A Gift: Meditation on Trust to Explore and Embody Trust

Enjoy this special gift meditation on trust – on a journey exploring its powerful state.

Trust can be used as the basis for effective relationships everywhere– in workplaces, culture and organization. This meditation on trust will help us understand how trust motivates, influences, and keeps us accountable to one another.

Please have a pen handy to jot down any tips or notes you may have as you enjoy the meditation experience. Listen to the introduction first to receive an explanation of the purpose of this meditation. The second audio is then the meditation that will definitely nurture and foster your healthy attitude towards trust.

Transcript below:

Welcome to this meditation. This meditation is designed to help you experience, a little bit more deeply and personally, trust. Most of us think of trust as a verb, as something that we’re doing, and this is true. Trust is also a state of being, and the state of being is often more neglected and less known.

So this meditation is both an opportunity to experience trust as something we feel and be and also trust as a state of being and to get a tip or two in the process. This is a meditation you can return to at any time. When you’re about to move in a new direction or take a leap or steps and you want to reconnect with that state of trust to help you move forward in that direction with ease.

Enjoy. Blessings to your awakening.


I hope you had a wonderful exploration in this meditation and deepened your experience of the powerful, supportive and sometimes profound state that trust can generate. This mindful attitude toward trust is central to trusting your own authority and never being held back in fear anymore.

How do you define trust after listening to the meditation?

How is your experience with trust now?

Are you ready to move forward something in your life now after exploring trust?

Please let me know what you discovered by sharing in the comment box below.

Will this be the year you activate your gifts and up-level your life path?

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  • Hi Myree, I was drawn to focus on my breathing pattern. The insight I received was: “Make peace with your desires so you don’t have to resist them”, which shows up as labored breathing. This has been an area of resistance and trying to be in control since before I was born. Hearing and feeling the sound waves of what was around, what was there to receive me… shocking and unsteadying. Thank you for this gift. What a beautiful and timely affirmation of where my intuition has been leading me to focus recently.

    • I am so glad to hear this good news dearest Shruti, sending love for your precious intuition, and the gift of trust.

      Love love
      Myree x

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