The Trauma-Informed Difference, Part 2: the Doorway to Your Soul

As a sacred space holder, are you truly trauma-informed? In other words, are you soul-informed? Do you know how to elevate your gifts so those you lead reach healing so deep that it’s a total soul reclamation?

Welcome to part 2 of my 2-part series on being trauma-informed. Today, you will learn why I achieved the most profound expression of my life’s work through becoming truly trauma-informed.

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I began my career as a spiritual and energetic healer in 1999. As I developed my successful, booked-out practice, I began to notice I had more and more clients coming to me with significant trauma history. 

By 2004, clients were coming to me looking for complex solutions and relief from acute psychological agony. It soon became obvious: their needs were beyond my current skill set. To truly serve them, I had to seriously level up. 

I was making a big difference, but much more was needed. 

I didn’t know that this realisation would be the activation of my life’s work.

While I definitely supported clients’ transformation, I wasn’t hitting the deeper layers of what we needed to resolve for them to feel whole and at peace. 

I could see, sense and empathically track the way the trauma was moving through a client, but I didn’t know what to do with it in an effective or deeply conscious way. 

I was missing things.

In a similar vein, I also felt a powerful calling to do significantly “deeper” work (even though my work was already pretty deep). I wanted to offer deep soul work that mines the edges of trauma, soul and healing.

So, I began to train through the Kairos Institute in somatic- and Jungian-oriented trauma therapy. This training changed my life personally and professionally.

I then brought this solid, compassionate knowledge of trauma and big toolkit of trauma-informed skills into my practice, and I started weaving my healing gifts with the skills of a truly trauma-informed therapist. 

The result:

I was able to support someone to regulate their system and effectively process their personal history, and simultaneously do the energetic work to liberate the physical and subtle systems from the impacts of trauma. 

And even more powerfully, I was able to help liberate their souls. 

This was where the magic started happening, both for my clients and for me.

The key to my life’s work blossoming: becoming truly trauma-informed.

What do I mean by “truly” trauma-informed?

Essentially, being trauma-informed does not mean you are factually aware that someone experienced trauma and know the key phrases, gestures, or physical touchpoints to avoid. 

Being truly trauma-informed means being soul-informed.

Life put me on a course, gave me a path. On it, I discovered that I have this gift of being able to see what you might become, what gift is waiting to unfurl from within when you choose to transform your trauma.

It allows me a subtle certainty where I can support those I work with to stay true to their greater vision of what they would like to experience from stepping onto their healing path. 

For me, when you’re ready to work on trauma, you’re at an intersection of enormous potential. A threshold into new space.

I know from my own fierce journey with trauma — my battle scars and hard-won soul beauty against seemingly insurmountable odds — that in wrestling with trauma, surprising and deep resources are close too – ones that nourish healing, reveal freedom, unlock wisdom and unexpected gifts, and activate self-recognition and, eventually, the accomplishment of your own destiny. These are all very close, literally just “waiting.”

And so, I deeply value this intersection of trauma and the individual. Not because trauma has happened (that is never okay), but that it’s also a doorway into something beyond who you are in this very moment. It’s where you are trying to become the next expression of yourself. 

Trauma is also the doorway to your soul because, for me, a trauma wound is a soul wound. There is no way of separating them. Healing our trauma heals our bodies, our psyches and our souls.

It’s my job is to help you be at that intersection, to support you to get comfortable, orient yourself and see which path you want to take with your trauma. And then to help you on that journey, one step at a time.

I know that every time I help someone in a session, it’s part of a long sequence of healing. I am providing a sacred space that is giving their heart and soul back to themselves. 

What I know silently, and am sharing with you now, is that I offer a doorway to access more of themselves than they perhaps have ever known. A journey this deep enables a reclamation of soul, of deep, abiding wholeness.

This is possible because of my truly trauma-informed wisdom.

My gifts, prior training and life experience would not yield the same deep effects if I didn’t give them legs to walk on, so to speak, through trauma-informed knowledge and tools.

This profound enhancement is why becoming truly trauma-informed is at the centre of my pinnacle program, the Sacred & Safe Leadership™ Mastermind

It is what makes the program so pivotal, so accelerative, as the ultimate finishing school for those who hold any version of safe, sacred space for others. This includes:

  • Teachers
  • Coaches
  • Healers
  • Health practitioners
  • Business managers, consultants and executives
  • Service-based entrepreneurs
  • Therapists & counselors
  • Sacred space holders
  • Changemakers
  • Growth and personal evolution seekers

Are you called to enhance your life’s work? To help those you care about truly heal and reclaim their unique and precious souls? 

If a little voice or feeling is nudging you right now, then here are your next-step options:

With passion for the transformative space you are here to hold,

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