Psychic Attacks Part 2: 6 Steps to Heal Now & Protect Yourself in the Future

Contrary to the knee-jerk reaction we get when someone’s harmful energy overtakes our mind, body and soul, knocking us out cold… The key to avoiding or healing from psychic attacks is not pushing everyone away; it’s strong self-awareness.

This is a six-step strategy you can walk through today to heal from psychic attacks and, through the repair, protect yourself from future attacks.

Bonus: you will heal parts of yourself you wouldn’t have discovered otherwise.

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As a sensitive, an empath, a professional healer, a therapist, a teacher and a human on the other side of an intense Kundalini awakening, I am a ridiculously perfect target for psychic attacks.

I’ve had to become a ninja in protecting myself from them, and in quickly cutting them off when they find their way in. After training as a psychic protection ninja for 20+ years, it has become one of my most precious offerings to teach others how to become ninjas of their own sacred energies, too.

These six steps below highlight some of the core processes I use for my own energy systems — the ways I question and engage with clearing psychic attacks — both to take care of myself and protect myself in the moment and to ensure as much as possible that I don’t have a repeat of the experience.

STEP 1: Recognise that you’ve been psychically attacked.

The sooner you recognise it, the less you have to clear and the easier it is to do so. 

Sometimes we know we have been psychically attacked right when it happens. If you do, I encourage you to start dealing with it at that moment. Don’t let it sit there and grow or affect your wellbeing. 

But there are other times when we don’t realise until the side effects begin trickling into our awareness. When we find ourselves reflecting, “Wow, I haven’t felt okay since that discussion,” or “since I sat next to that really moody person in the theatre.” 

You start to pick up on how you’re feeling flat, tired, depressed, heavy, anxious… Some people can even feel suicidal. Overall, you do not feel like yourself. It’s like something is just…off. Or you’re carrying something heavy, or you feel a whole lot of emotions that you sense are not yours. 

That part is key: whatever is “off” about you does not seem brought on from something in your own life.

If you’re unsure whether the feelings are based on your own life or someone else’s, still continue to Step 2. It will help reveal the source.

So, in Step 1 you work on strengthening your recognition system any time you start feeling down or off. Because this system is the thing that shifts you into action and taking care of yourself before these side effects can form a grip and drag you down.

STEP 2: Clear the psychic attack.

(As I mentioned in the last article, Psychic Attacks Part 1, the most powerful and effective way to clear a psychic attack is to work with Spirit. You can work with your Spirit Team, who is pro at this kind of work, to move the other person’s energy or entities out of your system at every level.)

Part of clearing the attack is closing doorways. 

There are energetic doorways between you and other realms that sometimes get opened when someone is throwing energy at you. So, you want to completely shut and lock the doorways that were allowing the attacking energy to flow through. 

You also want to clear the attacking energy out of your aura, which is where a lot of it tends to congeal. 

Closing doorways and clearing your aura can be supported by physical resources such as smudging with sage, Palo Santo and sacred herbs. Or you can have a salt bath infused with a very, very powerful intention and visualisation to clear what has happened.

You can also ask your angels, guides or Spirit Team to close those doorways and clear your aura.

Clearing psychic attacks is big business. And the more we grow and evolve, the more sophisticated our ability to clear energy becomes.

STEP 3: Make sure you’ve released and separated from the person.

If you become energetically entangled with the person who consciously or subconsciously attacked you, that they have energy cords to you that need to be cleared, released and unhooked. Otherwise, any remaining energy cords will keep flowing energies of aggression, attack or anything of that nature to you, your aura and your system.

Even if the entanglement happened decades ago, you can still clear it today. 

Meditate and think, “Am I still connected to that person? Am I somehow enmeshed or entangled? Are they hooked into my system?” 

Then call in your Spirit Team to help you clear and release those energies, unhooking and dissolving any and all cords. Once you are fully unhooked and released, you will likely feel a sense of release with an, “Ahh. Okay. Better.”

Keep in mind that until you’re completely unhooked from the person, you need to keep actively clearing so as to not drown in the continuing energy flood. Once you’re unhooked and disentangled, then the clearing can be something that moves toward completion. 

STEP 4: Uncover why it happened. Ask yourself, “What within me allowed the psychic attack in?” 

Often, a subconscious part of ourselves has a particular belief system that allows the attacking energy in. 

For example, you might harbour the belief about someone that you “have to save that person,” you “need to feel sorry for that person,” you “have to be really responsible for other people rather than hold strong boundaries” or you carry guilt, shame or lack of self-worth. 

To protect yourself from cycling in this process with a particular person, or experiencing the same type of attack with multiple people, we investigate, “What within me is allowing it in?”

We peer into the corners of our inner world to extract how we’ve been building doorways and bridges for attacks.

Once we find the part that has been diligently constructing entry points, we dialogue with it. Through curious, loving dialogue, we work toward healing it, completing it and releasing it from the role of allowing energy in.

So, when you’re dealing with a psychic attack, you want to not only take care of it in the moment, but use it as an opportunity to protect yourself, to do some future-proofing, to reduce the opportunity and availability of yourself and your system to take it on again.

STEP 5: Notice the ally in the anguish. Ask yourself, “What do I need to learn from this experience?” 

Maybe your empathy is too open. There are such things as productive empathy and unproductive empathy.

Empathy is an unconscious energy made conscious by how it’s used. 

Unproductive empathy looks like your essence spilling out onto and into everyone else; it’s a constant drain of your life force. It’s used to deplete yourself and attach to the pain of others.

Productive empathy looks like your essence planted happily at home in your grounded being, no longer wandering around the universe randomly absorbing into other people’s stuff. You have clear boundaries, you take care of yourself, and you hold loving awareness for others without getting wrapped up in negative energy loops.

Maybe when you’re feeling empathetic, you feel sorry for someone. Often when we feel sorry for someone, we set ourselves up in a power dynamic where we have to overgive, over-care, or be overly available because we are perceiving the other person as a victim — which they are not.

And in that unproductive empathy state of overreaching, we make ourselves vulnerable and open to receiving psychic attacks.

So, get to know what’s going on with your empathy and question, “What is a healthy form of empathy in this situation?” This can be a fantastic learning opportunity and very protective for maintaining clear boundaries in the future.

Ultimately, what we’re learning through psychic attacks is the willingness to see things clearly, a willingness to own what’s really going on in a particular dynamic, relationship or circumstance. And to hold clear, congruent and consistent boundaries that respect ourselves and the other person.

STEP 6: Strengthen your boundaries. Ask yourself, “What signals did I miss that this was going to happen?”

This is especially important in relationships — temporary or ongoing. 

Usually, there are little signals that show us that at some point, a psychic attack is going to happen. But we’re either seeing only one side of the person, their good side, and ignoring the little stings and tiny signals that tell us, “Actually something’s not fully right here.” 

So, teaching ourselves to see those signals in advance is also vital. Protection and being willing to see the telltales beforehand are as important as what you do when a psychic attack happens.

Psychic attacks are asking us to live in greater mindfulness, awareness and awakeness. Like a big splash of ice-cold water to the face, they call us out of complacency or numbness and into sharp alertness, where our power is given room to shine.

In Spirit Magic, I guide people through practicing many more intricate details of each of these steps. My students get practice with the tools and their specialised protection Spirit Teams that help them heal from psychic attacks and keep them safe in enduring ways. If this interests you, read more about Spirit Magic here and join me for a life-changing adventure.

What more do you yearn to know about protecting and healing your energetic space? I love gaining inspiration for how to be of service to you from your questions, so please share with me in the comments below.

With passion for your sacred spirit,
Myree Morsi real signature kundalini awakening expert, trauma therapist, soul guide, leadership coach


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