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Supporting Your Awakening | Myree Morsi, Soul Guide, Kundalini Expert & Therapist

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In the sacred journey of supporting someone in their awakening I often weave through many different areas of their life, unfolding the way consciousness is expanding in the body, psyche, and energetic system. Awakening can bring up much past history for completion and simultaneously elevate awareness, sensitivity and unearth our deepest gifts.

My deepest commitment is to embodied awakening, where we bring the pure and high frequency of who you are into and through every cell in your body. This is true freedom – an awakening grounded fully in the body and radiant from within you into the world, to all you focus upon and to all you meet.

On our journey together we may touch on many areas, perhaps including on one or many of the following areas:[/vc_column_text][divider line_type=”Small Line” line_alignment=”default” line_thickness=”1″ divider_color=”default” custom_height=”50″][vc_column_text]

Commitment to your own evolutionary awakening

  • When seeking a deeper commitment to your sacred path, spiritual calling, and inner journey
  • When you sense you’re being called to awaken
  • When you sense you’re being called to grow and expand in alignment with humanity’s evolution, on the leading edge
  • When you desire to function from a deeper level of authenticity than ever before
  • When you feel lost, alone, confused, overwhelmed, and submerged with your inner process, yet feel there is a deeper meaning and calling within it
  • When you seek to follow a more meaningful life path, and build a bridge between your inner spiritual life and your outer worldy life

This work suits those who may be completely uncertain about their inner life, calling or purpose, but have a deep desire to know it more, to fluidly cross that inner threshold and know themselves, and those who have both a deep curiosity and commitment to their own journey and process.

Transformation of physical, emotional, mental & spiritual pain

  • physical pain, injury, systemic diseases, acute and chronic illnesses
  • relationship pain and conflict
  • work and career challenges
  • trauma, physical, mental or emotional
  • emotional pain, grief and loss
  • anxiety and depression
  • emotional and psychological blocks
  • painful memories and emotional imprints from traumatic experiences
  • inner child issues
  • self-esteem and confidence issues
  • self-limiting beliefs and sabotage programs
  • energetic blocks, aura disturbances, and chakra imbalances

Making life transitions

  • when your life feels out of balance, unfulfilled, or unsatisfying
  • when you feel stuck
  • when seeking significant change in your life, relationships or career
  • when you know you need to change, but don’t know how
  • when you recognise your responsibility for creating situations in your life, but can’t see how you are generating them

Managing your sensitivity

Sensitivity is a refined, acute, subtle awareness of yourself, and the physical energetic world around you. Your sensitivity can be a source of great joy, pleasure and guidance. However, if not properly understood and cared for, it can result in extreme overwhelm and pain, and difficulty functioning in day-to-day life.

This work can:

  • Enable you to recognise, honour and accept your unique sensitivity
  • Empower you to live a successfully sensitive life
  • Help you to understand how sensitivity functions in your life
  • Teach you how to care for yourself and your sensitivity, so you can live your best life possible
  • Encourage healthy boundaries to diminish the impact of other’s emotions and invasive energy
  • Heal trauma, shame and victim patterns around being sensitive
  • Help you to cultivate a love and appreciation of yourself as a sensitive person, and value your sensitivity as an important part of your life path

Spiritual emergency

Mentoring, healing and support through the challenges of the awakening process.

When moving onto the path of awakening, the challenge can be so intense as to create a state of extreme imbalance within your system.
It may be a mild experience involving conflict between the inner calling and the external limitations of your life, confusion, fatigue, anxiety and depression. Alternately, it may be intense, overwhelming and extreme … a state of emergency in which you may feel entirely lost, bleak, directionless and hopeless, as you enter a ‘dark night of the soul’, with a range of unexplainable physical and psychic symptoms.

Support and guidance when experiencing unexplained psychic / intuitive phenomena as a result of activated sensitivity to energy and the spiritual levels.

When unfamiliar to this new way of experiencing the world, these experiences may be unsettling, frightening, or make you fear you’re going mad.

Stability and balance within the kundalini process.

A kundalini crisis is a sudden or gradual change in the amount or movement of energy in the body. It is rarely smooth, and can cause severe psychosomatic disturbances in the whole system (mind, body and spirit). It can generate a variety of unexplained symptoms, which can often be confusing, frightening, and feel out of control … heat, insomnia, emotional suffering, fatigue, and extreme fragility.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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