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Myree is an awakening expert, international spiritual leader, therapist, healer, teacher and coach. She experienced her own powerful spiritual awakening in 2009, and today is on a mission to support people in the wild, wonderful and often perplexing process of spiritual awakening and Kundalini.

Having overcome profound early childhood trauma and healed PTSD, Myree knows her way around the most wounded, vulnerable and injured places and how to find the sacred path out. Clairvoyant since childhood, she has cultivated a complex spirit support team and developed unique healing modalities, which she shares around the world.

Myree holds a master’s degree in Process-Oriented Psychology and is a certified Kundalini yoga instructor. She helps her clients and students unfold unusual, difficult or frightening experiences; release trauma; and explore psychic phenomena and energetic disturbances. As she holds space for them to wake up fully and be free, they experience physical, spiritual and financial healing miracles; own their spiritual power and gifts; and show up as leaders in the world.


For speaking inquiries please email Myree through the contact page on this website. A Speakers One Sheet can also be sent to you upon request. Please outline the nature of the invitation and the details of the project.

Talking Points

  • The Modern-Day Awakening successfully showing up for work, love, family and yourself in the midst of the pressures of waking up
  • Navigating difficult symptoms, scary experiences and psychic phenomena on the awakening journey
  • Energetic and psychological relief and clarity during COVID overwhelm
  • Elevate your Consciousness: Quantum evolution in the midst of global tumult
  • How to create your own healing Spirit Posse
  • The sacred intersection of trauma & awakening
  • What to do with traumatic memories triggered by Kundalini, waking up, and everyday life
  • Self-Care for the Highly Sensitive: Why am I so sensitive? And what do I do?

Myree can also speak vastly on topics related to healing and recovery including trauma and sexual trauma, ancestral healing, Post Traumatic Stress, and how to unburden the weight of both trauma and oppression from all levels of our physical and energetic systems. She brings more than 20 years in successful practice (in multiple modalities) to her perspectives on these subjects.

She is available to dive deep into all things kundalini and awakening including the quirky and problematic issues of modern day expansion of consciousness. Myree is well aware of how painful and scary awakening can be for many millions of people on the planet right now.

My purpose is to be in service to the awakening of consciousness in the individual and in the global community, and the evolution of consciousness on planet Earth.


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“As one of our featured speakers, Myree graced our audience with her compassionate presence, wisdom, and expertise. She spoke eloquently from direct experience about the joys and challenges of waking up, and gave practical suggestions for when the going gets tough. I found myself so engaged I almost forgot we were being recorded!”

Georgette Star, Life Blessing Institute, Client Breakthrough Summit Director & Host

“Myree brings an intuitive skill unlike any other person I have met. Our participants, women from around the globe, felt held in the safe and sacred container she created as they opened to their potential and healing and connected deeply to their soul. In the space of one hour, Myree met each person with profound presence, grace, and intuitive precision.”

Jennifer Alyse, Visionary entrepreneur and leader of Awaken the Visionary Retreat

“Myree offers a rare combination of theoretical knowledge and practical skill with a profound love and compassion.”

Workshop participant

“Your immense generosity is exceeded only by your beautiful caring nature and gorgeous smile that brings joy and comfort to anyone around you. You give more of yourself towards our spiritual awakening and healings than is often apparent and yet you keep giving and giving.”

Workshop participant

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Myree should be considered a national treasure.

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