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Private Coaching

with Myree Morsi, Soul Guide,
Gifted Healer and Therapist

Welcome, Dear One, to my private coaching practice.

As a professionally practicing healer since 1999 and trauma therapist since 2005, I support healing and soul-aligned growth in clients around the world via 60-minute phone and video sessions.

Phone and video sessions with me offer the same level of depth, insight and healing as in-person sessions while removing location barriers.

Whether you’re seeking support to move past fears and reach your biggest dreams, you’re yearning to heal deep trauma, or you’re in the midst of an overwhelming awakening, I want you to pause and acknowledge these two things:

  1. Seeking help during vulnerable experiences can be frightening, and I celebrate you for doing so.
  2. Receiving support and guidance during any intense evolution you may be moving through (or stuck in) right now is wise because it reminds you of something crucial…

You are not alone.

Please know that while I work in a coaching model, the support I offer is my unique blend of therapy, trauma support, healing, multidimensional exploration, and awakening support and coaching.

Scroll down to get more info on my private coaching approach and how to book a free 15-minute intro call with me.

It’s an honour to walk alongside you on your uniquely magnificent journey.

With passion for your empowerment,


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Limited spaces available!

Myree’s next session booking cycle starts June/August. There are a very small number of spaces available. Download the coaching package below, book an intro call or email Myree directly to enquire. Link to the coaching package and introductory conversation are below…

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Private Coaching

with Myree Morsi,
Soul Guide, Gifted Healer and Therapist

Myree is a wonderful therapist, using her professional experience, as well as her natural sensitivity and intuitive insight, to enable healing on so many levels. She is a wise teacher and guide, encouraging self-empowerment and self-awareness through understanding the unconscious patterns and influences which limit our life experience, as well as offering practical advice and teaching the life skills needed to take charge of our own journeys.”

Katie | Bacchus Marsh, Australia

“I could not recommend a practitioner more highly than I recommend Myree Morsi, and I have worked collegially with hundreds of psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers, and counsellors over the years. The person she is, and the skills she has, have profoundly affected and shaped my life, just as they are assisting the lives of those whom I now see, through me. Thank you, Myree.”

Bree | Melbourne, Australia

“Myree is mentally and emotionally healthy, unlike so many helpers in this very challenging area of psychology and spirituality. She does her own personal work and it is noticeable. If you are recovering from unhelpful or harmful prior help from others or spiritual groups, Myree can be a central figure in your recovery process while helping your awakening and stabilizing process move forward toward living your life most fully!”

SH | California, USA

Myree Morsi, M.A., Soul Guide and Transformational Therapist


Myree Morsi is a profoundly gifted guiding light and grounding pillar here to help every awakening soul elevate to their most joyous purpose.

As a licensed therapist, conflict resolution and trauma specialist, clairvoyant seer and healer, and leadership and self-development coach, Myree is recognized for her unique approach to teaching and healing that perfectly balances the tangible and the mystical. For 20+ years, Myree has guided 1,000s of students and clients through the most painful and expansive transformations of their lives with somatic, shamanic and yogic therapies.

In practice since 1999, Myree became a licensed trauma therapist in 2011, has a Master’s degree in Process-Oriented Psychology (2016), a diploma in professional counseling in Australia, a teaching certificate in Kundalini yoga, and she is a graduate of Mythic Way from the Kairos Centre for Soul Centred Psychotherapy.

Myree’s mission is to dive deep with smart, sensitive, big-hearted people to awaken their gifts in savvy, resourceful and sustainable ways in the midst of modern, pressurized lives.


What to Expect in Private Coaching Sessions with Myree

Initial Session:

In your first session, Myree works with you to gain a complete understanding of your needs and challenges. Together, you will explore your background and the relevant history of the situation you are journeying with. Myree will begin to outline the outcomes you would like to create and start to move you in that direction.

The initial session allows you and Myree to explore rapport and know, more accurately, how to work together and what is possible. It’s also the intention from the very first session to generate insight, healing, and some relief of suffering in a way that serves your highest and best interests.

Following Sessions:

Myree’s presence is at once practical and mystical. She is skilled at making the obscure and overwhelming understandable and manageable, and she provides approachable tips and guidance with precision for your unique situation. Plus, she doesn’t shy away from infusing deep work with laughter and fun!

Myree loves to generously utilise her Master’s degree expertise in Process Work, tools from her personal experiences in self-healing intense traumas, and her clairvoyant gifts that work just as well over a video call as in person. You can learn more about her clairvoyant gifts in this short video

Myree dedicates herself to your healing, self-knowing, and expansion. Working with her means teaming up with a coach who is committed to seeing you through the finish line and beyond.

2 Ways to Receive Private Coaching with Myree​

Myree’s greatest passion is to work in partnership and relationship with her clients over a longer period.

This way, she can support deep change, awakening awareness, strongly developed consciousness of your process, and expanded empowerment and self-knowing so you may release suffering, generate peace and freedom, and experience fulfillment.

Step 1: Select Your Duration

6 months
12 months

Step 2: Select Your Frequency

1 session / month
2 sessions / month

Explore working with Myree
by booking a free 15-minute intro call

(included in the info packet request below)

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Myree has made an enormous difference in my life. In just 3 sessions there were some large shifts in self-awareness, and energy and obvious blockages had moved. The journey Myree guides you through is one of self-discovery, self-inquiry, and positive changes that shape your outlook and future. With Myree, I continued to deepen my understanding of myself and then practically used this information to push forward positively to the next stage of my life. I am deeply grateful for Myree’s ability and warm approach.”

Samantha | Melbourne, Australia

Myree is more than a healer; she is a divine gift to all who are touched by her presence in their lives. Not only is she supportive, compassionate, and non-judgmental, she provides a very safe space to open up, grow, unfold, and find peace.”

J Blake | Illinois, USA

You are not alone.
Team up with Myree to live empowered.

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