Guided Meditation: Become the Sacred Leader You Admire

Who do you admire? 

It’s likely the person you’re thinking of is a leader in some way. And it’s even more likely that you admire them because they emanate a sacred leadership quality — which can feel hard to identify, let alone embody yourself!

In this 3-part guided meditation, I’ll take you on a journey to somatically tap into those qualities so you can shine as a sacred leader, too.


For those who would like to read along instead of listening along, transcriptions for each meditation are found below. From my heart to yours, enjoy…

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TRANSCRIPTION #1: Introduction to The Sacred Leader Guided Journey

Welcome to this meditation and contemplation journey exploring being a sacred leader. “Sacred” and “leader” aren’t words that are often bought together in our culture anymore. And I’d like to start a little Renaissance, or at least inspire you to contemplate what a sacred leader might be and how a sacred leader might evolve, shine or thrive from within you.

This journey comprises two parts.

The first is a little set of contemplation questions just to get your awareness open and dreaming into what a sacred leader might be for you.

And in the guided meditation journey that follows, we’re going to explore and dive a little into a sacred leader that you admire, and what might be going on for them and how the sacred may be showing up in the way that they lead, guide, heal, coach or share in the world.

I do recommend that you take a few moments with the contemplation questions because you will then enjoy the guided meditation much more deeply.

Enjoy this journey, friends.

Blessings to your awakening.


TRANSCRIPTION #2: The Sacred Leader Guided Journey

Welcome to this meditation exploring sacred leadership.

It’s a guided journey where we’re going to dream into a figure that you admire or like or appreciate, who you sense is a sacred leader, and use them as a way to access knowledge, information and doorways to connect with some of the gifts that they have so we can use them as maps for elevating and expanding our own gifts and possibilities as a sacred leader.

So enjoy this journey with me today.

I’d like to take a moment and invite you to remember a sacred leader in your life. Someone that inspires you, that maybe leads with love or deep knowing, a kind of grace or there’s something about them that really touches you when they lead, guide, coach, inspire, teach… Or simply sit quietly in your presence.

This person can be someone that you know in your life. It might be a teacher or your grandparents, or it might be someone you’ve never met personally, but deeply inspire you. A public figure, for example, like Martin Luther King Jr.

Taking some time to contemplate a sacred leader. Either in your life or someone you’ve known or read about, a present or past historical figure.

And take a moment, then, once you’ve identified that person, to contemplate the way they led, lead, guide, inspire, teach, be… How are they doing this from a deeper place inside them or leading, sharing, teaching, being in a way that moves you, affects you, has a deeply positive impact or uplifts you?

Is there some way that the way they lead — and I’m going to use “lead” to encompass all the different doing words (coach, speak, teach, uplift, inspire) at times to cover all of them. Is there a way that they lead that really touches you?

Just taking a moment to contemplate that. The way they do their leading, the way they be into their leading or the way something emanates from them.

And then take a moment now to remember this person a little bit more clearly. How they looked when they were leading— and if it’s a historical figure that might be in a photograph or video footage you’ve seen — a living person, it would be a memory…

Remembering how they looked, maybe how they moved. Do they have a particular posture or angle of their head? Are they quiet or animated? Remember maybe the atmosphere around this person, and the mood that maybe was generated inside or around you as you contemplated or experienced them in some way.

And perhaps take a moment to remember what it was like to be led, inspired or coached by them.

What is it about them that came to mind when I asked this question of thinking about a sacred leader that inspires or uplifts you?


And maybe contemplating some way that they have touched your life in an enduring way. It’s lingered.

Or whenever you think of them, you have a certain experience, or opening of your heart or a connection with a greater possibility.

I’d like you to shift now and close your eyes. And think of this person, the way you’ve dreamed into them as, and seen them, envisioned them, the way they look, move, posture. The way they hold themselves, or emanate or speak.

And what I’d like you to do now is allow yourself to dream into this figure, into this person more deeply. I’d like you to shape-shift, in a way, and allow yourself in your awareness to dream into and become this being, this person that you admire. This sacred leader. Letting yourself slip into the experience of their body or their energy, their posture or their awareness, or their state of being.

Just letting yourself arrive or dream into this beautiful person, this inspiring person.

And perhaps you might even adjust your posture a little so it’s more like them. Maybe your head adjusts a little so it’s more like them when they’re speaking, or thinking or being…or shining.

And taking a few moments to really settle in here and notice what it’s like to be this person.

What is their mood or atmosphere like? What do you sense about their energy? Does your breathing change when you become them? Do you sink deeper or expand more into or beyond yourself?

And then take a moment, as you’re dreaming into them, to check out, explore in them. What is it in them that gives them that quality of sacred leadership?

That the way they lead, coach, inspire, be, teach…the way they do and be — brings into the world, this quality of something deeper, something that’s very meaningful to you.

And as you’re being them, allow yourself to notice what you access in that moment of being them. Does being them allow you deeper access to something new or different? Or perhaps something you know, but a more expanded or deeper experience of it? What are they accessing that allows them, within themselves, to lead in this way?

And can you, in being them, dream, feel or sense into that deeper access that they have, to that special something? It might be something — some energy, way or essence in their being. Or it might be that they’re connected to something beyond themselves, something greater than themselves. Also, it might be that they’re connected to a sense of love, or energy, or essence, or nature, or the divine, the quantum field…

There might be something more than just whatever’s within themselves that they’re connecting to that allows them to lead in this way.

So letting yourself sense, dream, feel into — use this as a doorway and a portal to get a little roadmap of where they’re coming from, what they’re connected to.

And you may even be able to sense into what shines through them from this place. Is there a quality, energy, feeling, mood, essence? And it could be words or a song.

Is there something that shines through from either this deeper place within them, or there’s something that they’re connected to beyond them that comes through them when they lead out into the world?

And if you have a sense of any of this, just letting yourself feel it, allowing it to flow into your body, allowing yourself to have a deeper experience of what they are having access to.

And if, as you dream into and access it, it starts flowing in or through you, simply enjoying that. Knowing that as that is happening, you are integrating this as a structure and a pattern, as a new reference point or a deeper reference-point of sacred leadership. Or adding more complexity to your own experience of leadership.

And then simply allow yourself to dream and fall into, even more, becoming this place either within them or beyond them. Just become that place for a few breaths.

Just being this deeper place, becoming this deeper place within them or beyond them that they are connected to and resting there.

Notice here. What happens to your breath, your energy, your state of being, your awareness? Enjoying and resting in that. Soaking it up.

And then contemplating, if you were to lead from this place, what would that allow?

What might be different, or new, or interesting, or moving or meaningful about the way you led into the world? The way you spoke or expressed or shared, be, do….your tasks.

What might be different if you led from this place you are right now?

What might that give you?

What might that give or offer to those around you, to those you are leading or influencing in some way?

And finally, taking a moment, I’d like you to contemplate. What would it take for you to bring this place, state, quality or inspiration to your own leadership style in your everyday life?

What would it take for you to bring this through more in your life?


And then contemplating or making a small intention to let this infuse into your own leading style, your own coaching, teaching, being, doing style in the world. Just making an intention to connect from this place or to infuse this into your being nature if it feels aligned and positive for you.

And then thanking this person for their assistance, for being a source of inspiration. Sending them blessings.

And simply allowing this to integrate now, which is going to allow it to integrate into your body, your cells, your awareness, your memories, your brain, your aura. All of the intelligence of your entire being, integrating and receiving this gift, knowing over the coming days, it’s simply going to deepen and integrate further so that it can nourish, inspire and support you, and simply show up without you having to effort a lot.

You may like to rest in this state for a little longer.

Thank you for going on this journey, exploring sacred leadership, and doing this precious and much-needed task of anchoring sacred leadership and your own dreaming of it, your own deepening, becoming, upholding of it on this planet.

Please feel free to share your inspiration and what moved you.

Blessings to your awakening.


TRANSCRIPTION #3: The Sacred Leader Contemplation Questions

Welcome to this exploration of what it is to be a sacred leader.

This is a little journey of contemplation questions to simply see what arises for you when we explore the concept and idea and reality of a sacred leader.

Our world is really struggling with what good leadership means these days. And I believe we’re all called to come into more of our own leadership and share the role, however, it is that we show up in our lives, whether it says parents or teachers, in the corporate world as healers, coaches, therapists… In any way whatsoever.

So let your awareness blossom open as I simply drop these questions in for you.

Firstly, I’d like to invite you to contemplate what happens for you when you put those two words together: sacred and leadership?

Do feelings, thoughts or ideas come to mind? Do you connect to a certain part of your body or awareness?

What do these words mean to you when they come together in this union of sacred and leadership?

When you think about sacred leadership, notice if you think about someone in particular. If some kind of leader or person, someone in your life, someone famous, someone you’ve read about or admire come to mind.

And then just go back to that concept that we’re playing with, sacred leadership, and notice if you hesitate a little when you think about sacred leadership. Or if it’s easy and you’re like, “Yeah, I just want to flow my awareness into that concept, that idea, that experience.” And if you hesitate, just taking a moment to notice that. And if you’re excited or uncertain, just exploring those things too.

Now I’d like you to contemplate: When would you allow your own leadership style anywhere in your life, if it arose, to be sacred? When would you allow your own leadership style to be sacred?

Or perhaps there’s a way that your own leadership style is already sacred to you.

Where would you come from within yourself or beyond yourself if you were to lead from a deeply sacred place of being? If you were to allow this to express, emanate, vibrate through you and from you, if this was a deeper centre you came from when you were leading into the world in whatever your expression is that you are being, sharing, doing?

Simply taking a moment to contemplate what that might be like for you.

Maybe even imagining and dreaming forward into that experience.

Perhaps you can even see a present or future self leading into the world from this place within or beyond you.

Just taking a few moments to notice whatever flirts with you, whatever arises for you when you contemplate this self as Sacred Leader.

Thank you for taking the time to contemplate these questions. And in your own dreaming and imagining, you’ve helped to anchor this sacred leader, the ideas, the dreaming, the possibilities and the reality of it more deeply into the atmosphere, shared collective consciousness on this planet and on Mother Earth herself. I hope they continue to resonate through your being.

Blessings to your awakening.


What did you find as you journeyed with me through these meditations? I read every comment and would love to hear from you below.

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