventures with you as well as great tips on Kundalini, awakening, getting on purpose, going for it, your deepest power and whatever else inspires me along the way.

And I am creating something very special if you feel inspired to come join me in Sedona.

It feels good to be back. I love connecting with you and there is so much more to come.

With love and the spirit of adventure – both worldly and within.

Myree x

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  • sandra melrose says:

    Dear wise woman i wish you well on this new journey and yes for no real explicable reason things do take a new and different course in our lives. My reasoning is that it is time, something we cannot call to happen, but we are called. Travel safe, spread your words of wisdom, knowledge and love and always carry with you the knowing that we are always here to love and support. Always Sandra

    • Myree says:

      Dearest Sandra, thank you for your
      love and beautiful words and wishes, I will carry them with me. Blessings, Myree x

  • Karen says:

    You go girl. Wishing you every success with the next chapter. May it all be in support of the deepest awakening and love

  • Sharon says:

    Thanks for sharing! This feels like a natural progression for you. I understand completely the calling. It is best to listen and trust in our forward movement when the call is too loud to ignore. Thanks again and I can’t wait to see pictures of Sedona!

    • Myree says:

      Dearest Sharon, thanks for your kind words, encouragement and blessings! It is so lovely to connect with you. And I imagine there will be many pictures of Sedona on their way to you. It’s magnetic. Love Myree x

  • Myree: I haven’t followed your blog before so thank you for sending a link! It feels as if you are on a purposeful journey, an inspired one! Sedona is incredible and the spiritual
    Vortex there is inspirational! I am happy for you and I admire your courage and your trust in following your inner truth! Many blessings to you on this step of the way closer to YOU! I’ll look forward to following you on your blog!

    • Myree says:

      Thank you dear one, for your beautiful words and encouragement! I look forward to sharing the adventure with you. Love and hugs! Myree x

  • lolo says:

    so glad to hear about your next steps!!! let’s please say hello/goodbye/love before you go! im out of town until the 26th but in your final days we shall cast a powerful spell 🙂

  • Sue says:

    What a wonderful adventure. Love and Peace go with you…

  • Susan Patrice says:

    Sending you so many blessings and wishes for your brave and beautiful journey.

  • B says:

    I am so proud to be able to appreciate your journey of trust, wisdom and adventure, dear Myree. It really is a leap of faith and I am sure you will land in the lap of God, your beloved, the Devine, call it what you will. It is grace. I am inspired by your account, because I have been a recluse, cocooned and growing spiritually by being intensely withdrawn. It is isolating but needed. I am hoping for a “call” just like this, when it’s ready to fly!With all my love. ❤️

    • Myree says:

      Thank you for your beautiful message, I am so glad my sharing was inspiring for you. Yes, this inward pull you are experiencing is essential and when the calling to bring light and joy into the world beckons, it is magical too. Sending you blessings for your awakening. Myree x

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