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Going Crazy with Kundalini?

“I am going crazy!” “I am terrified I am going to lose my mind!” “AM I going crazy?” “Is it

What is a Kundalini Blowout?

A Kundalini Blowout happens when a large amount of Kundalini energy, called Shakti, releases from the base of the pelvis.

The Blog That Won’t Arrive

Things are shifting fast on this planet. Whatever I anticipated for the direction of this year or planned to share

My Surprising Metamorphosis +11 Tips for Understanding Yours

Four weeks ago, serious inflammation filled my chest and mildly formed inside my heart. The intensity of the symptoms set off a chain reaction deep in the well of my spirit. A metamorphosis had begun. Here’s my story, and 11 self-awareness tips to help you through your own.

You Can and Should DIY Your Own Healing

When you need to heal something, is the first thing you do open Dr. Google or find the nearest practitioner on Yelp? What if you could turn inward for the cause and the solution? And in the process, you save money and become more whole in your self-identity and empowerment? You can and should DIY your own healing. Here is why and how.

Afraid of Connecting to Spirit? Here’s How to Do It Safely (+ Why it’s Life Changing)

You can be connected to Spirit without knowing it. In fact, we are all connected to Spirit. The trouble is, we want this connection, but we tell ourselves we aren’t ready for it. We can train ourselves to open to the idea, to soften into receptivity and to truly know how much easier this life journey can be with Spirit support. In this article, I share the most common reasons why we don’t connect with Spirit, how we keep ourselves disconnected, and how we can safely open to this profound relationship and all of the life-changing love and wisdom it gives us.

Psychic Attacks Part 2: 6 Steps to Heal Now & Protect Yourself in the Future

Contrary to the knee-jerk reaction we get when someone’s harmful energy overtakes our mind, body and soul, knocking us out cold… The key to avoiding or healing from psychic attacks is not pushing everyone away; it’s strong self-awareness. This is a six-step strategy you can walk through today to heal from psychic attacks and, through the repair, protect yourself from future attacks. Bonus: you will heal parts of yourself you wouldn’t have discovered otherwise.

8 Steps to Connect With Your Life Purpose When You Feel Stuck

What’s worse: not knowing your calling, or knowing your calling but feeling unable to activate it? For folks amidst their awakening, the latter option happens — and it’s very frustrating. I experienced this confounding awakened purpose activation for 10 years, and now I coach clients through it. Here are those stories plus 8 steps to help you soften into clarity and trust amidst your awakened purpose activation.

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