There’s a Wildfire of Awakening Across Our Planet

Greta Thunberg and Leo DiCaprio are making waves in raising awareness of the wildfires of harm we have subjected our precious earth’s climate to. But there is a different kind of wildfire happening across our planet right now, as well. A wildfire of awakening.

Journey with me as I share what this wildfire means for us and our planet, how to navigate it instead of resist it, and resources to understand and master your own awakening.

People write to me every day saying they have found themselves amidst an awakening. More often than not, they’re surprised, shocked or even terrified because their awakening began without their invitation. The most common response? Feeling totally alone in this new, deeply jarring and challenging journey.

But awakening is spreading like a wildfire.

I’ve been witnessing awakenings of consciousness and Kundalini awakenings tidal wave across our whole planet. 

Even if we narrow awakening down to only Kundalini awakening, people are having spontaneous Kundalini awakenings in every walk of life, in every country the world over. Men, women, the young, the old, people who have never had any spiritual experience before to people that are expert practitioners… Kundalini casts a net as big as humanity.

The result is a massive engagement of the movement of conscious energy through human beings at an enormous scale that perhaps hasn’t happened before on this planet.

It’s happening everywhere, and now, because our planet is raising her consciousness, so she’s taking us with her — whether we like it or not. This is known in many indigenous cultures: the planet is raising her frequency, and she’s doing it NOW.

How to know if you’re already part of this wildfire

Our earth’s elevation of consciousness is making awakening and Kundalini awakening way more contagious.

You can have an awakening of consciousness or you can have a Kundalini awakening. They can come together, or you can have one on its own.

If you’re having a Kundalini awakening, those signs are very clear. There are usually physical symptoms like heat, electricity, buzziness, pain in the chest, pressure in the head, insomnia and anxiety — all that you can’t really explain.

Awakening calls us to purge, to clear, to make space. To burn away their fear. 

The identification with fear and unwillingness to be ourselves is turning to ash. With that personal shedding comes our capitalistic lifestyles, unwillingness to honour our planet and living in any way that is less than the full depth of love possible.

One of the hallmarks of any kind of awakening process is beginning to question yourself, your life, what you’re doing here. 

Are they really my friends? Am I really in this relationship for the right reasons? Do I want to stay in this job? I’ve just been making myself kind of commit to this or that, but my heart left a long time ago. 

Many people going through awakening are called to deeply assess their relationships with other humans, with the planet they live on and the way they live and engage with the world around them.

It’s very hard to get through a deep awakening without wrestling with these questions and “reality checks.”

Awakening brings reckoning. A lot of us feel that when this reckoning happens, something wrong is going on. But it’s actually part of a major shift into rightness!

Does any of this sound like you?

How to talk to others about awakening

Basically, use your personal journey and awakening stories as your example. Be authentic, organic, real. Then just let them respond, and listen. Showing vulnerability and listening with love will help the other person feel safe to be vulnerable, too. 

When you talk about awakening, what you’re doing is opening the door for someone to share something about their own awakening experiences that they might feel too shy or scared to share with anyone else.

It’s very important to not make judgments about who’s waking up and who isn’t. I have found that there is no hard and fast rule around this, so it’s vital that we do not judge or assume. Most often, you’d be surprised by who is amidst their awakening! That is, until you and they allowed for vulnerability in sharing your journeys.

You might also surprise yourself when discerning who you “should” talk to about awakening! For example, one of my students lives in the country, and he’s had a wild awakening. He has the most incredible conversations about awakening with the guy he’s buying wood from, or the person who he’s helping to build a house for. He’s having these deep conversations about awakening, and he’s never met these people before.

Why you don’t want to resist your awakening

What happens if we resist our awakening? To put it plainly, life just gets harder.

Part of this wildfire is being able to stay with fire of the questions it sparks about ourselves and our lives. That’s always easy. There’s often tears, and people can fall into a “dark night of the soul.” People can just yearn for the process to end.

But by focusing on this, by resisting, the dark night gets darker. The anxiety gets more intense. Life gets more and more unsatisfying. 

But if you engage with the questions, even if can be a challenging experience, you can still feel the meaningfulness of the struggle and the mythic quest you are on. (And as we know, the mythic quests end in joy and dreams coming true.)

Whereas if you avoid or resist your awakening, you sense that you’re missing out on the holiness that lies within the fire. So, life is still difficult, but without that sense of meaningfulness, the capacity to make it through is nearly impossible to find.

The way out of awakening is through

There isn’t one neat methodology for navigating the awakening process — except to keep showing up for yourself and tuning into the guidance, wisdom and knowings that are emerging from within. Once you step into your wildfire of awakening, with each step that follows, it will get easier. 

It’s getting harder to fall back asleep, anyway! So lean into the fire, dear one. You aren’t in it alone. Our earth is holding you as she rises alongside, and I have a plethora of resources to help you journey shoulder to shoulder.

Resources to navigate this wildfire

First, discover the (rarely talked about) do’s and don’ts about taking care of yourself during your awakening by downloading my free e-book, Kickass Kundalini – The Self-Care Guide to Stable, Functional and Awesome Awakening

This free book covers surprising tips to stabilising your awakening that you can try immediately.

Second, learn how to master your awakening with me and like-minded, fellow awakeners in my ongoing course, Kickass Kundalini.

This interactive course gives you 4 opportunities for live spotlight coaching with me, plus lifetime access to the ever-expanding video library of recorded classes and coaching, and so much more.

Third, explore other pages where I delve into the many aspects of understanding the awakening process.

Find more info across my website on these pages:

And read more about your awakening process in these articles:

I offer so many resources for understanding and mastering your own awakening because of this wildfire that you and I are part of. Indeed, it’s a wild journey, so having a seasoned guide can make ALL the difference. 

It is a magnificent time to be alive on this precious planet, dear one! Don’t feel that way yet? I’ll help you get there.

With passion for your awakening,

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