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How To Understand Your #Awakening by #kundalini Expert Myree Morsi


How To Understand Your #Awakening by #kundalini Expert Myree Morsi

Do you have questions about awakening?

Are you going through Kundalini and seeking clarity?

Has your awakening journey been perplexing, confusing, painful or scary?

Do you long for safe community on the awakening path. People who get you and are heart-centred like you?

Would you love some support and kindred community?

Then please join this free community event exploring all things Kundalini and awakening.

It is open space for you to bring questions and receive guidance, healing and support. When one person heals or grows, we all do!

And it is also a special chance to gather as a community with like-minded, heart-centred and loving folk who are also on this wild awakening path.

Your guide for this event is international spiritual teacher, healer, therapist and Kundalini badass Myree Morsi. She leads, heals and shares wisdom around the globe in a way that allows you to connect to your deepest beauty and nature as an awakening being. She supports you to grow in safe, positive and life-affirming ways and has been supporting people on the awakening path for decades.

You are free to share this invitation with family friends and colleagues. Let’s explore together.

We meet at:

USA PST 1.30pm, November 20

USA EST 4.30pm, November 20

UK 9.30pm, November 20

EU 10.30pm November 20

Australia: 8.30am Australian EST November 21

A recording will be available if you cannot make the live event.

Get your free tickets here.

Praise for previous free community events:

“Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your utmost generosity in providing your recent healing webinars. I found both to be really profound experiences and am filled with gratitude for these gifts. ”

“I just finished doing the meditation/healing, WOW! I have never felt anything so clearly and strongly. As one of the lovely young ladies said, my crown chakra is buzzing!”

“I sat with your call today for the first time. I’m super-powered and looking forward to being elevated again with you. “

“I really needed a soul spa!!!! The best.


Think You Might Be Amidst a Kundalini Awakening?

Kundalini can be terrifying, confusing and even debilitating. 

How do you go through your Kundalini awakening and simultaneously live a balanced, functional and enjoyable life? A perfected roadmap by someone who’s been there: Myree.

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