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Early bird Special until February 9, 2020

Join spiritual healer, counselor and awakening expert Myree Morsi on a profound, joyous and unforgettable three-day immersion into Spirit Magic.

In this immersion we will really turn up the power and dive deeper into what is truly possible at a quantum level for healing and co-creating with spiritual support. It is mind blowing!

In Spirit Magic 1 you built your incredible Spirit teams, and then played and healed with them. You unfolded and then honed your remarkable abilities to attune and communicate with them.

And now you may long for more of what you know and sense within you is possible.

You intuitively know you can refine your natural abilities to communicate and co-create with Spirit support – and then use this to activate your full power to be whole and human.

You deserve access to powerful healing tools and the infinite capacities of spirit so you can be resourceful and independent in your self-care, your evolution, your wellbeing and your awakening.

In Spirit Magic 2 you will learn from the advanced and unique repertoire of tools, skills and techniques Myree has developed herself over two decades as a spiritual healer and therapist. This is the first time she has ever shared intimately the tools she knows work well to both free your self and bring healing to others.

In order to facilitate these co-creative healing abilities with Spirit, you will curate a highly specialized, multi-dimensional healing team that has access to some of the realms of spirit and healing beings that Myree utilizes every day in her advanced healing work. Again, this has never been shared before. You will tailor a high-level spirit team to perform healing work and offer refined, elevated support that is perfectly aligned with who you are. This team can also be aligned to any population you may wish to support with these skills if you feel called (this is not essential).

Now that you already have existing spirit teams that are uniquely crafted to nurture areas of your life you will explore how to initiate and sustain long form conversations so you can dive deeper into the wisdom, guidance and assistance they have to offer you.

We will explore together on how to utilize the resources of your existing spirit team even more accurately in your everyday life and personal vocations.

In this three-day program you will learn about:

  • Activating and integrating your natural intelligence, gifts and abilities in any area of you life (we have so many incredible gifts, vast knowledge and abilities that we have not activated, have forgotten or blocked, or may have been interfered with) and we move into sheer brilliance as this comes back online for powerful up leveling
  • Find out about the powerful, accurate and transformative possibilities of spiritual healing with your own individualized spirit team
  • Understand more about different types of healing beings, their roles, gifts and unique areas of expertise and experience their exquisite energies
  • Receive and apply intricate soul retrieval healing skills
  • Discover soul integration processes
  • Learn techniques for releasing and healing trauma from this lifetime and previous lifetimes
  • Utilize trauma reversal and clearing of shock – the latter being one of the biggest obstructions to release and healing
  • Explore and activate soul resonance
  • Receive past life healing tools
  • Learn incarnation healing techniques
  • Activate soul purpose
  • Dive deeper into utilizing your existing teams more accurately and in refined ways in any area of your life
  • Hone your subtle sensory gifts even more (yes, more is possible for you!)
  • Explore how to have more long form conversations and explorations with your spirit team and how to utilize them in your life
  • Delve into the ethics and strategies of self healing and healing others
  • Learn how to synchronize your own healing process
  • Discover how quickly Spirit Team Magic can shift suffering, stuck places and gift transformation
  • Curate a very advanced, specialized spirit team to support you in the healing skills we will be learning. This spirit team will have direct access to realms of support that Myree has never before shared and that she is constantly evolving
  • Have so much fun exploring and discovering with spirit
  • Be in a group of loving, like-minded souls to share, laugh, dive deep and be supported
  • And so much more

Myree is profoundly moved and excited to share all this transformational material with you. Together you will activate your sacred birthright and ability to guide yourself through life and have resources for the challenges life brings you and the dreams you desire to unfold.

Imagine being empowered with such a powerful and talented healing spirit team? What would be possible with even a few of these powerful tools in your spiritual pocket at all times – to call on in any moment of life?  How easily could you heal, how much would you align and walk your life path, and what new opportunities and ease may come to you?

Let’s discover it together!

Myree and her spirit Teams are joyously awaiting to take your Spirit Magic experience to the next level!

What others have said about Spirit Magic:

“This course was gentle yet so very powerful and profound. I have done a “spirit guide course” previously, years ago, but it was nothing compared to this. I now have a very clear and direct experience of connecting to angels and guides and direct knowing of how to work with them to support my own healing and life. Thank you so much, beautiful and enriching beyond words.”

Kym Wilson, Melbourne

Myree’s ability and gifts in transferring knowledge and experience of communing with spirit beings is profound. And her generosity in sharing this with others is boundless. Thank you Myree, a brilliant workshop!

C.B. Melbourne

“I am forever grateful that you held this workshop, this is the change I was looking for as I have healed deep, deep inner trauma that I felt it was too impossible to heal. I am coming more in alignment with myself and my gifts. It’s like a dream and finally its coming true. My spirit team also thanks you for helping me consciously connect with them.

Hulya Yaman, Melbourne

“The best aspect for me in this training is that for the first time ever I felt comfortable to be me and explore new aspects of myself and the higher realms. Blows my mind! Myree presented the course in a very gentle yet dynamic way for us to safely explore the universal connections we are diversely discovering. It has changed my view of the world and the universe”

JS, Melbourne

“After my long disconnection from Spirit Myree created a workshop that allowed me to safely traverse the spiritual landscape again, free from fear and self-doubt. It allowed me to let go and clear out old beliefs that had been loitering for more than twenty years. Thank you Myree!

Renee’, Melbourne

“Myree holds a universal space on the Earth in extraordinary ways, to bolster and fine tune our innate abilities to connect to higher realms. Expect major life changes and directions, as the world “awakens” in diverse, positive ways. Each of us has a job to do to shift the planet’s energies and Myree has been instrumental in shining light on our respective life paths.”

Jeffers, Melbourne

“I finally understand the universal connections I have with my light beings and spirit beings, who have been enlightening me during my awakening.

R, Melbourne


The only pre-requisite for this training is the completion of the Spirit Magic 1 live training.  The optional Spirit Magic Continuum online classes can be taken between attending Spirit Magic 1 and 2 if you choose (and they are amazing!)

Date and time:


Friday March 6, Saturday March 7 and Sunday March 8, 2020.


The Library Room

The Michael Centre,

37A Wellington Park Dr, Warranwood (in Melbourne), VIC. Australia.


The Early bird investment is US$535 until February 9, 2020 and after that date it is then US$650.

A three-month, earlybird installment plan is available until December 28, 2019 that entails an initial deposit of US$178.30 and then two monthly instalments of US$178.00. As the course must be paid in full prior to the start of the course the three-month instalment plan is only available until December 28, 2019.

A two-month payment plan is available to purchase in January.