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I am always amazed and delighted by the intense and joyous growth I see in my students.

Watching them gain confidence makes me feel like a fiercely proud mumma bird when the chicks realise they are powerful eagles and start to perform aerial acrobatics in their own right. I’ve begun sharing insights and snippets of stories through testimonials and videos but now I want to share a complete transformation story– one student’s hero’s journey through The Sacred and Safe Leadership™️ Program.

Charmaine came to the program after taking a break from her online healing practice, she felt something was missing. She was a little afraid and unsatisfied and knew those vital, yet absent ingredients were affecting her ability to be confident and clear in what she was providing. There was a privation that limited her ability to truly thrive.

She is immensely talented, deeply sensitive, highly intuitive and a powerful visionary, so I knew the program needed to allow her to create a potent foundation to support her blossoming. I had to meet this student at the full expression of her beauty, the things that made her unique and support framing this in its deepest value.

For Charmaine, it meant creating a way for her more unusual abilities to safely flourish. It is often our less-mainstream gifts that get left out when we create businesses, build practices and offer our uniqueness into the world. Subsequently we do not feel inspired, or feel fulfilled, or we even burn out because we are only running on part of our motor and not the core energy that motivates our life and informs our soul calling.

Charmaine also kept hitting her edges.

Struggling with how to be visible in the world and do so in a way that allowed her to authentically express herself, her joy, depth and innovative nature, freed from traditional ideas of how to offer her work to the world. It was tense for her to be seen and like many sensitive, deeply creative healers she had been harmed for who she was.  It had simply never been safe. A big part of the Sacred and Safe Leadership program for her was being held in a protected, loving, collaborative community space where she could be seen and held securely. To feel the difference in being celebrated for who she was while edge surfing and each time she went over a big threshold.

“There is such diversity in leadership… If you are curious about what is your style and how to refine it, I definitely, highly recommend Sacred and Safe Leadership.”



Working over these edges meant opening doorways to support her discovering her own facilitator style. To build a set of inner attitudes and meta-skills that gave her a much wider and more satisfying range in her ability to meet people and thus to become exceptionally fluid–this makes facilitating a joy, which became present in her energy.

We then equipped her with a resonant, sacred space that she custom-designed to suit her own path, deepest essence and personality. This took root and became the slipstream for her to flow fast and be present with clients.

Charmaine soaked up signal awareness!

As well as skills to carefully track a client’s energy/field awareness, Charmaine as a facilitator was able to incorporate this at great speed and create an increased ability to sensitively meet a client exactly where they are. She became acutely perceptive in a way that wove both her primary awareness with intuitive and subtle knowings, allowing her to hold her clients gently on their own sizable edges.

A significant part of supporting Charmaine to blossom was supporting her to cultivate a deep trauma awareness of herself and of others and support her ability to practice unfolding trauma edges. This happened with increasing awareness and success. She also courageously navigated and healed traumas that stood in the way and had kept her small her whole life. She liberated herself!

As she emerges from the Sacred and Safe Leadership program, Charmaine is joyously confident in a grounded, clear and deeply anchored way. Her self-awareness has blossomed and she can stand deeply in her knowing and weave together all the many levels of her knowing, formal education, and her psychic nature with neuropsychology, trauma informed care, healing gifts, sacred space and authentic being, feedback and signal awareness and so much more. She has truly arrived.

Best of all, Charmaine is ready to be BIG, to be seen and to share her work widely in the world. This is a radical shift from being small, shut down and injured to the glory of expressing her true gifts and vision in the world.

As I write, she is building her first website, has a set of stunning images to accompany it which demonstrate her wild energy, big heart and starry cosmic nature while still being grounded in her ability to relate to people whoever they are, wherever they are.

I have no doubt about the success that will unfold for Charmaine and will continue to celebrate her.

If you would love to blossom in your own uniqueness join me in Sacred and Safe.

You can also book a free, non-sales warm and loving conversation with me about the program here.

Watch and listen to more of Charmaine’s experience of the program from the video below. 👇🏼

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