The Bones of Who You Are: How to Know Your Calling (Part 1)


If you spend time on social media at the moment, you might begin to think that calling is all dancing and joy and money: “Hi! Look at me! I’m doing my calling and it’s so fantastic! Yay!”

I won’t ever say that to you.


Because following your calling is not only fun and games. It is fierce.

Your calling is the precious decision that you made to arrive on this planet. It gives meaning to why you are here—that’s why you long for it so much.

Calling is an unmitigated willingness to be honest with yourself.

Calling is not something you do—it’s something you be.

(You actually come into form and power through being and giving of yourself in this way.)

Calling is something you wrestle with.

Sometimes it’s foggy and you’re lost in darkness.

Sometimes it asks you to walk deep into the dark night.

Calling is unrelenting.

At times it feels impossible to keep going, you question it. You question yourself.

Don’t judge yourself so much that you don’t go or cannot go or refuse to go where calling asks you to enter. Instead linger by this door you are called to. Because it’s inside there that you find the bones of who you are.

Keep going.

Hang outside that door and get used to being there. Peek inside.

Keep putting one uncertain foot in front of the other because the one thing you can be sure of is this is why you’re here. If you didn’t have this knowing, you wouldn’t go on.

In the fire of calling, you get to completely surrender everything that’s unaligned with who you are. And in doing so, you become an even clearer vehicle for that calling to shine through.

So how do you know what your calling is?

For me, my calling began to arise through the spiritual gifts that started emerging in my early twenties. These gifts whispered to me that I was here to offer healing, even though at 20 years old in the early 1990’s I had no idea how to do that or what it meant. I just knew in all my being it was true. And I trusted it. I trusted that it would lead me and I would find my way.

Calling is never a direction from your ego. Nor is it about doing things to get money only. Money is important and may come as a result of following your calling. Many of us seek this, and I have too. And I support many folks who realise this dream. Sometimes we earn money in a role and live our calling out as the way we walk our work life, it shines through. Or your calling may not be related to money at all.

This is partly why there is so much soul crisis—people doing things only to get money—rather than letting money show up also as a result of and with calling. (Trying the money-only path can be important at times, I have walked it too. I am grateful for it and there are times when it is essential and it also funds our calling and our life. But when there is a big calling singing in your bones then the money-only path can over a long time lead to people feeling angry, unhappy, lost, dissatisfied, and scared.)

Calling feels true. For me, it feels like beauty inside me.

It feels like the only thing I want to listen to.

You pay attention to where you are being pulled.

Calling is the direction of your soul.

That’s why it pulls you. And when it pulls it feels beautiful, even if where it’s pulling you is difficult or hard.

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  • There is so much in here that rings true for me. I feel like you’ve put words to what I’ve been intuiting about my process of unfoldment. I especially love and relate to the part about how giving of ourselves in alignment with our soul’s calling brings us more into form and our innate power. For me, an edge has been learning to trust that the path is to plunge into self-discovery and revelation rather than searching for income. It feels like I need to have more of a taste of what serving my purpose feels like in the body and in my system so that I don’t compromise my values and exhaust my vital energy in pursuing work that does not bring my spirit alive. I keep hearing that my next role will be based on who I am rather than what I can do. Sometimes that sounds too good to be true. I try not to attach the guidance to a specific image of what that will look like. Then I’m more able to go with the flow and see my purpose in each moment. And be more open to opportunities that I may fail to notice, like posting this comment, because I’m expecting something grand and horn-tooting. Haha 🙂

    • Wow lovely, you are a poet in the way you share about your calling and your tender tracking of it and it’s moment to moment unfolding. Your words are so moving, your closeness to the flow and song of calling like a soft breeze I can feel. Exquisite. I love this “my next role will be based on who I am rather than what I can do”, yes! Honouring your courage and choicelessness to stay so close to this delicate and yet demanding process. Big love! Myree x

  • My calling has been a force I don’t control that has swept me in directions that I did not predict or understand, yet that were a relief and satisfaction to follow. Sometimes it has been a difficult dissapointing blow because I have had to let go of things I wanted but that were not aligned. Currently I am trusting the process and allowing it to unfold. I feel I am not in control and I have given in to this to a large extent. There is some grief at what is being shed. There is disinterest and exasperation at worldly things that do not align. Today my calling is telling me I have time to settle and that it is not until I have shed some more that is unnecessary that I will be ready to move forward. I find it strange to be called to step back but it is also a relief.

    • Wow Doug, this is really beautiful and so insightful. I love how close you are and how clearly you hear and sensitively know what is the next task in the following of calling. Your sensitivity and alignment with the task even when perplexing or disconcerting is all it asks of you. I am so happy for this, enjoy relaxing into stepping back and right now is such a perfect time for shedding the old on the post eclipse wave. Big love,
      Myree x

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