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Kundalini Awakening Coaching

You are not alone in your Kundalini awakening journey.

Since 2009, I’ve been offering empowering, transformative Kundalini awakening coaching. 

A professional healer since 1999, my blend of spiritual gifts, initiations and professional training grew to specialize in Kundalini awakening after I navigated my own spontaneous, difficult Kundalini awakening to completion from 2006 to 2009. I have been symptom-free ever since.

So, dear Awakening One, I’ve been there, too. I know what it’s like to struggle to maintain a busy, modern life amidst Kundalini’s intense purification processes. 

Through my own experience, and supporting 1,000s of others since, I also know which lifestyle choices surprisingly exacerbate the symptoms — and which simple changes stabilise the symptoms for more ease, understanding and work/life/awakening balance.

The Kundalini journey is often frightening and lonely, whether you asked for it or not. 

But you don’t have to go it alone.

It is my passion, joy and privilege to support people around the world to ground, stabilise and embody their awakening so they can surf the flow of Kundalini with more ease and peace.

Please know that while I work in a coaching model, the support I offer is my unique blend of therapy, trauma support, energetic healing, multidimensional exploration, awakening support and coaching — this blend embraces the full spectrum of challenges that Kundalini can create.

Scroll down to get more info on understanding your Kundalini awakening, what to expect in my private Kundalini awakening coaching and how to book a free 15-minute intro call with me.

With passion for your awakening,

Myree Morsi real signature kundalini awakening expert, trauma therapist, soul guide, leadership coach

J Blake | Illinois, USA

When I first met Myree, I was in a panic state and felt like shattered, scattered fragments of glass. It was through her love, compassion, and skill that I can truly say I am both stabilized and enhanced. I have come to know joy once again. 

To me, Myree is more than a healer; she is a divine gift to all who are touched by her presence in their lives. Not only is she supportive, compassionate and non-judgmental, she provides a safe space to open up, grow, unfold, and find peace. When we meet (via Skype), it feels more like sharing time with my best friend; I am always confident that I’m safe, and thus better in her presence. 

She is instrumental in seeing clairvoyantly and feeling empathically where and how my energy is moving. As a result, she has brought me to a place of functional capability, even while laughing and finding lightness in the midst of heaviness and oftentime tears. I am eternally grateful to Myree.

J Blake | Psychologist
Illinois, USA

Myree shares her approach to supporting your Kundalini Awakening

Kundalini awakening can be painful to journey through alone.

The Kundalini awakening process can be a difficult, frightening and overwhelming experience for many people. It was for Myree.

Often, Kundalini is lonely and isolating, misunderstood by others, confusing and distressing. It can initiate unimaginable levels of pain and crisis for some people. 

Myree underwent her Kundalini process largely on her own, with occasional insight by others who had walked the path. She would have loved to have someone to soothe and support her, and to help her avoid some of the challenges she faced while equipped with only her intuition and awareness as guides amidst profound stress on all levels of her being and life.

Receiving safe support, deep knowledge, a personalised map and resources to support your unique process can make an enormous and invaluable difference to your awakening. 

It IS possible to befriend your Kundalini awakening! With Myree, you will learn to embrace the full spectrum of challenges and gifts that your Kundalini awakening can create.

Myree's Empathic Approach

When Myree successfully stabilised and completed her Kundalini awakening in 2009, her focus turned to embody her awakening, living from awakened awareness in everyday life, integrating awakened consciousness and increasing levels of consciousness in her body. 

This included learning to metabolise vast states of love, peace, grace and awareness into her nervous system, cells, brain, tissues and energetics. She learnt intricately how to listen and work with an integrated, embodied awakening process.

As this awakened awareness stabilised, a deep calling and yearning birthed in her heart: the purpose of this awakening was to serve others by supporting them through their Kundalini process and into embodied awakening.

While Myree can use yogic language if needed, she tries as much as possible to speak to you about your Kundalini process in everyday language and easily understood terms. She wants you to be able to clearly relate, understand and build a map of your process, rather than be lost in ancient Sanskrit language which can make it harder to grasp what may be happening to you.

Myree has a deep appreciation for grounded, practical coaching, and being able to do things for yourself, independently. So, as she lovingly holds your hand, she adds in practical, real-life, achievable skills, choices and tips that will empower you to support and transform your own process.

Professional Background

Myree Morsi is a profoundly gifted guiding light and grounding pillar here to help every awakening soul elevate to their most joyous purpose. She has mastered the awakening process for the modern world. 

Her work interweaves her expertise as a licensed therapist, conflict resolution and trauma specialist, clairvoyant and clairaudient seer and healer, and leadership and self-development coach.

Myree has been a professional healer since 1999 and became a licensed trauma therapist in 2011. She has a Master’s degree in Process-Oriented Psychology (2016), a diploma in professional counseling in Australia, a teaching certificate in Kundalini yoga, and she is a graduate of Mythic Way from the Kairos Centre for Soul Centred Psychotherapy.

An Australian native, Myree is recognized for her unique approach to teaching and healing that perfectly balances the tangible and the mystical, the tender and the direct. For 20+ years, Myree has helped 1,000s awaken through the most painful and expansive transformations of their lives with trauma-aware therapy, somatic therapy, and spiritual and energetic healing.

Myree has been in the wounded, vulnerable, injured places we traverse as humans. She knows her way around these realms and how to find the sacred path out. Myree successfully completed and integrated her Kundalini awakening in 2009 and has been symptom-free ever since. 

With Myree, you will surf through every layer of your unique human experience for lasting transformation down to your cellular level. She will meet you where you are with her unique ability to see the energy of Kundalini in others — even through a computer screen.

Myree’s mission is to dive deep with smart, sensitive, big-hearted people to awaken in savvy, resourceful and sustainable ways in the midst of our modern and pressurized lives.

Myree's Spiritual Gifts

Whether you are in the room with Myree or on the other side of the world, she can see, hear and connect with your Kundalini Shakti process — working with your energetic systems to stabilise you and connect you with your Shakti in an empowered way.

One of the gifts of Myree’s awakening is a specialised clairvoyance: she can see the luminous Shakti process in your body. 

She sees how much Shakti is free-flowing or where and how Shakti is blocked or jammed in your body, chakras and energetics, as well as the speed of Shakti’s flow and, crucially, if Shakti is flowing too fast, thus causing intense suffering. Myree’s gift can also pinpoint where Shakti is linked to and causing physical ailments (such as pain, insomnia and illness). 

Myree can also clairaudiently hear the intensity of Shakti flow, just like listening to the flow of a river: gently flowing without causing many problems, or roaring along with a seemingly chaotic and terrifying intensity that’s flooding the body systems.

With Myree’s gifts, she can empathically experience the Kundalini and awakening processes in your body and energetic systems to create a highly specific map of where you are and what is happening in your Kundalini process.

What to Expect in Kundalini Coaching with Myree

Kundalini coaching sessions run for 1 hour and are conducted nationally and internationally via Skype. In these sessions, you will:

Understand every aspect of your awakening process and receive healing.

Be heard and lovingly understood by someone who has been all of the way through Kundalini and descent-of-Shakti experiences and has successfully integrated awakening in an embodied way.

Receive a pinpointed assessment of your Kundalini process and what is happening in your physical and energetic systems, and receive accurate feedback. Together, you and Myee will make sense of what is happening on your journey.

Assess your symptoms and troubling Kundalini issues, body ailments, psychological, emotional and spiritual stress and the impact these are having on your everyday life and capacity to live.

Understand and work with terrifying symptoms, especially any interaction between Kundalini and trauma or abuse.

Manage and understand strange experiences and phenomena.

Receive specific energetic healing for Kundalini in your body, and either reduce and eliminate symptoms, or find meaningful and achievable ways to manage and live with your symptoms until they subside in the natural progress of Kundalini.

Learn how to work with Kundalini-Shakti to successfully manage and maintain your everyday life whilst awakening.

Create an empowering and valuable map to begin unfolding the personal material Kundalini is bringing out of your body — particularly any life issues, pain, depression, anxiety, trauma, or abuse and unresolved suffering.

As a licensed counsellor with many years of experience working with deep pain, trauma and abuse, Myree will support you to understand and map what is happening in your awakening pain. Becoming able to process personal history and pain supports your awakening and relieves your Kundalini process.

Understand how Kundalini is an intelligent, self-regulating process, and thus help it to regulate or slow down rather than overwhelm you.

Cultivate an empowered, loving and creative relationship with Kundalini Shakti and Her process, and learn to dialogue with Her.

Return to everyday life if you have been knocked out by the Kundalini process.

Be guided into an embodied, stable, functional and beautiful awakening.

Integrate the awakening consciousness more effectively into your body so you can flow along with it and allow it, thus smoothing out the process.

Be supported into deeper surrender to Kundalini and awakening where appropriate.

Learn tools, skills, tips and valuable information on how to care for and empower yourself in your awakening process.

Relax into and enjoy your awakening!


Hulya | Melbourne, Australia

“Myree is a true blessing for me. Not only is she kind, compassionate and sensitive, but she turns what seems like madness into sanity and has a very gentle approach to the whole process while using her unique gifts. 

When I met Myree, I was frightened and in a sheer state of panic. I had a spontaneous Kundalini awakening 3 years ago. There have been many times when it has been tremendously difficult, challenging and lonely. I had no knowledge, preparation, support or guidance of what was happening. 

I am deeply grateful to have found Myree. With her experience and wisdom of the Kundalini process, Myree has tremendously helped me transform my life from victimhood to empowering and embracing myself and connecting to my inner strength.

Kundalini once seemed like a curse to me. Myree has helped me to see that the process is actually a blessing as it dissolved away the illusion of suffering.”

Fiona | Perth, Australia

“When I first contacted Myree, I was exhausted, depressed, deeply suicidal and life had been a hard struggle for several years. 

I was experiencing a Kundalini crisis — although I did not know it. 

Since working with Myree, I now have a deeper understanding of this process and many tools and strategies to help manage it. 

I now meet the constant unfolding of life in a mostly calm, happy and grounded state and I am deeply grateful to Myree for her love and support through this sometimes very challenging process.”

Katherine | New York, USA
Global Brand Manager & Consultant

“Dramatic soul changes happened for me when I learned from Myree.

Previously, I was not able to embrace the counseling/soul work I had been doing (and paying $ for) for decades.

Myree has been able to move mountains inside my psyche to allow me to receive her support and guidance to heal, grow and own my power.

If Myree has been put on your path, ask yourself: are you ready to get to the root of your challenges and change your path for the better?”

Anne RussellSound Healing Practitioner, Psychosomatic Therapist, Liquid Crystal Practitioner
Melbourne, Australia


“Myree’s understanding of the awakening process is profound. She guided and supported me through the experiences and stages of my Kundalini awakening with love, wisdom, laughter and gentle humour. 

She is extraordinarily sensitive to each stage of my journey and with her gentle manner has held and encouraged me to gain greater and greater insight and grounded connectedness. 

Myree knows how to help me find the words that enhance my understanding, encourage me to explore the depths of feeling that have arisen, feel and comprehend the new awarenesses I am experiencing, and when to support me in a shared experience of silence and integration.

Myree works from the heart in clear communication with her soul. She has a vast knowledge and wisdom that has come from her own experiences in understanding, accepting and developing her own sensitive nature and her own awakening. 

The sense of safety, care and support that I have felt working with Myree through my awakening process has been a gift. She knows when to encourage movement and when to slow the process down so clear integration can occur – so the awakening process is embodied. 

Myree communicates with total clarity, integrity, honesty and through the open, intuitive connection she has with her higher self. I am blessed to have Myree as a teacher and guide.”

3 Ways to Stabilise and Enjoy
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