Mini-Mantra Eclipse Guide

Up-level your spiritual growth with the power of the eclipse!


In my last article, I suggested using a mantra to elevate yourself during the eclipse and to direct the immense power and energy available at this time for positive intention.

In response to questions from community members about which mantras to choose for the eclipse this weekend I crafted some tips below.

You can truly choose any mantra you resonate with. It can support healing, peace, wellbeing, destiny, heart-opening, awakening and so much more. Use your intuition and follow your heart.

Here are a few suggestions:

  • Find a mantra recording that you really love or feel called to. A few of my fave artists for mantras are Snatam Kaur, White Sun, Ajeet Kaur, Erin Breech and Mirabai Ceiba.
  • You can also search for mantras that serve a particular purpose. Or use an existing mantra you like. If you are new to mantra then a simpler one is better as pronunciation helps the power and respects the mantra also. But don’t worry if you cannot get it perfect, just do your best.
  • Look up the words, meaning and guidance about the mantra on Google so you have a deeper and more intentional relationship with it. See if it aligns with your intention or craft intention to match the mantra.
  • You can dedicate your eclipse practice to a goal, intention or positive outcome or for healing a challenge or suffering. It can also be offered for the well-being of the planet and healing for our current challenges. Make your dedication before and after your practice.
  • Chant along with the recording during the eclipse for a period of time that feels comfortable. It can be 15, 30 minutes or an hour plus, whatever your preference. The eclipse runs for 4-5 hours. Chanting around the peak can be great. You can also chant solo with no recording.
  • You can light a candle, and create an altar if inspired.
  • I love Ang Sang Wahe Guru to dissolve doubts, especially self-doubt.
  • Om Mane Padme Hum is a powerful blessing for us all.
  • The Gayatri mantra is also a favourite.

Personally, I will use the Ek Ong Kar mantra to start the day with 108 recitations as it dissolves blocks to fulfilling your destiny. My calling is to serve awakening. And during the eclipse that afternoon (Australian time) I will chant 108 recitations of the twenty-fifth Pauri of Japji. I love the recording by White Sun called Bahota Karam. It supports the fulfillment of destiny, my soul service and also prosperity, all are good vibrations to call in for 2020. It will likely take around 2 hours and generate beautiful elevation, powerful resonance and positive shifts for the rest of the year and be generally supportive. I always dedicate the entire practice to the healing and awakening of all beings.

These two Kundalini Yoga mantras are the ones I dedicate to the eclipses in 2020. As you can see, I am a mantra junkie.

As with all things,  if you are still stabilising your kundalini awakening use all mantras with care and abstain if uncertain.

What mantras do you love? How do you honour the eclipse?

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    • Hi Paula,
      This is a great suggestion! Thank you for offering it here, I love Mantrapedia.
      Blessings and gratitude!
      Myree x
      For those that are curious here is the link to Mantrapedia

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