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My Surprising Metamorphosis +11 Tips for Understanding Yours

Four weeks ago, serious inflammation filled my chest and mildly formed inside my heart. The intensity of the symptoms set off a chain reaction deep in the well of my spirit. A metamorphosis had begun. Here’s my story, and 11 self-awareness tips to help you through your own.

8 Steps to Connect With Your Life Purpose When You Feel Stuck

What’s worse: not knowing your calling, or knowing your calling but feeling unable to activate it? For folks amidst their awakening, the latter option happens — and it’s very frustrating. I experienced this confounding awakened purpose activation for 10 years, and now I coach clients through it. Here are those stories plus 8 steps to help you soften into clarity and trust amidst your awakened purpose activation.

Kundalini Yoga & Me

Kundalini Yoga and Me

Join Myree Morsi’s powerhouse Kundalini Yoga meditation and inner works and find out how this can be such a powerful medicine to support you.

Kundalini and The Inner Critic

Kundalini and the Inner Critic

The inner critic can often be a noisy and sometimes challenging companion on the Kundalini awakening journey. It can see

Death of A Bliss Junkie

Death of a Bliss Junkie

For me, the discovery of the bliss of awakening was a most remarkable and life-altering surprise. And it quickly became a fascination. As someone with a significant childhood trauma history, the experience of the altered state of bliss as a side effect of my awakening journey was frankly incredible.

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