You Are a Healer, You’re Just Blocked. This Will Unblock You.

If you’ve ever wished you had special healing powers, manifesting powers or gifts that would connect you to those mystical places beyond the here and now…

This message is for you. In this video, I explain why you’ve been a blocked healer and I offer you a way back to your power.


You will be very happy to know that you are already naturally capable of all of those powers and SO much more. They are within you, but various factors have covered them up and hidden them from view.

It is my life’s greatest message, helping people rediscover their spiritual magic.

Nothing is more moving than witnessing someone become their own healer, connected with their own unique teams of Spirit Guides, angels and other light beings, clear on who they are here to be and how they will cultivate a life that makes them feel joyously alive!

As we awaken to who we really are (diverse, magical healers!), we elevate our human ecosystem.

This short video is my call to you, Dear One. I see you. I bow to your journey.

You have been led to believe you are not who you really are, and it is my calling to help you dissolve those blocks and live your life in authentic power: as a magical, multidimensional, badass healer!

(For those who prefer to read instead, you will find the transcription below.)


Video Transcription:

There are so many things that inhibit us when we come to connect with or think about ourselves as having healing gifts.

Partly, that’s because the word “healer” has been contaminated and polluted in our culture.

And if we look back historically, damaged through the times of persecution.

And pretty terrible things happened to people that were healers in the past.

So that also influences our uncertainty about if we’re a healer.

There are many things, though, that also seek to disconnect us from this innate capacity we all have to heal.

And some of those things are in this very small or limited box idea, tight box, of what a healer is.

That a healer is someone who puts their hands on someone and transmits energy, or some kind of Hollywood idea of enormous psychic gifts.

Or, it’s something that scary things happen to you if you are healer.

And there’s also been these strange power dynamics that have been set up through time, where, of course, healers and spiritual leaders have set themselves up on like a pedestal, having these kinds of healing gifts, and that if you don’t have them, you’re not a healer, or you’re not as important.

I don’t jive with any of that.

I know and believe that the capacity to heal is in all of us because it comes from our essence nature.

And you don’t need to put your hands on someone to be a healer. You don’t have to have massive psychic gifts.

You might heal through the way you move through the world.

Through the love and energy that you radiate.

Through the way you share your wisdom and intuition.

Through the way you know things in a moment and can accurately use that information.

Healing seeks to express through us all the time.

And I know for my clients that are going through awakening, they often say to me, “What’s the point of all this transformation I’m going through if I’m not here to bring it and be a healer in some kind of way?”

But then they hit these barriers, too, around this very constrained and damaged idea of being a healer.

So I’d like to give you an opportunity to strip away all of those fallacies about being a healer, all of those incorrect power dynamics…

Because the power is inside you.

And no one can take that power away from you. It is innate.

It’s one of the few forms of power that cannot be taken from us — but we can be smoke-screened.

So if you’re inspired to connect and know the innate healing, energy and capacity inside of you to take away some of the smoke screens and distractions and things that obstruct you from connecting to that, come and join me in my masterclass.

I’m excited to take you on this beautiful, deep and healing journey.

Big love,

Myree Morsi handwritten signature, soul guide, transformational therapist, Kundalini awakening expert


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