A Sneak Peek of Sacred & Safe Leadership

How to begin hunting your own gifts — start a game of hide and seek with your gifts.

The hidden treasure is real, read on to find the map!


One of the things that are central in leadership is helping you to discover and own your unique gifts – as the leader of the Sacred and Safe Leadership program, I look and hold space and hunt in my own shamanic way into the dreaming of what you are, for the deepest gifts that you have.

It is something I take very seriously and am passionate about. After 25+ years of facilitating, I recognize that most people have a hidden treasure trove of unclaimed gifts, and these gifts are here to make you who you are, to shape who you are called to be in the world, and frame what you have to offer.

They are the skills and the wisdom and the ways you shine in the world.

They make what you do in the world more powerful, satisfying and meaningful.

One of the core premises of this program is that it simply feels good, potent, powerful and just being you and what you came here to be in the world for – being you in the most empowered way.

This is something real and practical and deeply supported in this program.

Somewhere on the edge of your awareness, there are gifts, you may suspect are there. 

They might be totally foggy and hidden.

Some gifts may be waiting for you to enact a certain attitude or take a certain step in your life before they come forward. Some gifts are reliant on you making changes in your life before they will emerge.

These gifts are often waiting as full downloads and when you find one it will feel like suddenly knowing or remembering how to perform a certain task. While you may not have read a text or have to go through years of lessons there is a different kind of work involved to uncover the pockets of information and sensation that are the waiting gifts.

Self-work is paramount. It is the most significant and essential act and offering you can make to yourself, your spirit and the universe that signal that you are ready for these abilities. So there is still a measure of application and effort involved to track inside different realms, your own dreaming and prepare the physical side of the neural pathways in your brain. 

Enjoy this short, guided inner work to connect you to the spirit, energy and essence of hunting for your own gifts! 

Sacred & Safe Leadership™ is the ultimate finishing school that you didn't know you need.

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  • Hunting the gifts was tremendously revealing Myree. I could only see one small thing – when i envisaged the process of how to braid my own hair and then did it … the other insight was how i had been shut down at times of peak performance. I look forward to exploring this further with you. Thank you. maureen

    • These are beautiful and important insights dearest Maureen, especially around being shut down. I look forward to meeting you and exploring further too. Sending big love!

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