The Spirit Guide Initiation I Tried to Avoid (Seriously!)

Sometimes it is so sweet, touching and inspiring how the universe colludes in all kinds of magical ways to get you on to your destiny path.

This is certainly what happened to me in order to facilitate my introduction into my profound relationship with my spirit guides.

It was 1998.

I was working as a sports and political journalist (I adored sports writing as it is SO fun, and waned on the political writing) in mid-north Queensland, Australia. I ended up there after three wise women elders suggested that before I became a healer, I should do something ordinary for a year. I had just left living in an ashram and it was a slow adjustment back to everyday life. It was sound advice. I knew I was to be a healer but had no idea how to walk this path. In the 1990s there were only a few books, no Internet, and I did not know any healers. If I was going to find my way other forces would need to lead me, and they eventually did.

It was near the end of my journalistic career when my feisty redhead editor, Nancy, sent me to our other office, a 30-minute drive away for a week’s secondment. I was finding the political climate of the paper tough and secretly wanted to leave. I tried to talk her out of this move but she was adamant.

I arrived early Monday and I accepted any task that helped me avoid writing a story because my well was dry. When the main reporter went to an urgent court case, our reception called for someone to interview his next story, Susan. I said yes to get out of writing! I was instead to meet my destiny.

I sat down and asked Susan about her story. I travel around the world teaching people to connect with their spirit guides. Interested, I sat up straight and started asking a lot of questions.

This woman travelled the whole world purely on trust. She never booked far ahead, and she hopped on planes and followed her guidance. When she arrived in another country simply trusted her needs would be taken care of. And they always were. I was awed by her level of connection, trust and surrender to her spirit guidance.

Our dim little interview room is suddenly filled with light and radiance.

She showed me a picture of before and after she connected to her spirit guides. I could not recognize her in the first group photo. Spirit had transformed her and her life. We started crying because the energy and connection between us were so high and beautiful.

I became her student for the short time she was in town. With joy, she connected me to my spirit guides, shared with me the basics of building a relationship with them, and left me with a lifetime of inspiration and one of the most profound gifts I have ever received.

She was an angel and a gypsy in her own way and I send her gratitude wherever she now is in the world. There were no emails or cell phones in those days, and she had no fixed address, so I had no way of staying in touch. I imagine her living, dancing, and playing with spirit and bringing her magic into other people’s lives. She had the best time living of anyone I have ever met.

Life needed a lot of insistence and pushiness to connect my disheartened and obstinate self to my destiny.

So I always hold deep faith that if life and soul have a purpose for you (and if you are committed that surely helps too) they will do everything possible to get you on it.

You know the feeling that an unseen, loving presence is supporting you?​

It’s more real than you imagined! ​​

Being able to tune in to the healing powers, protection and wisdom of your spirit guides and angels whenever you desire transforms your life and anyone else you wish to help.

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