How many of us have been encouraged to find our life purpose, that one important thing we are to do in life? How many of us have nailed it? When we discover it we often feel we have hit the jackpot and feel very blessed.

I believe finding and following some kind of calling is important and meaningful in life, but the calling to purpose is not always or only in the form a job, career or lifestyle as we are conventionally led to believe through mainstream media and education.

Often sacred purpose, calling and meaning in life emerge from a much deeper place, from our earliest childhood dreams and memories. It guides us in the way we dance with all that arises in our life – the challenges, the blessings and the repeating patterns. In many ways it is our deepest call to action and also a source of grace. This is our Life Myth.

This exciting one-day workshop will provide you with the opportunity to uncover and explore some of the deepest guiding themes, energies and patterns of your life, and see your self from a powerful and liberating perspective. You will discover and explore your life myth, sacred purpose and begin to unfold your unique gifts.

What Is Your Life Myth?

Psychotherapist and mystic Carl Jung created the term life myth. He proposed, after many years of working with people, that your earliest childhood nighttime dream or memory held within it a map – guiding information, tendencies, themes and patterns for the whole of your life. Arnold Mindell, creator of Process Work, then expanded on this concept and created many ways of understanding and exploring your life myth.

By discovering the central themes of your earliest childhood dream or memory and then unfolding their meaning and essence you are able to uncover a template of gifts and challenges that is unique to you. This can be the source of many deep insights into your own nature and the life you have lived so far. It can also become a resource for navigating your future.

Your life myth contains both your sacred gifts and also the core difficulties you will face in this life. Your gifts and insights about your life myth support you to gain mastery, resilience and awareness with both the opportunities and challenges of your life.

Have you ever felt that though circumstances may change or improve the same theme keeps returning, and it keeps bugging you? An issue may first appear as a relationship conflict, then resolve and appear in a body symptom and then reappear in an inner conflict. This is often your life myth challenge at work.

Knowing your life myth can give you a great advantage of being able to accurately define the core of an ongoing challenge and immediately have more freedom and a friendly and more loving way of relating to it.

Working on the troubling essence of your life myth can be truly life changing. It certainly was for me. This is one of the reasons I am so passionate about sharing this with you. Discovering and working on your life myth is a doorway to freedom, transformation and a way of deepening your spiritual power and inner strength.

Knowing your life myth can lead to a deep sense of appreciation and valuing of who you are, and who you have grown into as a result of meeting the challenges of your life myth.

Your life myth is exciting, empowering and honoring of who you are and I am excited to share this beautiful day with you.

Previous Course Responses:

For those of you that are curious about my teaching, here are some participant responses to my teaching of awakening this year:

“What a blessing this course. I’d love to tell you in words exactly how juicy, rich, beautiful, loving and powerful it is but as with anything to do with the sacred feminine it has to be experienced in your own body. Myree guides and teaches with such love, compassion, grace and humour. Part of the gift to self of this course is just being able to spend a day in her presence and the beautiful circle of women she creates and holds space for. As a result of this course, I feel a deeper embodiment of my spirit yet expanded at the same time. It is such a gift. With love and deep gratitude I bow.”

Kym Wilson, Melbourne

“The Advanced Kundalini course was a sacred time of connection and an opportunity to deepen my understanding of the Kundalini and Shakti process and awareness. Myree held the space with total grace and compassion. She has such a depth of experience and deep deep understanding, which she shares so gently and in total humility. I had the opportunity to explore my own personal power, to spend time in beautiful tuneful awareness. I was also gifted with the honour of witnessing others unique and individual journeys.
In all a total blessing and gift.”

Anne, Melbourne

“I attended Myree’s Embodied Awakening course wanting to educate myself about Kundalini and Shakti, not really having much of a clue about these alluring topics. Myree’s unique ability to create and hold a safe heart-centred space while imparting brilliant intelligence for our spiritual journey is an honour to be part of. I found the workshop totally revelatory, and felt I had mysterious parts of my journey and life experience explained in an instant, with total clarity. Suddenly, certain experiences in my life made sense, and my every day inner spiritual journey was given words and technical explanations. This is very empowering and exciting, and wonderful to share learning with other souls in the group setting. Myree presented and discussed these complex principals, theories and diverse experiences with grace, clarity and unique insight.”

Rachel Delany, Melbourne.

FAQ About Life Myth:

What if I do not remember my earliest childhood dream or memory?

Your earliest childhood dream or memory does not have to be drawn from when you were a young child. Many people do not remember their early childhood for a variety of reasons. You can instead draw on your earliest memory or important dream from your teenage years or even young adult years. Exploration and research on life myth has shown that these life myth themes will repeat through life events, memories and seemingly very different dreams. Your life myth finds many ways to be known by you and thus there are many reoccurring doorways to discovering it in your life. We can begin our exploration at wherever your earliest dream or life memory begins and trust what unfolds from there.

Date and time:

Next date TBA

 I look forward to sharing this sacred and powerful day with you.

More Participant Responses:

“I highly recommend the Awakening Embodied course as it has given me clarity about the whole process and the fact that our awakening is very unique to each of us. It is very personal and sacred at the same time. I use to believe I was a weirdo because of this whole process and not understanding what was going on and basically living my life in fear, now I am surfing with the wave (so to speak) and riding it out as I now have a better understanding that this ride is taking me to a better place deep within myself. Not only do you receive a lot of knowledge and wisdom from Myree but you are also held in a safe and very nurturing space where you can be vulnerable and open. Her style of teaching is like no other. “

Hulya, Melbourne

“I had just come off a vacation where I was completely relaxed a week before the course. And in that one week I had managed to become frantic, panicked and anxious with work and other commitments and the demands I felt people were placing on me. The course was SO timely for me as I discovered the next step in the process for me was to learn how to be calm despite the craziness around me. It was seriously like a balm for my soul. And now, 2 weeks on I can say genuinely that the effects of that day have been lasting. I also am able to check in with my Kundalini daily to safely guide me in certain things and I feel so supported. So, on the whole, I feel more peaceful, calmer and supported by the Universe. Many thanks.”

MM, Melbourne