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Are you called to awaken?

Sometimes, this call is clear and apparent, asking us to deepen self-awareness and take comfortable risks in the evolution of our paths. At other times, the path we are called to walk is barely visible, sometimes lost in despair, doubt and distress. It can be completely confusing.

I view confusion as a beautiful beginning point, a sign of change in your process, and a place rich with clues, signals and messages, to discover and unravel together, as we begin to germinate insight and transformation.

Combining Spiritual Mentorship, Counseling, and Energy Healing, with intuitive clairsentient and clairvoyant gifts, I support you through the challenges, pain and uncertainty of personal evolution.

I engage with you from a place of stillness and openness, wherever you are, however you feel and with whatever you seek to explore. I take a holistic approach, addressing your journey in a multi-dimensional way.

You are held in a space of warmth and acceptance, in which you can feel safe to share your inner and spiritual experiences. At the same time, your process within the session is contained, regulated and safe. Your spiritual needs are heard, honoured, respected, in support of the evolution of awareness and all that you are!

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Myree is one of the most powerful people I’ve ever met.

Over the years I have come across a litany of different healers or practitioners - of this art or that, in this city or that - but Myree has singular insight, wisdom and accuracy (not to mention beauty, grace and diplomacy). She releases one's fears like butterflies into the sky. How she does it? I haven't a clue. But the proof is there again and again. And it's such a relief to know that profound spiritual changes can manifest in a heartbeat - who's got the patience or time for years of therapy? I don't know if it's alchemy or just her hotline to the archangels, but Myree should be considered a national treasure. I love her.

And like all truly powerful people, she manages to disarm you almost immediately. Her petite stature and gentle disposition reveal none of it at first, but after a few moments in her company, you start to become aware of who you're sitting with.

She's a phenomenon!

RebeccaLondon, UK