Soul Path Institute’s first cohort of Sacred and Safe Graduates

We graduated!

The incredible first cohort of Sacred and Safe Leadership students from the Soul Path Institute graduated on Saturday. Hurray!

As part of their graduation from the Soul Path Institute, The Sacred & Safe graduates dressed up, devised sacred altars to celebrate their learning and personal evolution and thanked all those who were the wind beneath our wings, created offerings and made beautifully crafted masks of our ultimate facilitator self.

As a group, we all shared deeply, drank heartily and ate yummy food!


And then, as my students from the Soul Path Institute no longer but more fully evolved into their healer-selves they dreamed their way out into the world to fulfill their deepest callings, confident and ready for the next steps.

I am beyond proud of them. Enjoy the photos! Learn more about Sacred & Safe here.

Sacred & Safe Leadership™ is the ultimate finishing school that you didn't know you need.

160+ hours of expert content in the ultimate finishing school for transformative leaders

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