Welcome to the Soul Path Institute

I built a school!

I know. I am as amazed as anyone. If someone told me five years ago that I would build a soul-aligned school, I would have thought them a bit loopy!

Yet here I am, standing on the threshold of the next phase of my life – birthing and being a sacred custodian of this beautiful school coming more abundantly into form. It embodies an ancient, etheric temple gradually landing on the planet, and a real, physical structure built here on earth to receive the ancient wisdom contained within the land itself; wisdom vaster than the knowledge one person can contain to teach. Perception from this planet and far beyond it, blending all worlds of light together in its vision.

It is called the Soul Path Institute.

I chose this name because this school and I, are here to serve as guardians and guides to the path you are called to walk, as a soul. Through the highs and the lows, empowering you to be deeply anchored on your own true path. The institute will hold space for each student to become innately skilful and evolved as they peel away the layers to emerge as their deepest self. The Soul Path Institute school contains the courses and learning streams that offer opportunities to reclaim and discover the gifts your current manifestation longs to shine forth.

All my programs and creations and thus, this school, too, are planted in sacred places on the planet.

The seed for this school was planted in Hawaii with the support of my beloved soul sister Jennifer. At the time it seemed like a high dream and a distant fantasy.

In November, 2019 we went on a pilgrimage to Kauai to be in service to our souls. No bar-hopping, partying or shopping for us on an island holiday, just deep seed planting on powerful land.

On Secrets Beach, Jennifer got her journal as I unexpectedly started to channel the download which was to be the vision of this school. She quickly jotted it all down.

We then we swapped roles and she spoke her deepest dreams – the perfect, progressive care home for her beloved aging grandmother, to meet her beloved life partner, to expand her career and more.

Then we got up early every day and went to the Hindu Temple of Kauai’s Hindu Monastery and Temple and meditated, did prayer and puja, praying for our dreams, especially her grandmother. I bowed surrendered and put this dream in Shiva’s hands. I asked him that my work would touch and heal many lives.

Then we came home, deeply satisfied and curious how the island, Shiva and the universe would answer our prayers.

We prayed hardest for her grandmother, this was answered within months. She is in the most incredible small group home and is very happy, a far cry from the pain she was suffering previously. Jennifer is engaged to be married in July, has a new home and a wildly successful business.

We were speaking on the phone recently and in that moment, I had forgotten the school as a seed, the expansion of the work I remembered most deeply. She reminded me and we sat there amazed at how all our dreams had been fulfilled; radiant in their glow.

Welcome to this temple and school dear one, the doors are open and more will be arriving. From my heart and ancient soul to yours. From my starry nature to yours.

May you come inside and rest, heal, grow and unfold your own deepest power.

This is just the beginning.

Let’s be vast together.

Enjoy the images of the timing of planting and watering the seed of this school in Kauai. And watch this space for more.

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