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What is a Kundalini Blowout?

A Kundalini Blowout happens when a large amount of Kundalini energy, called Shakti, releases from the base of the pelvis.

The Quietness of Awakening

There are often times in awakening when we are very Quiet.  There is no movement into the exterior world.  There

When Awakening Burns You Out

Awakening burns us out. All the time.  An early experience of awakening burnout for me was generated by the intersection

girl in wheat field sunset

When Awakening Feels “too much”

Remembering our amazing nature in the midst of the mundane…and awakening. There are days when the activities of daily living

What makes Spirit Magic Unique?

Without a shadow of a doubt, Spirit Magic™️ is truly unique. No other program on the planet is like this

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