Our Edges to Power

We all have edges to our power.

Some of us perceive ourselves as not having much power and have edges to claiming more of it and stepping into it. Others who have cultivated their power have edges to standing more into it and knowing how to be fluid with it. Because of these edges, we are uncomfortable, nervous, and fearful of making any mistake. We can feel unworthy of the power that is calling us. Exhaustion may come from our efforts to resist it. We might long to put our running shoes on and dash in the opposite direction. 

Edges to power come up when our known identity and sense of power meet a turning point, a growth spurt, or an opportunity for expanded power that we don’t identify with. Yet. 

What is an edge to power?

Edges are literally thresholds between a known experience and a less or unknown experience. In the context of power, an edge to power is a threshold beyond which more power lies, waiting for you to connect with and gather. It may be a power you don’t know well, a power you don’t recognize, or a power you don’t feel permitted to have or worry about how to handle. We become frozen on those edges, stick our heads in the sand, deny ourselves the opportunity to access and claim the awaiting power. Not only we miss out on the experience of that power but the possibilities and joyous expansion that that power can bring ourselves and others as we use and express it well. 

How do we recognize our edges to power?

We know we have met an edge to Power when we feel our hesitations to claim it. At the edge, our critical inner voices pipe up and tell us all the reasons we are not deserving of or not the right person for the power that has appeared. At the edge, we change our minds, move away from, drop out of, and find any number of excuses not to go further, yet the energy does not go away, and the clues and callings don’t stop. We dream about Power. We bump into it. We meet it in others. We long for what we see other people have access to. Power happens to us and urges us to pick it up, explore it, and welcome it.  At the edge of our power, energies will dance and flirt and try to attract our attention. Our unowned powers will literally stalk us, as they yearn for us to claim them.

This is where studying ourselves, studying our hesitations, and recognizing our edges becomes vital. 

Why do our edges to power appear?

Edges to our power make total sense. Even hearing the word “power” might be a difficult or dirty word for some of us. Many of us then are conditioned and socialized to limit our power. Our edges are shaped by critical figures, inner stories and narratives that connect to our earliest life, and beginnings. Edges to power appear because by stepping over them we are going to be changed and being ready for that change might not feel comfortable.  They get in the way of our growth. They get in the way of actions we need to take. They get in the way of the possibilities and gifts that are wanting to be lived. Our edges get in the way of our well-being, our relationship life, and our ability to express our needs and boundaries in ways that generate meaningful responses from others. 

Without access to our power, it is difficult to take risks and leaps in the directions we are called because our power gives us the ability to leap and be resilient and trust ourselves in the unknowns that we may meet. Power exists in every single area of our lives and who we are. There is nowhere in being human that being powerful or not powerful does not exist.

Our willingness to even be a beginner with power gives you the ability to access power everywhere in who you are and what you are capable of and what your destiny is calling you toward.

How might these edges be momentarily useful?

Edges are also places of power and potential energy. Exploring, unfolding, navigating, and negotiating them is a powerful path in itself. When we get to know our edges, we challenge norms we have been shaped by, we get to know and wrestle with critical figures that haunt and oppress us, and we understand deeply our next steps and get to honor the paths that get us there. We begin to liberate ourselves to go forward where we were stuck, to claim power where we felt we had none and reclaim more back from our shadows. 

Edges are not negative experiences, they may not feel entirely great when you are on them or hindered by them, but navigating and finding creativity in crossing them is part of the pathway to power. As you get to know them more, our edges become easier to anticipate, and easier to cross.

What might be possible beyond these edges?

Surprisingly one of the things that comes to you is love and compassion for yourself as a power holder — a sense that you are worthy to hold and experience this power and the clarity that you are just the right person to have and explore it, as much as anyone else.

Power brings the ability to dream into experiencing and receiving the grace, capacity, tenacity, and offerings that are inherent inside the unique power/s that you have claimed.  Additionally, the ability to be strengthened and resilient in the life force that Power brings, and to use it lovingly and in dedication to your own joy, creativity, love, relationship, life, and destiny. This is just the beginning.

You, too, can discover, unfurl and safely cross your own edges to claim power and all of the abundance that power entails in your own life. It is never too early and it is never too late.  As someone who has walked this path of Power, I am excited and honored to journey beside you and to be your guide.

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