The Dedication:

“Have you ever looked up at the stars and asked them why you are here?”

This three day immersion is dedicated to who you really are, to your deepest truth, vision, purpose, calling and sacred task.  I believe your awakening is also serving a bigger purpose, not only to awaken you, but also to guide you to walk a sacred path, to create, teach, heal, lead, inspire, love and offer something deeply of yourself. This retreat will be dedicated to that.


Your Invitation:

You are invited to a special three-day, small group immersive retreat in Sedona, Arizona where we will explore and fall in love with ourselves and co-create with the profound healing energies of the landscape of Sedona and its capacity to connect us to the transformative energies of the universe.

This group is strictly limited to 12 people in order to provide space for individual support and deep, fulfilling connection with ourselves, with each other and with the divine beloved – whatever name you wish to give that – god, goddess, the universe, the quantum field, love, pure consciousness or nature.

This retreat is the beginning of my new work in the world. 

This retreat is the reason I have been formed and molded by my many challenges, gifts, and awakening to be exactly the person I am, here to serve you.



Who Is This Retreat For:

This retreat is dedicated to people on a path of awakening, who have already explored and worked on their personal history to some extent.

It is for those who sense their awakening contains within it a calling or a purpose.

This retreat is for those seeking to experience the healing, inspiration, awakening and magic of working in combination with their essential nature, with spirit and the power of Sedona.


Our Journey Together:

Day One: Initiation and morning introduction

A sacred initiation to open the retreat, a ritual ceremony to connect us with each other and the landscape of Sedona, followed by meeting with a local guide to teach us about the healing energies of the land and famous energy vortexes.


Day One Continued: Letting go of your everyday identity and a vision quest

In order to be close to your deepest nature and build a strong connection to the Divine source we need to loosen the grip of our everyday identity and slip into that precious space “between the worlds”, held between the spirit and the material worlds, and open to guidance, healing, dreaming and inspiration. This is the place where all my healing is offered.

From this open, attuned space we will do a vision quest.


Day Two: Building and anchoring the internal axis between the Earth and the Divine/Source

This sacred axis is an essential energetic channel and structure that runs from Divine source down through the top of our aura, through our body into the earth. It also flows from the earth to the Divine. It is key to being able to commune with the Divine source and to create our dreaming and to hear the whispers of the sacred calling us.

I use this axis in all my healing work, and every day in living a Divinely supported and guided life.

This axis enables us to ground our dreaming, healing and inspiration into our spirit, into our body and into material form so we can be it, do it and have it.

We will create, heal, explore and embody this axis.

We will use this to support our work with the vortexes and this will integrate and intensify it.


Day Three: Expanding from this internal axis into the universe and into your life

It is hard to capture this day in words as we will be playing with and in essence. You will experience what it is like to expand your light, your love, your dreaming and vision from your axis, into the world and into the universe. You will feel the universe come to meet you and dance with you. You will fall in love with yourself in a way that never leaves you. You will feel loved in a way you never imagined possible.

This retreat will be life changing for your relationship with yourself, with the Divine, with spirit and with the land as a source of magic and healing.

In this retreat you will explore as a group, in dyads and in guided inner work, meditation, through creativity and movement, through communion with the earth and the Divine and also with a vision quest

This is a unique opportunity to join me in sacred journey in this incredible landscape, one that may never be replicated.


A Sacred Space Dedicated To Unconditional Love:

On this retreat you will experience three days of unconditional love and care in my presence.

You will also be held, loved, aligned and healed by my amazing spirit healing team.

You also will be held, loved and healed by the powerful energies and earth consciousness of Sedona.

It will allow you to receive information and downloads from the universe and sources of guidance, energetic alignments, consciousness shifts and healing in the way that is appropriate for you.

This love will hold you from the moment you sign up, supporting you from your preparations and travel, to your arrival, flowing beneath you throughout the retreat and then will tenderly carry you back out into the world. It will remain with you in an enduring way.


Meeting A Local Guide:

On day one we will meet a beautiful local guide and friend of mine, Bear. He will speak to us about the landscape of Sedona, its spiritual significance, power and specific abilities to heal.


Visiting A Vortex:

Very early one morning, likely day two or three, we will visit and connect to one of the healing energy vortexes and enjoy being there in the coolest part of the day. Then we will return to my home and integrate this experience.

The vortex chosen will depend on the needs of the group and the guidance of spirit.


The Venue:

You are invited into my beautiful home in the Village of Oak Creek, Sedona, Arizona. This beautiful place is nestled near Bell Rock, which is the vortex of the Divine Masculine, where physical healing emanates and prayers are carried to the universe. Holding us in her field close by is the vortex of Cathedral Rock, which anchors the deep, loving Divine Feminine energies of holding, bliss, grounding and embodiment.

It is a warm time of year so be assured my home is fully air-conditioned and has beautiful Red Rock views.


Dates: From Friday, July 21 to Sunday, July 23:

Each day will run from 10am to 6pm with morning and afternoon tea breaks and organic lunch provided each day.


What’s Not Included:

Accommodation and travel to and from the Village of Oak Creek, Sedona, Arizona.

It is low season in Sedona, so airfares and accommodation are inexpensive. I would suggest staying nearby in the Village of Oak Creek.



The investment for this retreat is US$1497.


How To Apply:

To apply for this retreat please email me directly or via my contact form for an application form.


I look forward to sharing this exquisite retreat with you.