The Halo and Awakening



Hi, Awakening Ones. 

It’s Myree here leading Kundalini expert and therapist. 

I’m going to share a little presentation today on the Halo and Awakening in response to a beautiful question from a student of mine in Kickass Kundalini. Then I share more about the nature of the Halo and The Awakening.

So I thought I would do that because you don’t read much about the halo in modern awakening literature, and as a clairvoyant who can see the halo, I thought I’d take you on a little tour because the halo is super fun. 

One of my favourite kinds of technology in the awakening process. Let’s go on a little tour of the halo.

So the halo first emerged in sacred art. 

It’s said to have emerged in the ancient art of Egypt and then influenced early Christian art. But it’s a little bit questionable and unknown. 

Here’s some really lovely pictures of baby Jesus with this sweet little halo and these rays of light that shine out.

And definitely– as a clairvoyant– it can totally look like that. 

Here’s a Saint with a triangular halo which I’ve never seen before. And I think it’s more symbolic. He is a representation of the halo in Asian Buddhist art. And here is the Buddha with this beautiful layer of halo around his head.

Traditionally, the halo runs from ear to ear lobe and the base of it can stretch down towards the base of the neck, but it’s really considered earlobe to earlobe.

Women are considered to have a second line or halo that runs from one nipple to the other that supports them and gives an extra kind of layer of awareness and technology in their aura to allow them to support and hold space for children and partners.

But then some of this light will start to feed through and build this arc line– this halo around the head. So the light will be coming out and adding strength and density, adding power and light and brightness to these halos. So it can eventually look just like this young woman with a very solid disc and it can be white or golden.

And a lot of the time I see their halo is white. And here, I’d like to show you this lovely picture. I think this gives you a really nice sense of the halo here. I think it’s Mary that they’re depicting here, this beautiful representation of aura filled with light and radiance and this very beautiful halo around her head again from the base of the ear, to the base of the ear, and then this little kind of down section.

Saints are said to have a third halo or arc line. And this goes between their feet. And that’s why in Eastern cultures, there’s often a lot of bowing and touching of the teachers’ feet because they’re making an honouring in respect to that third arc line of the feet of an enlightened being. 

Here is this beautiful kind of wild pictures by Alex Gray who’s a clairvoyant, who sees aura and has depicted the Meridian systems. And there’s lovely halo here and this little child with a very wild looking halo going on there. Finally, there’s this very sweet young girl, perhaps she’s a Saint– I couldn’t quite track down who she was–but I really love this kind of sense of this solid disc here.

And what happens in the awakening process is that Kundalini energy — as it’s moving up the body and up the spine arc– the chakras- as it starts to find clear passage through the top of the head, through the crown. Some of the slides will flow out into the aura and I’ll show you more of that in the next image.

So what happens with the halo? Why do we have a halo? 

It’s actually a really important part of the aura. It’s considered a kind of energetic structure or body of the aura. The aura has many different layers and different kinds of technology in it. And in terms of awakening, this is perhaps one of the most important and sophisticated kinds of technology in the halo system itself.

The halo, as it grows and strengthens and gains more energy, can act like a shield. So it’s very, very protective of the crown and the precious energetics of the head, but it joins with a strong aura to create an even more strengthened radiant body that gives you that powerful auric protection. That’s very important when you’re going through an awakening.

Your halo is also connected to your purpose, your gifts, your abilities, what you came here to fulfil the person you came here to be it’s deeply connected to your destiny. 

And in the halo itself, you often might come in with installed, but not active kind of light technologies – the best way to say it – that’s sitting in the aura, but it’s inactive and it’s waiting for enough of the light of Kundalini or the light from the center Shakti to flow down either from the descent into the aura or from the ascent up into the halo. 

And as that light starts to flow in, it starts to activate these latent sleeping gifts and spiritual abilities and wisdom and knowings and technologies in the halo centre.

And as the halo strengthens, people start to get this capacity to simply know things, have insights about things, receive information from other dimensions and levels of consciousness. And I literally, when I’m watching them, I can see this information coming in, for example, from other dimensions. And it’s literally landing in the halo.

And the halo receives and integrates it and then makes that information available to the awareness system of the person. The other thing that can happen with the halo is that while it can have latent gifts, so gifts and ideas, technologies, abilities that you came in with that were latent from birth, you can also receive particularly as a gift from the centre Shakti, but also sometimes from ascent though less common, this kind of gifting of more technology more gifts, more boons, more support for your destiny that come down, particularly from the centre, Shakti, and sometimes ascent. 

And then they literally code into the halo. So the halo is designed in a way to hold wisdom and information and technology. So in a way, when I look at it, it sometimes looks when someone’s getting a really big upgrade or activation of the halo.

It literally can look like plugins. Like you would add a plugin into your website or your computer, that the halo is literally getting plugins of light and information. And then as those plugins come in and they all start to hum and vibrate and come alive and start to speak and resonate with one another.

And that’s really special to see. You often see more of this advanced activation of the halo as someone is deeper into the Kundalini and awakening process, because there’s usually a lot of purification that happens of the body and of the auric system, so that you are more available and it’s the right healthy timing for your aura to activate.

And your halo to activate in that way — so we activate the halo. You activate the aura as well because the halo–the arc line– is a part of the greater body of the aura.

And it can be really fun as more and more energy is cultivated in that halo. You can actually take your hands and sort of flow them around your head and feel how— why the halo is out from your body. You can start to kind of almost feel its luminosity and its radiance. Since sometimes you can feel how the energy is radiating out from the head a little bit like that picture of baby Jesus with the soft radiant luminosity, emerging out from his head and out of his halo.

And you can also — the more dense and activated that halo becomes–  you can even put your hands and feel the front of it and then run your hands around and feel the back of it. And that it is actually a disk.

So as that halo activates, you are upgrading and moving more in alignment with the gifts, abilities, knowings, and insights. You need to really be able to respond to the calling that may arise or emerge through your awakening. And you find it much easier to live life, because you simply just know things when you need to know things.

And that is super fun. The last thing I want to share with you about the halo is that it is a manifesting tool that halo holds and sends out signals and light. It literally is a magnet that pulls from the universe and sends signals to the universe, very powerfully and clearly of what you. I’m wanting to call him in his life.

And so therefore the more energy and radiance accrues and activation of this halo, the more powerful and magnetic you can be as a manifestor. 

That’s my little jam session on the halo. When energy is flowing up through your body and out through your crown and the halo really activates once the crown opens and that energy is flowing out the top of their head, it’s hard for the halo to really activate if the crown is closed or blocked, because those that centre needs to kind of purify and allow the light to flow out the crown of the head to then infuse through the aura and also simultaneously infuse through the halo system.

So I hope you enjoyed this jam session. 

I send you so much love, blessings and grace for your awakening and your really precious Kundalini and the centre Shakti journey. This is a little offering from Kickass Kundalini. 

Thank you.

What did this video bring up for you? Please let me know your reflections in the comments below. I love hearing from you.

Big love,

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    • Thank you so much dearest Ronald!

      Blessings and I hope oyu enjoyed connecting to your halo!

  • Thankyou Myree for sharing, that’s really interesting, I look forward to getting to know my halo technology! Fascinating isn’t it that ‘royalty’ wear their illusory crowns, mining the earth’s jewels, when we all have crowns & halos. It’s like the ultimate repressive symbolism. Hurrah to the great awakening!! XX

    • Oh, I love your insight and sharing dearest Rachel! Thank you! Wow! it is so true that few are given beautiful symbolic crowns and yet we all have something even more amazing in our own energy bodies. Sending big love!

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