Telephone and video/audio Skype Sessions are a very effective and powerful way to engage in counselling, healing, coaching and awakening support. While providing the same high quality of support and beautiful healing change as in-person sessions, there are the additional benefits of being able to have them from the comfort of your own home or office, and that you do not need to travel. Phone sessions save time and offer a level of flexibility. Having a session at home allows you private space and time to rest and integrate the session directly afterwards.

Many people also feel more comfortable sharing deeply personal experiences within phone sessions as they are less confronting.

Phone and Video Sessions

I have been successfully offering phone and video Skype sessions for healing, counselling, coaching and insight for many years with clients all over Australia and internationally. In many cases, I have worked with people exclusively on the phone as they found their way through and out of serious life crises, depression, deep anxiety, suicidal periods, recovery from abuse and trauma. I have counselled and coached people via Skype through Kundalini crises and spiritual emergence, and successfully back into life, into deeper, more stable awakening and into safeness and personal empowerment.

I have supported people through illness, career transition, life changes, and relationship breakdowns and even supported people through their dying process, all through phone sessions.

I have continuously found that phone sessions are as powerful and effective as in-person sessions and are able to facilitate healing, insight, transformation, and relief from pain and suffering and the acquisition of new life skills.

It is possible to create a powerful, clear and compassionate healing and therapeutic space in phone and Skype sessions, and I maintain a firm commitment to offering this to all my clients.

In therapy and healing work the relationship between practioner and client supports the depth and effectiveness of all healing. Therefore I seek to nurture and foster a safe, compassionate, warm and sacred relationship and sacred space in our phone sessions.

Phone/Skype sessions are 60 minutes in length and can be paid for via pay pal, or internet banking.

Please scroll down to read Frequently Asked Questions about phone and Video sessions.

Client Responses to Phone/Video Sessions:

Myree is a remarkable healer. I am so fortunate to have been recommended to her, as I have seen so many changes in me since our very first consultation. Since moving interstate, I have found that our phone consultations have taken my healing journey to a much deeper level.  While going through a major shift in my life she has helped me in re-connecting with my true self, to welcome uniqueness and to reveal in me that I have the courage to follow my own star.

Through my own family crisis, my mother has consulted with Myree over the phone, as well as channelling other family members who have been in deep emotional and spiritual turmoil. Even though they have never met face to face, we can both absolutely confirm that her energy, intuition and healing travels and connects even at the greatest distance. With that she has brought much relief for our family who are going through a Kundalini crisis.

If you have the inkling and opportunity to consult with Myree, take it!!!! No matter your reason for going, be assured you’re in the best hands for the journey back to you. My sessions with her have been the most empowering I have ever felt with any counsellor. I am a healer myself and confidently recommend Myree to support you back to emotional, spiritual and physical wellbeing.

Vesna, Sydney Australia

“I have experienced many different styles of energy work over the last 5 years; during this time never had I experienced an initial consult over the phone, all were in person.   When I made contact with Myree to book in my first session, I struggled to find a time that worked for me.   I have a young family and live approximately one hour away. Myree suggested a phone consult; I was hesitant at first because I wanted to have “the full experience” and I felt the phone would inhibit me connecting and expressing myself.   Interestingly, my intuition repeatedly told me to go ahead with the phone session and I took a chance.  My first session was amazing; I felt so comfortable and safe in my own environment, being facilitated by Myree with her nurturing voice, gentle nature and great sense of humour.   She provided the perfect balance of love and support giving me the courage to go places within myself I never thought possible.  I now do all of my sessions via the phone, and my whole world has changed in a short space of time.  Myree has helped me to awaken my gifts & talents and has given me the confidence to start using them in my life. Thank you so much.”

Liz, Mornington Peninsula, Australia

“Delightful and profound. That’s always my experience of sessions with Myree. Over the years, the last eight or so via phone, her support, insight and ability to hold light and facilitate healing have been pivotal in my journey of life. 
Her connection with Spirit travels through those phone or computer lines with purity and love, and arrives in your heart with a ring of relief found only in Truth.
Much love and gratitude.”

Grace, Anglsea Victoria


FAQ about Phone and Video/Skype Sessions:

I hope these responses support your enquiry about phone/video/skype sessions. Please phone or email me if you have further questions.

How does a phone/Skype session work?

In phone sessions I call you at the time of our appointment.

In a Skype session I will call you via either phone or video Skype at the time of the appointment.

The session goes for sixty minutes. We usually spend the first part of the session identifying what would be most helpful for you and mapping where you are at or what has been happening. The session then unfolds according your needs and process.

Please read my policy and guidelines for phone sessions at the end of this page.

How does Skype work?

Skype is a free internet program which can be downloaded to your computer, laptop or mobile devices such as a smart phone, tablet or iPad. It allows us to make free Skype-to Skype phone calls and video calls nationally and internationally. Video calls are wonderful as it allows us to see each other and for many people that is supportive, comforting and very helpful. Other people simply prefer voice calls.

The only cost for using Skype is the use of data on your internet data plan. Video uses more data than a voice call.

Being able to Skype from smart phones and devices provides a lot of freedom and flexibility for people to fit sessions in while on the move, travelling or around busy life, family or work schedules.

How do you tune in to me if we are not in the same room together?

Through my gifts as a highly sensitive empath, and my clairvoyant capacity to remotely see your aura, I am able to tune in and be aware of what is happening in your physical, energetic and emotional bodies. I am able to do this whether I am in the room with you, or if we are on the phone and you are on the other side of the world. This gives me important information on what is happening in your different levels of awareness, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual, and allows me to see what is happening in the relationship between them. It allows me to see your wholeness and offers valuable information about how we need to attend to your healing, therapy or coaching process and needs.

With this capacity for awareness, I am able to follow your healing process as it unfolds with great perceptiveness and detail, and thus support you in many different ways in both phone and Skype sessions. It also allows me to attune to your nervous system and support processing and integrating new information, edges to change, painful memories and trauma. By working closely in this way with your nervous system, I support your session and process to unfold at a pace that is safe and appropriate to you while protecting you from overwhelm. This is important as it allows you to integrate the session and insights successfully and be able to continue with your life.

How does healing happen over the phone or Skype?

The energetic healing that I offer uses the infinite sources of healing energy and healing grace available from the universe, from Source. This energy is available to anyone where ever they are; it is a gift of life. In my healing work, I simply call on this healing energy and support you to align with and receive it, and allow it to support your healing process, clear blocks and release emotions and trauma, and support the integration of your healing/counselling/coaching session.

I also work with my team of guides who are able to be with and support you and attune to your process no matter where you are.

I look forward to journeying with you.



Policy and guidelines for phone sessions:

  1. Phone sessions are 60 minutes.
  2. You are responsible for being on time for your session. I have a set schedule and am rarely able to run overtime if you are running late. Please email me if you are held up. I allow a maximum of fifteen minutes to pass before concluding the session is not proceeding, unless you contact me.
  3. Occasionally, I may be held up on a previous call.  If so, I will contact you, leave a message on Skype or send you an email, and the full session will start as soon as we commence. I am very committed to my clients and if I’m late I am only a few minutes away.
    Please do not worry if it takes a few minutes for us to connect via Skype, as sometimes Skype can be slow to load.  If you have problems with Skype please email and we can work together to see if we can resolve the Skype issue.
  4. The last 5 minutes of each session will be used to conclude the healing/counselling/coaching process, clarify any exercises or skill work between sessions, and to book any future session(s).
  5. All phone and Skype sessions must be prepaid a minimum of two days before the session to ensure the appointment is held for you. Once you have paid for your session it is secure. If you fail to prepay with two days notice your appointment will be cancelled.
  6. I have a clear policy in regard to cancellations. When you are booking a session with me, you are booking my time.  If you cancel/reschedule at short notice, or forget your appointment, I am unable to replace or reuse that time for other clients. I value your time, and mine, therefore I request that 48 hours notice be given for any cancellation or rescheduling. The full session fee is charged for late cancellations, and if you forget your appointment or fail to show up.
  7. To cancel or reschedule your session please either send me a message via email. Please do not cancel via Skype message or SMS as I may not get your message in time. If I am travelling SMS can be unreliable way to reschedule.
  8. Once you have booked your first appointment I will email you a link to my Counsol online client portal where you can login and complete some standard Australian counselling consent, confidentiality and intake forms.