Afraid of Connecting to Spirit? Here’s How to Do It Safely (+ Why it’s Life Changing)

You can be connected to Spirit without knowing it. In fact, we are all connected to Spirit. The trouble is, we want this connection, but we tell ourselves we aren’t ready for it.

We can train ourselves to open to the idea, to soften into receptivity and to truly know how much easier this life journey can be with Spirit support.

In this article, I share the most common reasons why we don’t connect with Spirit, how we keep ourselves disconnected, and how we can safely open to this profound relationship and all of the life-changing love and wisdom it gives us.

Why We Don’t Connect With Spirit

Reason 1: The growth edge.

Connecting with Spirit brings us to our growth edges. We become aware of gifts we didn’t know we had. Our understanding of reality expands. We change.

Hitting a growth edge this profound can trigger fears, doubts and distorted thoughts about what will happen if we cross over that edge. We expect to see things we don’t want to see, hear things we don’t want to hear, know things we don’t want to know.

Reason 2: Hollywood.

These fears are largely framed by Hollywood, TV, societies and cultures that entertain us with wild scenarios that are simply untrue.

But until we know what it’s like to work with Spirit, the mainstream opinion reigns. This collective negativity demeans the experience of connecting with Spirit, thus concealing what an amazing power it is to work with Spirit and choose to be a healed, aware, awake human. To connect with Spirit means going up against this mainstream narrative, and challenging that can seem far too daunting.

Reason 3: We’re “offline.”

We all have secondary sensory channels that pick up Spirit’s signals, such as clairaudience, clairvoyance, clairsentience or intuition. Most people are totally blocked and shut down from these secondary senses, or when they activate we respond with fear and anxiety.

Reason 4: This kind of love is new and unnerving.

When we connect with Spirit, a beautiful energy of love blankets us. For folks who are not used to this kind of loving energy, the feeling is too uncomfortable, so we withdraw from it.

Reason 5: Ignorance is bliss.

We want answers, clarity, growth, healing… But we’re afraid of receiving these things because we might not like what we learn about life or ourselves. Expanding our sense of reality, what we know to be real and true, is not always the easiest pill to swallow. “Ignorance is bliss,” right?

Reason 6: Life is hard.

And finally, we think life has to be hard. Especially when it comes to receiving guidance, support or healing. So, we write off the idea of our Spirit Teams because that would just be too easy!

Expanding our reality, opening our gifts, confronting the cultural narrative, allowing in the love, accepting the answers that don’t match what we want… It’s understandable why keeping ourselves detached from Spirit seems like the easier and better option.

How We Avoid Connecting With Spirit

These changes can seem too risky. So, we avoid Spirit. We get scared, shut down, balk at the whole idea and make ourselves even more mainstream. We try even harder to “fit in” with consensus reality.

It seems more beneficial to stick with the crowd and rebuke the idea of Spirit because the idea has been deliberately constrained. The psychological shift needed to connect with Spirit has been made harder and harder for us. So, we don’t shift. Instead, we deny our secondary senses and marginalise ourselves, our gifts, our powers and our knowledge of what is possible for us.

How To Safely Connect With Spirit

How do we begin to shift ourselves, open ourselves, meet Spirit and reap the rewards?

Step 1: Rest to receive.

Often, the first step is to simply rest in a way that helps you open to receiving Spirit’s loving energy. This open allowing is even more important than actively trying to receive Spirit’s information.

It’s through this receptivity that we attune our secondary channels and become skilled at receiving Spirit’s information clearly. Think of it as the preparation stage. All you have to do is rest and receive gentle love and healing.

Step 2: Get curious and trust.

Once we feel more open to receiving Spirit’s love, the next step is to be willing to allow our reality to expand. Get curious about what is possible. Dream or play into it. Be willing to evolve your perceptions. Trust that you won’t lose your sanity in the process (you will likely feel much more sane once you connect with Spirit).

Step 3: Stay persistent.

This process might take time. Stay committed to showing up. Stay curious.

Step 4: The realisation light bulbs begin to flicker on.

At some point in this process, we recognise how we have already, unconsciously, been communicating with Spirit all along.

How many times do you approach a traffic light and say, “Oh, please, please, don’t turn red.” Who are you talking to? How often do you look up signs, numbers, synchronicities for meaning and guidance?

We have these subconscious conversations with the numinous and unseen all the time. But by making these conversations conscious, we power up our abilities and knowings beyond our wildest dreams.

Why You Want to Connect With Spirit

Connecting with Spirit does not mean regretfully opening Pandora’s Box. Connecting with Spirit means you heal. You grow, you expand and you find that you don’t have to work so hard for these things.

In Spirit Magic, we are not attuning to and opening your gifts to absolutely everything. We attune your gifts and knowings only to your personal Spirit Teams. And these Teams are beings of pure light. You get to be curious and expansive in a very safe space.

The opportunity to experience a sense of being connected to something loving beyond yourself is always available. Beyond the limits of your identity and learned perceptions, there is something profoundly remarkable waiting for you.

That healing guidance and protection… You don’t have to work so hard to connect with it and receive it. It is your birthright. I’ll help you reclaim it in Spirit Magic.

Why do you think you keep your connections with Spirit at bay? What would it take for you to open up to the relationship? What would you dream of finding there? I invite you to share with me in the comments below.

With passion for your sacred journey,
Myree Morsi real signature kundalini awakening expert, trauma therapist, soul guide, leadership coach

You know the feeling that an unseen, loving presence is supporting you?​

It’s more real than you imagined! ​​

Being able to tune in to the healing powers, protection and wisdom of your spirit guides and angels whenever you desire transforms your life and anyone else you wish to help.

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