You just never know what you might be called to become one day, so never say never Myree!

I recently returned from a super intensive week in Venice Beach, Los Angeles where I began my unexpected inner and outer adventures in Kundalini yoga, studying with a powerhouse set of teachers at RA MA Institute.This journey was a surprise to me and kind of funny because even though I have been practicing yoga and meditation for thirty years, I always said I would never, never be a yoga teacher. Yep! There were so many amazing teachers already, and I felt content going in other directions.

And there was just no inner movement within me to study it.  If there is no inner movement in me towards something I remain still, and if I’m moved I am passionately Aires about it, I plunge in all the way.

That all changed early this year when I went on a desperately needed retreat at Breightenbush hot springs to soak out the freezing Oregon winter out of my sunshine loving Australian bones.  It was there I did an amazing and random Kundalini yoga set called Kriya for Elevation. It raises the Kundalini energy in a very specific way up the spine and spins it through the chakras. As someone with a very sensitive attunement to the energy and chakras, and a completed Kundalini process, I was stunned by it’s power, radiance and capacity to uplift. I starting practicing it at home and began learning as much as I could about the technology behind this experience.

My wild, Aires curiosity was spiked.

It became apparent that having some mastery of these techniques and blending them with my capacity to “see” energy transforming, and combining them with my passion and wisdom for Kundalini Shakti could be a powerful medicine to support many people.

And then came the unexpected and rapid inner movement to directly attain the knowledge and skills of through being teacher. Not just learning through my good friend Google.

I have been sharing appropriate practices and meditations specific for clients needs over the past months and I am so amazed by their power to transform. I can clairvoyantly see the change right in front of me.  It is so incredible to see the aura shift before my eyes when we do a meditation together.   The combination of Kundalini techniques and my work has been rocket fuel for many people in their journey and in our work together and allowed them to create rapid change. So, I am even more passionate about playing with these tools and directing the freedom that arises from them towards our dreams and wellbeing.

I love spiritual rocket fuel, I sincerely believe if we can make this life and our path through it a little easier and clearer in a sustainable way, then that kind of rocket fuel is my idea of good medicine.

So, over the next months I will be sharing my Kundalini yoga goodies with you in various ways including finding short meditations where appropriate for the free master classes.

There are still some tickets left to the first Master class on Kundalini Whispering this Friday/Saturday (depending on where you are in the world) and you can sign up here:

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