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Interview on The Beautiful Side of Grief: Even Therapists Need Help

If you’re seeking soothing inspiration as you navigate grief, life transition or a difficult growing edge, this might serve as a healing balm. I hope you enjoy this beautiful interview I had the joy of experiencing with the gorgeous spirit, Helen Morris. Tap the link below to listen to Even Therapists Need Help on The Beautiful Side of Grief podcast.

My Surprising Metamorphosis +11 Tips for Understanding Yours

Four weeks ago, serious inflammation filled my chest and mildly formed inside my heart. The intensity of the symptoms set off a chain reaction deep in the well of my spirit. A metamorphosis had begun. Here’s my story, and 11 self-awareness tips to help you through your own.

Psychic Attacks Part 2: 6 Steps to Heal Now & Protect Yourself in the Future

Contrary to the knee-jerk reaction we get when someone’s harmful energy overtakes our mind, body and soul, knocking us out cold… The key to avoiding or healing from psychic attacks is not pushing everyone away; it’s strong self-awareness. This is a six-step strategy you can walk through today to heal from psychic attacks and, through the repair, protect yourself from future attacks. Bonus: you will heal parts of yourself you wouldn’t have discovered otherwise.

Awakening Expert Myree Morsi | Blog - How To Know if You’re in a Shame Spiral

How To Know if You’re in a Shame Spiral (+ How To Get Out)

Shame spirals are the ultimate saboteurs that take us off our paths, block our growth and stop us from living in aligned purpose rich with self-confidence and self-love. In this article, I describe why your shame spirals appear and 9 tips to free yourself from shame so you can maintain your wellbeing and flow.

How to Attract More Joy, More Often (Video)

How to Attract More Joy, More Often (Video)

The first step to forming a loving, stable relationship with something is to understand it better. In this video, I walk you through the ins and outs, highs and lows of joy — how to feel joy more often and more fully (even if “joy” is not a regular character in your life yet), how to keep it around without cycling into pain and the “causeless joy” that arises during awakenings.

The Puzzle Pieces of Your Soul- A Deeper Journey Into Self-Love

The Puzzle Pieces of Your Soul: A Deeper Journey Into Self-Love

I believe you found your way to this article because deep down, you want to love yourself, love your life and gift this world something only you can give. I’m going to show you how to begin retrieving your wholeness for true self-love that will reveal everything you need to know to live a life YOU love.

The True Measure of Mental Health is Soul Deep

The True Measure of Mental Health is Soul Deep

April is Mental Health Awareness month. This topic used to be delicate and highly avoided, but especially after 2020 brought mental health issues into the spotlight, it’s appearing more courageously in conversation. After 20+ years as a trauma therapist and soul coach, my approach continues to initiate deep, empowered healing. In short, mental health = soul health.

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