Healing & Counselling sessions run for 60 minutes are available by telephone or via audio and video Skype. Phone consults (via my telephone or Skype internet phone services) are available locally, nationally and internationally. Phone and Skype sessions offer the same level of depth, insight and healing, as an in person session. For many people phone and Skype session suit their busy schedules, offer alternatives to travel difficulties or the challenges of living in a different location.

To learn more about phone and Skype sessions please read the page about Online Sessions.

Shorter 30 minute phone support sessions are available for extra support between appointments, and also for touching base after having completed your journey.

Scroll down to learn more about what happens in a Counselling & Healing session.

Booking a Service

When you first contact me, I offer a free 15 minute phone consultation for us to discuss your needs, and set a time for your first appointment. I will also send you my Welcome Information Kit which contains all the details of my sessions and practice to support you and create clarity.

This initial consult allows you to get a deeper sense of me, and to know if I am right for your journey. It also allows me to understand what your needs are, and whether I can serve you and the outcomes you are seeking. I value your time and commitment, so this is important to me. If your needs are outside my expertise, I may be able to refer you on to someone who would serve you better.

Session Payment

Phone and Skype sessions must be pre-paid (via PayPal or EFT internet banking) within 2 days, to confirm your appointment. If no payment is received, the booking will be cancelled.

The Medical Support Program is to be pre-paid (via PayPal or EFT internet banking) in stages, as treatment progresses.

What If I need to cancel?

To avoid a cancellation fee, a minimum of 48hrs is required for appointment rescheduling and cancellations. Changes made with less than 24hrs notice will incur the full fee of the session, and changes within 24-48hrs will incur 50% session fee. When you make a booking, you are agreeing to this cancellation policy.

What happens in a Counselling & Healing session?

Initial Session:

In your first session, we work together to gain a complete understanding of your needs and challenges. We explore your background and the relevant history of the situation you are journeying with. We begin to outline what outcomes you would like to create and start to move in that direction.

The initial session allows us to explore our rapport and know, more accurately, how to work together and what is possible. It is also the intention from the very first session to generate insight, healing and some relief of suffering, in a way which serves your highest and best interests.

How many sessions?

The answer to this question really depends on the goals you are setting in your journey, the unique factors and challenges in your life, and how long particular habits or trauma have been present in your life. It is also dependent on your commitment and dedication to generating change, deepening awareness and participating deeply in your own healing journey.

Occasionally, a person chooses to have a short series of sessions, exploring and uncovering their inner process. In other cases, I also work with people over much longer periods (several months or more than a year), who are working through complex issues and generating ongoing and deepening change across many different areas of their life.

After the deeper process work is complete, and a person has completed a particular stage of their journey, they may return for occasional sessions when they need support with emerging challenges, suffering or feeling stuck.

My greatest passion is to work in partnership and relationship with my clients over a longer period of time, supporting deep change, awakening awareness, developing consciousness of your process, and expanding your empowerment and self-knowing; so that you may release suffering, generate peace and freedom, and experience fulfilment.

Myree has made an enormous difference to my life.  In just three sessions there were some large shifts in self awareness, energy and obvious blockages had moved.  The journey Myree guides you through is one of self discovery, self inquiry and positive changes that shape your outlook and future. I had more sessions with Myree and continued to deepen my understanding of myself and then practically used this information to push forward positively to the next stage of my life.
I am deeply grateful for Myree’s ability and warm approach.

Samantha, Melbourne, Australia.