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The Truth About Satisfaction

The experience of Satisfaction is incredibly nourishing. It is grounding. It stabilizes. Yet I find that few of us spend

What makes Spirit Magic Unique?

Without a shadow of a doubt, Spirit Magic™️ is truly unique. No other program on the planet is like this

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Interview on The Beautiful Side of Grief: Even Therapists Need Help

If you’re seeking soothing inspiration as you navigate grief, life transition or a difficult growing edge, this might serve as a healing balm. I hope you enjoy this beautiful interview I had the joy of experiencing with the gorgeous spirit, Helen Morris. Tap the link below to listen to Even Therapists Need Help on The Beautiful Side of Grief podcast.

You Can and Should DIY Your Own Healing

When you need to heal something, is the first thing you do open Dr. Google or find the nearest practitioner on Yelp? What if you could turn inward for the cause and the solution? And in the process, you save money and become more whole in your self-identity and empowerment? You can and should DIY your own healing. Here is why and how.

Awakening Expert Myree Morsi | Blog - How To Know if You’re in a Shame Spiral

How To Know if You’re in a Shame Spiral (+ How To Get Out)

Shame spirals are the ultimate saboteurs that take us off our paths, block our growth and stop us from living in aligned purpose rich with self-confidence and self-love. In this article, I describe why your shame spirals appear and 9 tips to free yourself from shame so you can maintain your wellbeing and flow.

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