Why Sensitives Avoid Success

I see so many of us talented, sensitive people stalling. Stalling on the edge of what we are here to offer to the world. I see it all the time.

Stalling, uncertain about putting our work out there on a bigger playing field. Frightened. Not believing enough in our unique vision because it is so “different”. Refraining from trusting deeply enough in ourselves to open up to what’s truly possible. And not doing the big reveal of our gifts. I have been there.

And it hurts us a lot because not stepping up or into the lime-light a little (or a lot) means missing out on the fulfillment of supporting people to flourish. And from fulfilling your mission. It can make it impossible to earn a higher financial return. You deserve fuller pockets!

Why do we stall like this?

Because we are so, so sensitive.

Does this sound familiar?

I watch this hesitation and trepidation occur regularly. It is heartbreaking. And I also see how amazing you are as a sensitive and the profound worthiness of your offerings and how essential your voice is. So I know something has to change. And change fast.

The world needs your gifts as a sensitive. We need your beauty, vision, love, healing, magic, blessing, creativity, joy, songs, kindness, light, grace, goodness, power, teachings, leadership, shamanic dreaming, and insights. And so much more.

We hunger for your unwillingness to move from the centre of your truth, because to move from it hurts too much. You know this truth is the guidance of your soul.
We need this level of integrity.

Sensitive souls, you are the midwives of what’s seeking to birth on this planet.

And it’s time for you to be able to stand in the power of being sensitive and the beauty of who you are and to not only live from it but lead from it.

Please lead from it.

Join me in Sacred Sensitivity. Build a map of your unique sensitivity and succinctly nourish yourself. Heal the pain, cleanse the shame and wake up to your real strength, your power, your resonance and your message as a sensitive.

Claim all the bounty of being sensitive. All of it.

Importantly, to stop the painful stalling, you will build a powerful auric boundary that will protect you. Then you can step out with safety and ease, and be more fully seen. This will soothe that nervous wavering on the edge of being so bright in the world. So you can shine.

Tell me, can you afford to not have these skills? Will you be able to fulfill your destiny? What would you not birth into being? What could we all miss out on?

Sacred Sensitivity starts on September 19. Early bird ends September 3.

Your Sensitivity is Your Superpower

Myree is changing the narrative of what it means to be sensitive, an HSP or an empath — it is not a weakness or a thing to hide, but an essential superpower for humanity’s ecosystem!

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