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Spirit Magic Healing Festival 2024 | Myree Morsi


Four mini-classes to inspire the healer you innately are in this new-for-2024 free masterclasses!

Join Spirit Magic founder, healer and transformational therapist Myree Morsi for this free introductory Spirit Magic journey.


Feb 22 | Feb 29 | Mar 7 | Mar 14
4pm US PDT | 7pm US EDT

Feb 23 | Mar 1 | Mar 8 | Mar 15
Fridays, 9am AU AEST

I’m having a party and you’re invited!
In fact, bring your friends, your furry pals and anyone you know that is enthusiastic or even just curious to move with Spirit.

This is one of my favourite times of year, Festival Time! It means I get to pour out free gifts from an authentic heart-driven space. It means I get to meet new faces and reconnect with some of the usual suspects. It’s always surprising and, not surprisingly, it’s always full.

So this is an alert to reserve your place and yes, there will be goodie bags to take home.

Now let’s look at the line up of what’s on offer.

Can we put a quote here about the program?

Four classes (don’t forget I said free!) to help you reconnect if that’s what you're missing, to help you discover if you’re fresh to the topics or to inspire you If you’re well on the path, to move deeper into your gifts.

It is a space and teaching modality that means we can all flow and jam together no matter our experience or needs. I will personally be running each 90-minute session so you will get the full benefit of my guides. You will receive knowledge about spiritual concepts spanning several cultures and my education as a transformational therapist, as well as a focus on how all these things can be developed by you through the courses of Spirit Magic. 

This is a call out for anyone who is:

  • Curious about their own ability to heal themselves or to collaborate with spirit. 
  • Wondering if Spirit really is there to help you in your everyday and professional life.
  • Hesitating to identify with their healing nature.
  • Creating an existing sense of relationship with Spirit and Energetic consciousness and wants to nuance and cultivate those gifts further.
  • A practitioner of any kind who would like to add to their toolkit and expand their own healing potential including therapists, counselors, coaches, health practitioners, and leaders. 
  • Seeking additional skills and tools to work on their personal patterns and history. 

Here is the nutshell of what’s on offer, it’s jam-packed like a universe in a dew drop, and you will receive:

  • Four powerful, transformational 90-min healing classes
  • Guided healing journeys
  • Healing tools to add to your personal took kit
  • A deeper connection to your innate psychic and healing gifts
  • Beautiful Worksheets and guides sent to you beforehand
  • Access to the recordings if you cannot attend the live sessions
  • Experience of the powerful and astonishing world of working with spirit
  • A journey together towards awakening with a loving and heart-centred community
  • A Facebook group to share and connect with your fellow travellers
Spirit Magic Healing Festival Schedules:


Every Friday beginning February 23 until March 15 (AUS)

Class begins daily @ 9am PST / 5.00pm EST, North America 


Convert to your timezone here.


Daily 75-90 minute wisdom and healing classes with live coaching and workbooks

Replays available to accommodate all time zones

Private Facebook group to journey with like-minded hearts around the world

An introduction to Spirit Magic teams, and working with them for healing. 

In this class, you will learn about the levels of Spirit that you can compose into a team, how they can support you and significantly, several tools that you can take away and use in everyday life to work with Spirit.

You will commune with your own existing spirit support. 

  • Why do we hesitate to embrace our multidimensional selves?

Having subtle and psychic gifts is natural and innate to all human beings. Such gifts can bring us so much knowledge, insights, answers, wisdom and guidance, as well as the power to heal ourselves and others. Yet, when we go to embrace our  multidimensional nature we hit edges, meet closed doors and more often turn away from ourselves.

In this class we will unfurl, examine and bring healing to some of the edges that you hold to your wildest, most creative and psychic nature. We will receive maps for how to continue to unfurl your subtle gifts. 
You can collaborate with spirit with even more ease than you imagined. 

One of the biggest powers of Spirit Magic is not just the spirit team that you build but the tools themselves.  They are absolutely life changing, profoundly healing, and often miraculous. These tools include Trauma Reversal, Ancestral Healing, Soul Retrieval, Past Life Healing and Relationship Healing. 

In this class Myree will take you on a guided tour of the Spirit Magic toolkit, showing you some of the work in live demonstrations, and giving you more space to allow you to adventure in the Spirit Magic world. 

In this last Class of the series, you will join Myree on a Shamanic Dreaming Adventure into the worlds of Spirit Magic. She will walk you through the program so that you not only have an intellectual understanding of its structure, but you will also get to experience it from the inside and have a sense of immersion into the work. You will experience how it holds you, and how it can change your life. 

Nikki | Canada The Spirit Magic Program is profound and powerful soul medicine. I have shifted and healed so much physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. The Teams and tools I have acquired are magnificent and they will continue to help me heal, grow and evolve for the rest of my life. Myree is an immensely gifted, intuitive, wise, compassionate, phenomenal facilitator and healer. She will hold you in an incredibly beautiful, loving, sacred container and you will transform in ways beyond anything you can imagine. My deep heartfelt gratitude to Myree and her Teams for the depth and transformative gifts of Spirit Magic.
Meet Myree Morsi
Soul Guide, Transformational Therapist, Gifted Healer and Awakening Expert

I’ve been aware of my spiritual gifts since I was a child, and I’ve worked as a professional healer since 2009. But even while getting my Master’s degree to become a therapist, I had to hide my spiritual gifts.

It wasn’t until I reclaimed the healer into my identity that my career took off with ease, my purpose became crystal clear and I became completely, lovingly connected with myself.

We all have a healer within us — yet few of us claim it and use it. My passion is to teach people how to embody their inner healer. It is always radically life-changing.

Join me on this fun adventure! The perfect warm-up before Spirit Magic begins on April 17.

+ Come get a taste of my live coaching and experience a powerful awakening in a safe and loving container with like-minded souls

Join Myree on February 23, 2024 for this free mini masterclasses with Spirit Magic Healer Festival! 

The Spirit Magic Healing Festival Begins Soon!

Intro to Understanding Your Kundalini Awakening

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Befriend your Kundalini in a calm, confident and clear way.

Whether you’ve been amidst your Kundalini awakening for years or she just woke up yesterday, this class brings the “aha!” moments that can completely transform your journey with her.

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