A Sacred and Safe Leader – Kym

The evening sun sets over the ocean and out of the gold-capped waves, a Selkie emerges to walk among humankind. 

She is like the Goddess Yemoja who connects those on land with the depths of the spiritual plane by using her home, the sea, as a conduit and classroom.

She is Kym, a Sacred & Safe Leadership™️ graduate.

Kym’s facilitator style reminds me of the ability to transform, to shapeshift when the situation requires and the gifts of bringing otherworldly wisdom and flow.  

Yet, there is a whole societal structure to navigate before she could realise how to facilitate such work. What does offering truly deep and potent work mean in the world we live in?

Kym is one of the most talented, incredible and soulful Sacred & Safe facilitators I had ever met yet who was, at the time, not actually facilitating. This was heartbreaking for her and soul-depleting, while I felt an ache, it was painful to observe such gifts not being offered in the world!

She had a dream to create a unique type of soul work, super (super!) deep in only the way she can because she knows naturally how to hang out in the realms of the profound soul. You can meet her there, in the amniotic fluid of the universe. It is safe where she is and warm, and if you’re receptive enough, you will see she can teach you to breathe underwater.  This calling to be a Sacred and Safe leader was a core longing and passion, and she knew it was why she was on the planet.

So despite doing a holistic counseling qualification and other courses, she was painfully stuck, bored and despondent doing a corporate day job she had grown out of years ago. Kym is a dynamic, driven person who strongly feels the ebb and flow to move with the currents and had expended the effort of having started and stopped a small, independent counseling practice.

I’m proud to have the chance to tell everyone that Kym was one of the people I created this entire program for. She was too talented to not be shining her light in this world!

Kym would sum up some of her blocks of being a Sacred and Safe facilitator as the following:

  • I knew deep soul work was for me, but I didn’t know how to create or hold space for it. How do I be the powerfully transformational person I am?
  • My previous training had taught me to “be in my head” as I facilitated and this was stressful, built up pressure and ate away at my confidence as it was not my true facilitation style. It felt “not me”.
  • Being “head centred” also meant I overlooked the reality that many of my gifts were somatic based 
  • I felt I lacked skills around trauma, the most present, frequent and  painful of people’s suffering. While I had supportive knowledge I did not know how to safely hold space and keep a client secure around trauma material. I knew this was important in deep soul work and so this made me understandably hesitant too.  
  • I also knew I had some of my own protective trauma edges that needed to be explored. So I could have more freedom, range and clarity facilitating trauma.
  • Finally, I didn’t really know my facilitation style, what being ‘Kym’ as a Sacred and Safe facilitator meant, this left me with a lot of skills but no cohesive way of bringing it all together to feel comfortable, creative and confident as a facilitator in my own way.

Kym found answers and unfolded blockages that held her back from being herself as a facilitator in the Sacred and Safe program to truly and deeply blossom beyond her wildest dreams. It was like suspended animation brought to life and the progress accelerated so vigorously that everyone around her benefited from the increase in vitality she unlocked in her being and generated into the program. 

In the Sacred and Safe Leadership Space module, Kym discovered that a powerful, truly sacred, intelligent and alive space, coupled with loving relating, does most of the work. Freeing her up to drop the idea she “had to do all the work” because the space works for her and holds everything. She discovered it was a superpower innate to her, letting her subtle, yet super potent gifts allow her sensitivity to track a client’s process at many levels at once and get in close in the most delicate and trustworthy way. Gifts that allowed her to track to hidden edges and true roots of a client’s challenge and facilitate meaningful and life-changing evolution. This allowed her to begin to drop out of her head and into her more powerful gifts, and she found she could hold space with the power of a mountain, unmoving, unyielding and magnificently, exquisitely present.

It also freed her up to be more playful, creative and adventurous in her work. Facilitating began to become an art form. This is when pieces of the puzzle began to click and she found that there was even more to discover.

As a lifelong master scuba diver, Kym discovered that the way she held space and facilitated, was like leading a dive, meeting a client on the surface, lovingly and carefully tracking them further out into the ocean, flowing in the deep with them and then a safe and gradual return to the surface. Eventually, she discovered she could flow in and out of the depths, weaving with a client’s process in a way that was soulful, creative and intensely healing. Kym had started to arrive at who she really was as a Sacred and Safe leader and facilitator. It is true to say everyone loved being facilitated by Kym and she was sought out regularly as a practice and support partner.

She worked her own trauma edges, studying signal awareness in Module 3 to be a finely tuned hunter of a person’s process. She then soaked up the knowledge of trauma-informed awareness, practiced tools in the Be Safe module and now feels confident holding space and containing trauma. She can sensitively frame and pace the suffering that may arise.  Her deep knowing, intuitive heart, and subtle sensing of a client’s process are all body-based knowing. With this knowledge, Kym feels confident, trauma aware, and safe to be with her clients in the core of the vast, multi-faceted and vulnerable ocean of our soul dreaming and wounded places.

From practicing with her peers she discovered the true reasons people sought her out – she has an incredible ability to name, discover and hold down someone’s growing edge, so they could work it, go over it successfully and evolve. They sought her out for the incredible safety she brings in every moment. To be held in the tidal container of her sacred space and the peace of her shamanic vision and style takes people to the soulful places they are hungry to visit.

Most of all, Kym profoundly discovered when she facilitates she is not alone, that something infinitely more powerful, vast and wise moves through her when she is facilitating, expanding the healing potential of every session and activating the power of awakening in each moment. She facilitates as queen of the ocean with epic shamanic wisdom, able to execute exquisitely attuned interventions and a space of effortless safety. Like the cautious anemone relaxing in the sun and regular movement of the waves, you will find yourself able to unfurl into your fullest expression.

You are in superb hands with Kym. She will cup your essence like holding a steaming tea from your favourite mug. All manner of things will be well. 

As an unexpected bonus of exploring her deepest nature and what ‘being Kym’ meant in the Sacred and Safe Leadership program, her marginalised creativity came roaring back to centre.

She discovered she is an artist! She emerged as an artist of soul-weaving and she began making sacred masks for herself and others as power symbols of your truest nature. I’m so excited by this turn of events that I’d like to share some of them with you.

Kym is flowing into the next phase of her life, preparing to facilitate new clients and offer a sacred gift of her art and soul-dreaming into the world in a way that couldn’t be more perfectly timed for what we need on the planet.

Congratulations dearest Kym! The world has you standing beneath its stars, a radiant, starry and cosmic soul warrior. Your healer self pours the water of life into those places we have been injured, cracked apart and lost and yet you recognise those same dark caverns also contain the wellspring that we long to return home to, healed, and restored in their magical nature.  

Sacred & Safe Leadership has been designed to liberate and empower the unique facilitator within you, dear one. You can discover more here and read about our orientation, dreaming journey and live event exploring the class this June 25. 

Unfurl more about Kym’s journey here in this video below 👇🏼

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