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Sensitivity is on the Rise!

A sacred journey into empowered sensitivity, to own your soul gifts, trust your intuition and shine as a sensitive!


In the midst of the challenging times we live in, sensitivity is on the rise! Its sacred power is being felt again and reconnected. Revived. Even revered. We are coming home to our true nature. Have you noticed it? Sensitivity is activating within all who are called to awaken, lead, heal and flourish at the moment. And in many who seek to be a part of the positive evolution unfolding at this time.

Yet, in many cultures, sensitivity has been injured, derided, attacked and written off for centuries. So how do we rebalance and reclaim our true inner power in a world that has discounted it? Or insisted that we neglect or forget who we really are? I’m Myree Morsi and that is why I am here. To be your guide, your friend and soul ally. To be your sensitive spirit animal that lets you know you can be sacredly sensitive, deeply intuitive, that you are able to show up in the world in aligned ways, and be resilient, sustainable and successful in all that you are. And that in your sensitivity you can be safe!

I lovingly invite you to join me for Sacred Sensitivity, a transformational 6-week intensive training

Sensitivity is Your Superpower

Are you sensitive and being called? Were you born sensitive or is the journey of awakening hyper sensitizing you? Importantly, is your beautiful sensitivity known as your superpower or felt as a liability in your current life?

  • Are you missing out on your dreams because you experience your sensitivity as a painful impediment instead of a sacred, unique and in demand asset? One that can be adored, appreciated and sought after?
  • And a precious gift you can fall in love with too?
  • Do you know you are here with a purpose and that now is your time to emerge and shine?
  • Do you wish you had a reliable, safe way to help you discover, own and utilize your sensitivity so it can truly be your super power?
  • Have you longed for a trustworthy, awakened guide beside you to help reveal the beauty and gifts of being sensitive?
  • Would you love to rest deep in who you really are as a soul, as a sensitive person and be safe?

These Are Challenging Times to be a Highly Sensitive Person

If we are not careful we are bombarded by information, energies and suffering that overwhelm us, cultural and interpersonal messages that are demeaning or confusing and then we have to battle inner critics that may try to stop us being who we are as sensitive people. It’s a lot!

I know, I have been into many of the deeply painful places as a sensitive, and found my way out again to shine, stand proudly and share powerfully from my sensitive nature.

As an awakening woman, an extremely sensitive healer, trauma therapist and high level psychic, I know that you can activate and claim all of the gifts of your sensitive nature. I believe that you can find safety in who you are, strength in your abilities and can show up fully. I know from deep lived experience that all this and much more is possible. I know what it is like to be seen and honoured as a sensitive and to see my gifts make a difference in people’s lives. I know the sense of fulfilment and being on purpose this brings. 

I also know the intensity of pain that is possible to be felt as a sensitive person and that this too can heal. Your sensitivity is sacred, profound, magical, exquisitely beautiful and powerful beyond measure. It is your true navigational tool for life. And it’s worthy of being fully reclaimed.

How Sensitive Are You?

  • Do you feel things deeply? Intensely?
  • Do you know this as a gift that you have?
  • Has your sensitive nature made you feel different all your life? Or an outsider?
  • Has your sensitivity been used against you, to put you down, to shame or silence you? Or was it simply misunderstood?
  • Do you misunderstand it?
  • Have you had to hide your beautiful sensitive nature and its precious gifts away from view to protect them? Even though you straight out know or quietly guess that it is essential to who you are?
  • Does life feel less colorful, joyous and fulfilling without the talents inherent in your sensitivity shining bright in all you do?
  • Do you know your sensitive gifts are a crucial part of your calling? And why YOU are here on this planet at this time?
  • Furthermore, does your sensitivity cause you anguish, grief or pain?
  • Have you wished that your sensitivity would simply go away? Are you ever against it?
  • Have you found yourself unconsciously absorbing the suffering of others – your friends, family, environment, workplace, animals and sometimes suffering of the whole world? Do you wish you didn’t? Or wish that you could turn the pain of the world off at will?
  • Is your sensitivity confusing or are you sensitive in too many ways? Does it overwhelm you?
  • Are there times you wished you had a trusting guide and reliable map of how to navigate modern life as a high functioning sensitive?
  • Or that you could more confidently find your way in the complexity of life with the trusting tools of knowing, intuition, instincts and subtle prompts of your sensitive navigation system and even psychic gifts?
  • Are you lonely and longing for safe, conscious and loving community with other sensitive folks?
  • Have you wondered how to care for your sensitive nature so you can show up badass, resilient, authentic and congruent in the world?
  • Would you love to simply feel at peace with being both sensitive and awakening in a world that is still discovering what sensitivity means?

Your Sensitivity is Not an Impediment; It’s a Sacred Asset

Your sensitive nature is a foundational element of what you are here to share in this life.

You may long to lead, create, heal, teach, build, write, craft, serve, parent, and love from your deepest nature and share it in this world.

Yet you feel frustrated about how to design and live an empowered lifestyle as a sensitive that allows you to rock your vision, your message and your passions in life?

Your dreams, visions and calling have remained ideas because you feared you were “too sensitive” to bring them into form or full expression at all. The pains of being sensitive lead you to procrastinate and refuse share your gifts in the world in all their wholeness and beauty.

It’s Time for Sacred Sensitivity.


Myree offers a rare combination of theoretical knowledge and practical skill with a profound love and compassion.

DS, Melbourne

Myree is a Brilliant teacher! I loved every minute!

Gwen. Mansfield, AU

Some Program Feels

What can I expect?

Sacred Sensitivity will empower you with wisdom, relatable teaching, loving, guided healing and practical tools. Both your teacher and community will be dedicated to your empowerment. You will be supported in a safe,  compassionate and joyous environment. We will thrive together!

In this beautiful, high resonance program you will receive:

  • Six two hour (plus) live wisdom classes exploring and unpacking sensitivity and equipping you with understanding, skills, wisdom and empowerment
  • Three 1.5 hour group coaching calls to help you unfold deeper, ask questions, heal and receive individualized support
  • Two bonus live healing classes to release generational and past life pain around being sensitive so you can feel more peaceful, safe, free and present
  • Recorded, guided meditations to support you unfurling, healing and owning your sensitivity
  • Journaling resources and templates to help uncover your sensitive nature and map it
  • Recorded riffing’s on topics and questions that arise during the class
  • Bonus classes and material on any needs and questions that arise during the program. Myree always over-delivers and creates additional new resources as needed, to support you. She listens to you for inspiration.
  • Yogic tools, meditations, videos and offerings to help you heal your sensitive system, build new energetic and nervous system strength and allow you to be protected in the world.
  • You will have the chance to explore a guided, 40-day challenge to heal, strengthen and protect your aura with yogic tools and finish transformed.
  • Access to all call recordings to review and enjoy and a course pod containing all the offerings of the program
  • A safe, friendly, loving, awakening and joyous Facebook community to connect with other sensitives and make new friends. Friendships always blossom in Myree’s communities.
  • Access to Myree’s lifetime of experience as an extremely sensitive being who has found a multitude of ways to successfully and powerfully heal, recover, delight, empower and show up in the world as a sensitive being.
  • Joy, laughter and fun galore
  • And so much more.

Who is this for?

Sensitives of all types, all walks of life, all ages, genders, race, all manner of humans and starry natured folks too.

How To Know if Sacred Sensitivity is for You

  • You think, guess or intuit you are sensitive. (Even if your sensitivity or access to it feels numbed out, lost, far away or disowned.)
  • You seek to be an empowered sensitive – to own your sensitivity, be safe and sustainable with it and rock your purpose.
  • You are going through an awakening that is sensitizing you or activating latent sensitive gifts, psychic abilities or intuitive ways of being
  • You are in a Kundalini process and looking to care for the emerging new and often painful sensitivity that Kundalini can generate
  • You a starry being trying to find a way to be here on this complex and strange planet and deal with being sensitive in a human form and make sense of it all
  • Or you have discovered you a shamanic, fluid creature, a liminal being that dwells between worlds and is seeking to be a bridge between different levels of reality.
  • You experienced trauma or challenges as a child or adult that sensitized you
  • Your body is sensitive. You are sensitive to food, light, heat and many other experiences in this world.
  • You think you are sensitive and would like to discover more, something about being sensitive feels correct.
  • Or you were simply born sensitive, it’s just the way you are. And always will be. Hurray!
  • Or you intuitively know your sensitivity is a gift and seek to heal, recover and utilize it in your life. Or would like to uncover how it can be useful
  • You have suffered oppression and injustice of any form including homophobia, the oppression of LQBTQI, racism, ableism, sexism or cultural and/or political oppression which asked you to dive deep within yourself to survive forces larger than yourself, led you to your sensitive nature, asked you to lean into it to survive and/or sensitized you further.
  • Or you work with a specific population or clients who are sensitive and would love to empower them more.

If you are a man, or identify as a man,
please know you are very welcome here.

You might be in one or many of the possibilities above, or none. If you are sensitive, or think you are sensitive, or are curious about sensitivity you are welcome to join us. Importantly, this course is welcoming of women, men, and those who are gender fluid or non-binary. Women may feel more ease with sensitivity, deep feeling and intuitive knowing as it has been more culturally acceptable. But not always.

Sadly, for centuries, men have often been denied access to or acknowledgement of their sensitive nature. They have been cut off from expression of their deepest feeling and knowing. Or attacked for it.  Being sensitive and deeply aware is an asset and an important part of male identity. It is a gift and ally to all men, their hearts, their relationships, children and all parts of their lives.  It is time for bias against and macho denial of men’s powerful, creative and essential sensitivity to change. It’s time for all men to be free to be welcome their sensitivity as a beautiful and honoured part of their wholeness.

This is the program I would have loved to attend as I was waking up. And I also wish someone taught me this as a teenager.

It is suited to anyone from 16 years to our elders, crones and wisdom keepers. You may have noticed the children arriving on this planet are highly sensitive, very advanced and awakening quickly. This program can be a gift for you learn and allow you to use the wisdom to guide your children. Older teens are welcome too.


In Sacred Sensitivity you will heal, discover and be empowered in a multitude of ways.

To be sacred is to be venerated, highly regarded, consecrated, holy, and sacrosanct. What is sacred is considered too valuable to be interfered with in anyway. In Sacred Sensitivity you will come to perceive, value, appreciate, celebrate and protect your essential nature as one of your most precious gifts.

We will remove layers of conditioning, misunderstanding, pain and mistreatment to reveal it as the diamond you always knew dwelled within. In this program you will discover how your sensitivity IS sacred, is indelible and powerful, profound and beautiful. And that sensitivity is a glorious quality of your soul that you can lead with.

What You Will Discover About Yourself:

  • Uncover with clarity what it means to be sensitive and the diverse ways sensitivity shows up
  • Learn the ways YOU are uniquely sensitive – in your body, your physical senses, in your psyche, personality, psychic or subtle gifts and knowing, your energetic systems and more
  • Discover what causes sensitivity – genetics, trauma, past lives, oppression, body type, soul nature, being star born and so much more, so you can create an understanding of how you came to be sensitive
  • With this knowledge you will create your own road map and understanding of your sensitivity and this is real, worldly power
  • Use this map to craft your own self-care and nourishment rituals, perceive your deepest needs and stake a stand for your sensitivity. This will help you be self aware and sustainable as a sensitive
  • Discover how to prioritize your sensitivity to cultivate your power as a deep feeling, acutely knowing sensory being
  • Set effective boundaries around your sensitivity at last!
  • Learn how sensitivity has been marginalized and harmed in our cultures and begin to heal, deeply. You will release life times and generations of pain gently and with ease. Yay!
  • Begin to heal your own pain and reframe who you are as a sensitive. This is your sensitivity activism
  • Become joyous and proud of who and what you are as an exquisite sensitive creature
  • Unfold the unique, signature gifts inherent in your own sensitivity and begin to appreciate, activate and share them
  • Discover how to lead, craft, create, love, play and explore life with your sensitivity as a trusted guide and ally
  • Firmly anchor your sensitivity with the wisdom or your heart and soul for a powerful inner leadership
  • Receive tools, skills, knowledge and wisdom to support you throughout your entire lifetime
  • Finally feel you have a strong and enduring platform to be a powerful being in the world in your own way. To be able to act on dreams, visions and callings. To awaken more safely.
  • Discover what it means to be safe as a sensitive person
  • And finally stop taking on other people’s stuff. Yay!
  • Learn, grow and have fun in a beautiful, awakening community of people just like you.
  • Be loved exactly as you are, in your beautiful sensitive, precious being, so you can fall even more deeply in love with who you are!
  • And so much more.


The soul events that Myree shared were powerfully healing and transformative. Myree holds a radical presence for others energetically. One that allows energetic changes to occur for those in her loving presence. She has many gifts that I have never seen in other teachers, that enable students to have profound experiences with their souls and higher selves. Myree is a great, great gift to humanity. I see the work she shares being exponentially needed in the collective. May all communities come together for such beautiful healing, so that humanity may ascend into a higher vibration of truth and love.

Jessica Lichaa, Radically Rooted Yoga, Lexington, KY USA

Myree brings an intuitive skill unlike any other person I have met. Our participants, women from around the globe, felt held in the safe and sacred container she created as they opened to their potential and healing and connected deeply to their soul. In the space of one hour, Myree met each person with profound presence, grace, and intuitive precision.

Jennifer Alyse, Visionary entrepreneur and leader of Awaken the Visionary Retreat, Portland, USA


Myree’s spiritual trainings are profound for all, irrespective of where they are on their soul journey. I leave her programs feeling more confident, held and full of promise.

Kate, Melbourne, AU

This event was so powerful! What an amazing event for everyone involved! Wow! I didn’t have any expectations and it was waaaay more life changing than I ever imagined. I feel so lucky to have been a participant. I felt different after this past weekend. I reported the lowest pain level ever to my Physical Therapist on Monday. I felt joy, safety, love.

AH, Lexington KY USA

Course Details


The course begins in early 2022. Sign up to be notified when the dates are announced!

Weekly training classes will be held at these times internationally:

  • USA PST: 3:30 p.m., Fridays
  • USA EST: 6:30 p.m., Fridays
  • UK: 11:30 p.m., Fridays 
  • EU: 12:30 a.m., Saturdays 
  • Australian EST: 8:30 a.m., Saturdays

Coaching calls will be on Fridays AU (Thursdays US/UK).

The time will vary depending on the diversity of where people are participating in the world to make it possible for everyone to have a chance to attend live coaching. Coaching class times will be announced prior to the beginning of the program.

Healing classes will also be on Friday mornings at 8:30 a.m. AU EST (Thursdays USA UK) at the same time of day as training calls. See the above training call list. Healing classes will alternate weeks with the coaching calls.

All classes will be recorded and available in the course portal if you cannot attend live.

Please note that on October 4 Australia moves to summertime, making all international class start times one hour earlier (which will be a relief to EU and UK folks). Australians will remain at 8:30 a.m. AU EST.


Early bird (until December 31, 2021): US$397
After early bird ends: US$497

A payment plan is available.

Begins in early 2022 — Get on the waitlist to be notified!


Q: I am keen and it might be late where I live. If I need to leave early and catch up on the recording, is that okay?

A:  Yes, absolutely. This community is based all around the world and some folks will be called to sleep earlier than others. You are free to honour your needs as they arise throughout the day. Know that the end of the class will be gentle and soothing — a perfect way to drift off for a peaceful, healing sleep.

Cancellation Policy

Cancellations can be made for a $20 administration fee up to 30 days before the course begins. Within 30 days of the course start date, any cancellation will incur a $100 cancellation fee. No refunds are possible once the course has commenced.

Please note that the teaching calls, guided healing journeys and any bonus calls will be recorded and this content may be repurposed in future offerings. Coaching calls will remain private and will not be repurposed.